Kromom Mae Mut Komlos Beysach (Demon Series)

If you think the previous books were extreme, you haven’t read anything yet. This one is way worse (in my opinion =.=). Just a warning, lots of scenes and stuff.. @@

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59 thoughts on “Kromom Mae Mut Komlos Beysach (Demon Series)

  1. Thx for posting sis, but can u please post more about 7’s series. I wanna read the super beautiful girl part(Her name is scai). Thank before hand.

  2. Hi from Hawaii! I am just curious are you Cambodian? If so, I am so amazed with your English proficiency and your writing is so powerful and awesome. One more thing, thank for uploading these novels and you do help to kill my boring days.
    All the best,

    • Hi! Are you from Hawaii!?!? That’s cool; I used to live in Hawaii for a little while too! ^o^ And yes, I’m Cambodian. After I came back from America, I’ve been studying in an international school here in Phnom Penh ever since. So yeah, about 7 years since then? ^^ I’m a bit flattered about my writing because I barely wrote anything in my blog. About the novels, you’re very welcome! >.< I like uploading them when I have times from school. But soon, I won't be updating new novels anymore since I'll be most likely going to America for college this fall. Before I go, I'll upload as many as I can.^^

      Pinky Berry

      • Oh boy! I thought you were in the college already sorry I didn’t mean you were that mature. It’s because your writing is so creative that most high school graders here can’t really do just like you. And seems like you know Japanese too, don’t you? Well you are so young girl but your english is excellent. Which international school are you studying now? I am also Cambodian but I came to Hawaii for my higher education as well. By the way, which school are you going to study in the state? I wish you all the best.

      • By my writing, what do you mean? Because I don’t really write much here. I only wrote some short stories and anime/manga recommendations. I know some basic Japanese phrases, but not much (thanks to watching anime). I go to Logos International School. I’m not sure which college I’m going to yet because I got accepted into 2 colleges already, and I’m still waiting for the other one. Most likely, I’m going to Utah. ^^ By the way, I’m just curious, do you live Honolulu now? I kind of miss living there.

  3. Do u continue study there or just go to work? If u study there, may be no new novel hoy n will be boring khlang nas. But I wish u go luckily and meet only good thing na! And finally I hope u post final demon series to finish the set of demon series.

    • lolz m only in 12th grade now, how can i work? so yeah, I’m only going for a bachelor degree. ^^ If I really go, I can take novels from read online sites and put them in PDF files for downloads. That’s I can do then.

      • Sure you don’t really write a lot of new stories in this page. However, the way you write the synopsis is perfect. You know how to summarize and you know which info that you should describe for the readers. Sometimes I don really watch those anime after I read your synopsis :p. Re: your question: I just got back to Cambodia couple days ago because I already finished my study. I think it is a good idea to go to Utah.

      • Ohhh, so that’s what you meant. ^^ I think that’s because I was describing the movie/anime that I like. I can’t just write about some random things either.

  4. Omg my sis! If you’re gonna go back to the state, then it means no more novels to read. I wish that fall won’t come so soon, so that I can read as many books as I want until I fed up of reading. :-((((

    • yaoi? not necessarily.. OVA just means original video animation. It can be other anime too. In most case, OVA of an anime is like a side story to the main story line tha doesn’t affect the main plot..

  5. One more thing is when u gonna post final demon series. I think it will be special because the last boy is smart and also likely bad as well his sister that why I wanna read this story na. Please post quickly mor na m waiting for u.

  6. A u already read it?
    I want it be little Youg Chhern rather than sang chea’s daughter. Why it become like this ort youl sos hoy nis. But when Pinky berry post it, may u tell me pong na!

      • i know Teppei because he was in one of the movie I watched (lovely complex -movie)… then i started looking him up, and found his songs.. pretty good.. i might grow to like Jpop if there are more access to them.. i mean like they dnt really have them on tv, and i dnt know enough bands/singers to search them up on the internet either.. @@

  7. well.. it doesn’t hard to find their information at all if you’re good at using internet. Johnny’s Entertainment is the most famous entertainment in Japan. There are a lot of ikemen in this agency kyaaa >__< my favorite band is Hey! Say! JUMP ^___^

  8. Bong pinky story demon serie nis end herz man te?ort mean story continue pi yungsin teat te hes?doch chea yungter brother bos yungsin nus?

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