The Fallen Rain ch. 3

This is a  fan fiction dedicated to Fairy Tail.

Pairing: Gray Fullbuster & Juvia Lockster

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail and all its characters belong to Hiro Mashima. Trust me, if i do, Gray and Juvia would get together ages ago. =.= I only own this fan fiction and the plot here.



 “Juvia loves Fairy Tail so much that she doesn’t want them to be stuck with Juvia anymore. Juvia is just too gloomy. Too annoying. So Fairy Tail, sayonara…”


        “Gray! Natsu! Lu-chan! Minna!” Levy started a ruckus in the middle of the night. “Minna! Come out! Hurry!”

“What’s going on Levy?” Natsu came out with Happy on his head with both their eyes barely opened. “When I was just having a good dream, too.”

“Aye…”Said Happy while rubbing his eyes.

“What happened, Levy-san?” asked Wendy, with everyone else walking out of their room behind her.

“Why did you call us?” asked Lucy, whose hair still stuck out in every direction. “Levy? Eh? Why are you crying?”

“Hik hik… Juvia… Hik hik…”she stuttered the words between her sobs while falling down onto the ground. “Juvia….”

“What’s wrong with Juvia?” upon hearing her name, Gray asked while looking around. “By the way, where is she?”

“She, she…hik hik…”Levy attempted to answer. “She’s… hik hik.. she’s gone.. hik hik..” A crumbled letter fell out of her trembling hand.

“What!?!? Whatcha mean she’s gone!?”Lucy panicked while picking up the letter.

“Lemme see!” Gray suddenly rushed toward Lucy to read the letter.

Dear Erza-san, Lucy-san, and everyone in Fairy Tail,

            Juvia wants to thank everyone in Fairy Tail for taking care of her. Hontoni arigatou. Fairy Tail is like family to Juvia. In fact, it is the first family Juvia ever had. Juvia really loves Fairy Tail and everyone. But because she loves them so much, she had to let go of Fairy Tail. Juvia doesn’t want to bother everyone with her constant gloom and annoyance of the rain anymore .So,sayonara. Thank you for everything, Fairy Tail. Thank you for showing her sunshine and everything else, Gray.



      “Juvia….”Gray tried to find his voice, but it turned out to be just a faint whisper.

“Gray… Gray… hrmm…” Then something clicked. “EHHHH!?!? SINCE WHEN DID JUVIA START CALLING GRAY, GRAY!?!?” Lucy pointed out. “Did something happen?” She eyed Gray suspiciously.

“Erza,” Gray started whispering again. “I think Juvia heard us.”

“GRAY, YOU BASTARD!! What did you say?” Natsu, who hadn’t say anything since Levy pulled out the letter, rushed to strangle Gray’s neck as if wanting to take the very life out of Gray.

“Natsu! Calm down!” Erza, knocked Natsu off of Gray.

“Juvia, she was crying! I can smell it. Her tears are all over the place!”

Gray stopped breathing for a while. Juvia was crying? Juvia? She hasn’t cried ever since her Phantom Lord days….

“I heard the rain outside, hik hik, so I came out to see… hik hik…”Levy calmed down a bit and said, “I saw Juvia’s door opened, so I went to check on her, but no one was there… hik hik….”

The lightning flashed everywhere, filling the sky with white stripes. The rain fell from the sky, piecing through the air and wind. It looked as if it will break apart; the lightning stripes only made it look worse. Like the sky was actually cracking open and being ripped apart.

“Gray!” Lucy shouted as Gray started dashing outside.

“Natshu,” Happy who was by then fully awake asked Natsu with concern. “Will Juvia be alright?”

“Of course, Juvia is strong. She is a Fairy Tail mage after all,” Natsu replied with renewed confidence.

Gray’s Point of View:

“Juvia… Juvia, where are you?” Before I knew it, I was already outside the inn running like maniac. The only picture I had in my head was of Juvia. Pictures of her smiles, her laughter, her embarrassed face when she talks to me. Looking up to the sky, those pictures shattered. Only to be replaced by other scenes. Juvia must be crying now. Not just some light sobs, but real cries. Real tears. Real pain. This rain is no joke; the sky might fall anytime soon. And I caused all of these. Unknowingly, I’ve caused Juvia pain. I, Gray Fullbuster, who Juvia had claimed to show her the first sunshine, now has brought the rain back to her.


Author note: Gomene for writing such a depressing, intense story. But like I said, I like sad, touchy story, though I don’t think mine is touchy and emotional enough. =.= I’m still learning… And one more point, Juvia controls the rain, so when she’s sad, it’s only right that the rain is also pouring down. ^^

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