Balang Snae Yakuza

Requested book….. A really sweet and romantic novel, though I pledged to never read it again…=.= I really love this book, except the ending. A bitter-sweet love story; really romantic… But why does this romance have to come with a tragedy??

Download Balang Snae Yakuza

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8 thoughts on “Balang Snae Yakuza

  1. Why kor book peak jrern sot tae trov downlode tern can read ban me want oy u dak read online venh srol jeang cuz me read tam phone min man tam computer te pel downlode read pibak nas😭

  2. Story Balang sne yakuza romantic nas but why kor oy actor die?i’m really pity actor in story so much he love actress so much tae bae Chea ort ban nov 1knea jerng?pel me read this story me very sad and cry teat pong me pit Chea want oy krob story tang ors Happy ending nas. 😭😪😞

    • do u use phone to dl? i put in the mobile link now.. wait 5 minutes to “Skip Ad”, then u’ll be able to download.. if not, then it’s the phone’s problem (which i cnt do anything about)

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