Leng Game Bromanh Besdong Bros Sos Kor Kros

Scanned by Davith… >.< Finally! I have a partner in scanning now…lolz.. ^^ thanks again… Anyone who want to share novels with are welcome too… ^o^

P.S.:  I just realized that the size of the pdf might be a bit too big to download for some of you…So I broke the file down into smaller parts…^^ Sorry for the inconvenience…

Download Leng Game Bromagn Besdong Bros Sos Kor Kros


13 thoughts on “Leng Game Bromanh Besdong Bros Sos Kor Kros

    • sorry but the picture files are also big…if one pdf file, it’s gonna be around 300-400mb, while normally it’s only 40-50mb…so if i dnt break them apart, it takes longer to download cuz it’s almost 10 times bigger…

    • m really sorry…T-T the picture files were already big… it’s more convenient to break them apart…as i said, i didn’t scan this book, so the pictures’ size are bigger than the ones that i scanned…

  1. I had read this 2 time already but now I start to read it again!!! I love this one very much……did u know other book that kind of that ??

  2. Thx but this story u lose some page maybe in part 11 or 12 make me don understand some point ….can u post in Facebook the 2or3 page that u lost and rage me

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