Kromom Kotmut Komlos Beysach (Demon Series)

Finally!! Finally!! >.< Despite many difficulties, I’ve made it!! lol I was really, really busy with school and college application stuff.. and still am.. T-T But I somehow managed to scan this bit by bit.. lol Plus it got delayed due to my laptop being broken a few days ago too.. Aye, sounds like a bunch of excuses… feel free to throw tomatoes at me.. lol ^^ And now I present to you the 1st book of the Demon Series!!!

Download Kromom Kotmut Komlos Beysach

(MOBILE DOWNLOAD: –> find link in cmt box below if cannot click here.

IMG_8851 copy


13 thoughts on “Kromom Kotmut Komlos Beysach (Demon Series)

  1. thanks for posting such a nice story ><
    love it so much…
    so cheezzyyy.yet it so ROMANTIC…
    anyway can u post some kinds of ..u know..more skin-ship in the story..just like this one..
    I LOVE IT! hope u will post sth similar as this one ..keke 😀

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