Snae (Min) Bork Bras Jong Brab Tha Love You (Prince of Zodiac Series)

Another Prince of Zodiac!! Yayyy!! >.<

Download Snae (Min) Bork Bras Jong Brab Tha Love You (Prince of Zodiac Series)

20 thoughts on “Snae (Min) Bork Bras Jong Brab Tha Love You (Prince of Zodiac Series)

  1. more book pleaseeee… lol this book is good one ,but its too short….. i’ve finished it in 2hr and a half….. but anyway, thank u so much โค

    • did u already download it!?!? did u use computer or phone?? sorry, I’m asking lots of questions here..lolz Many people already complained that they can’t download this one for some reason..o.O like the download button doesn’t show up or something….

  2. lol by phone! it happened to me too! but i right click on download (in computer) when i got into the reading part, and then i send it that link to my phone ๐Ÿ˜€

    • yeah, media fire just changed some stuff.. can’t really do anything about it… someone just download it through by first using a computer, go to that download page, send the link to ur phone, then download in phone.. but to make things less complicated, just download it through ur computer..^^

      • I’m not sure since i didn’t try it myself, but someone did it and it works…lolz but first, u have to use computer first… when u click the link from my blog, u will get to mediafire read online thing… u see the green button in the upper right corner of the screen (u can only see this when u use computer) instead of clicking it, u right click it.. then u can email that link to email or sth.. then use ur phone to open that link to download… itz kindda troublesome though…=.= better to just use computer…

    • did u download it already n cnt open the file? or u cnt download? if u have the file already n juz cnt open it, try to downlaod adobe reader into ur computer (it’s free).. but if u use phone, try pdf reader..

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