The Fallen Rain Ch.1

This is a fan fiction dedicated to Fairy Tail.

Paring: Gray Fullbuster & Juvia Lockster

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail and all its characters belong to Hiro Mashima. Trust me, if i do, Gray and Juvia would get together ages ago. =.= I only own this fan fiction and the plot here.


Juvia’s Point of View

Juvia loved her Gray-sama. She still does now. Ever since the first time she has met him, her heart goes “doki doki” every time she has met him. We were enemies before; Juvia had to fight Gray-sama because of Phantom Lord. Juvia thinks she fell for him even before he showed her sunshine. Being the Rain Woman, rain had always follow Juvia everywhere. Gray-sama showed her sunshine. For the first time in her life, Juvia saw the light shines upon her. “Sunshine is beautiful, nee?” Gray-sama asked with the widest smile Juvia had ever seen.

Except that Juvia is still the Rain Woman. Though rain doesn’t follow Juvia all the time anymore, she still has the gloomy presence because she is still the Rain Woman after all.

Normal P.O.V:

Three months before Daimatou Enbu, Team Natsu, Shadow Gear, plus Juvia came to the beach for training. But being the usual Fairy Tail, plus Juvia came to the beach for training. But being the usual Fairy Tail, it’s party first before the real deal. Everyone was enjoying themselves at the beach.

“Huh? Juvia? Why don’t you take off your coat?” Erza raised an eyebrow when Juvia was staggering toward her.

“Juvia just bought a new swimsuit, and she wants Gray-sama to be the first one to see her in it. But he is too busy competing with Natsu-kun,” said Juvia while looking down in disapointment.

Later that night at the inn, Erza confronted Gray. “Gray, you do know of Juvia’s feeling for you, right?” Seeing that Gray only stay still with a blushed up face, she continued. “What do you think of her?”

Gray stuttered and said, “S-s-she’s my nakama. I will never see her more than that. B-besides, she’s creepy and annoying with all the stalking!”

“Gray!”Erza shouted. As soon as Gray that, he wished he hadn’t. “If you don’t like her, stop leading her on. You have to be more resolute because it will only hurt her more. Unless, you think other wise…,”she smirked while looking at him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the tomato-faced Gray said.

Meanwhile behind the corner of the wall, Juvia was petrified.

*To Be Continued..*


Author Note: Hi, Pinky Berry reporting…lolz This is my first fan fiction ever. Since I fell in love with Fairy Tail, my first fan fiction should be about it. Besides, Juvia’s character gave me the inspiration.


23 thoughts on “The Fallen Rain Ch.1

  1. writing fanfic is fun. in here is rarely to meet someone who interested in writing fanfic. they prefer to read than write i guess =P by the way, i also write fanfic 😀

  2. even though i like writing angst but i don’t really like reading it because i’m too sensitive when it comes to fanfiction i always end up crying =+=

    • i think it’s the crying part that I like.. it’s so emotional that it makes me cry… especially those fic that descriptions n emotions are so real… yeah, now that I think about it, such a sadist.. =.=

  3. hoho the author that can make their reader cry just because of their fic it mean they’re a great author ne? but it’s crazy when you try to hold your tears in the public place it always happen to me that’s why i hate reading it >~<

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