Ongrak Pheaklikam Snae (Farmosa Series)– Read Online

Online readers, please go to Ongrak Pheaklikam Snae– Read Online….

Download Ongrak Pheaklikam Snae


28 thoughts on “Ongrak Pheaklikam Snae (Farmosa Series)– Read Online

  1. Umm yeah :/ me too..i have test nxt week..( the whole week.).. ><
    so..after finish the test..i'll enjoy reading the story πŸ˜€
    anyway…Good luck ❀

      • ohhh i heard of that school in Siem Reap, and one of my childhood friends goes to BISPP…^^ I don’t know much about british system from him though since he’s a lot younger and in lower grade…lolz Generally, I heard there are a lot of tests to take before u graduate from high school… like American curriculum, u only have SAT as the main one, and take AP courses, i assumed they are similar to IB course in the british system? o.O

    • is it PSAT or SAT?? cuz SAT is only for 11th and 12 th graders… colleges would look at your SAT score when they decide to let you in or not…

    • really!?! that’s weird cuz it’s only for 11 and 12th grade… o.O it’s for the university to look at your score so it makes more sense to take it during those years.. besides, there is only 2 places u can take it in cambodia, NISC and ISPP (not BISPP, they’re different lolz ^^) i had to register online on to be able to take it at those places …

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