The Fallen Rain Ch. 5

This is a fan fiction dedicated to Fairy Tail.

Pairing: Gray Fullbuster & Juvia Lockster

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail and all its characters belong to Hiro Mashima. Trust me, if i do, Gray and Juvia would get together ages ago. =.= I only own this fan fiction and the plot here.



                Unknowing to Gray, the fragile form on the bed started to shuffle under the blanket. Slowly her eyes opened, and then closed again due to the sudden bright light. After half a second later, the blue eyes opened again before turning her head to see the sleeping man beside her.


Juvia’s Point of View:

               Why is Gray-sama here? No, where is Juvia? Juvia doesn’t want to see Gray-sama; her heart still hurts. It pains her just to think of him now. Juvia put her right hand on her left chest, to where her heart is, only to realize that her left hand was occupied by Gray’s hands. His hold was warm, but the water mage still had her right hand on where her heart is. Juvia’s heart doesn’t go “doki doki” anymore; she can’t breathe. It’s like there’s thousands of needles are piercing through. She doesn’t want to feel this pain anymore.


Gray’s Point of View:

I felt movements on the bed, causing me to wake up. Juvia was sitting there while trying to release her hand from my grasp. Wait, was I holding her hand this whole time? Wait what? Juvia is awake!?

“Juvia!!” The next thing I know was I had her in my arms as I reached out to hug her. “You’re finally awake! Everyone was so worried!” I held her tighter, “God, I was so worried. Don’t you dare just collapse like that in front of me.”

Juvia struggled in my arms. “Juvia wishes that she would be free now….”

“Oh, right. Sorry…” I scratched my head after I let go of her. Somehow, I like her warmth in my arms.

“Juvia is really sorry that she has been bothering everyone so much. She will not bother Gray ever again…”

“You’re gonna leave us again!?!?” I started panicking hearing those words; Juvia wanted to go again. “Do you have idea of how worried we were about you? Now, you want to leave us again? You want to leave me again?”

“Juvia doesn’t want to. She loves Fairy Tail as her family, nakama…. But don’t worry, she won’t bother Gray again.”

“Look, Juvia. Whatever you heard back at the inn, don’t be bothered by them.” The idea of Juvia leaving the guild was unbearable. How can Fairy Tail be normal without Juvia? Who will be there to cheer for me every time I pick a fight with Natsu? Who will be there to greet me in the morning? Who will be there to stalk after me? Who will do all of these if she’s gone. “Juvia, everyone wants you to be here. I want you to be here with us. I know I was acting cold toward you all these times, but you’ve slowly melted my icy heart. I might not love you as much as you love me, but I’ve started to love you now.”

“Gray, Juvia is very sorry, but Gray has frozen her heart.” Juvia put her left hand on her right chest. “She has been in so much pain that her heart became numb, frozen. She doesn’t want to feel that pain again.”

I looked up at her trying to search her face. The normal Juvia would be jumping around right now and already think of our wedding plan. That was when I realized that the Juvia I know is gone. Her voice was so calm, cold even. Did I really freeze her heart? The usual sparkle in her eyes is gone, only to be replaced by blankness. The smile that was always on her face ever since she came to Fairy Tail is also gone. This girl in front of me doesn’t have any expressions left. Nothing, only those cold, blanked eyes looking back at me. What happened to the Juvia of Fairy Tail? This Juvia is back to her old, emotionless Juvia of the Elemental Four in Phantom Lord. “Gray has frozen her heart.”  Just how much pain did I put her into? Just how much did she have to go through by herself?

“I’m sorry, Juvia. But even if you don’t want to stay here for me, you should also think about Fairy Tail. Everyone here loves you so much. Fairy Tail won’t be complete without you.” I started to tremble at the thought of not having Juvia here with us anymore, a lump started forming in my throat.

“But… Juvia is scared to feel that pain again. She is a coward; she doesn’t want that kind of pain anymore.” Juvia’s voice was so calm, so cold; it scared me. It scared me that the Juvia I used to know will never come back to me again; that Juvia is forever lost in her pain.

“Juvia, please. Just stay; that’s all I ask.  I’ll try to deal with you not calling me ‘Gray-sama’ anymore. I’ll try to deal with you not greeting me in the morning again. I’ll try to deal with you not having me in your heart anymore. I’ll try to deal you not giving me all your attention again. I can take all of these.” I lost my cool that moment. The thought of Juvia actually moving on from me hurts, but the thought of not having her by my side ever again hurts even more. I’ve took her for granted because she was always there for me, and now she is about let go of me. No, she has given up on me. How much pain did Juvia have to put up with me all these years? Is what I’m feeling now even comparable to hers? Maybe I really did hurt her so much that her heart had really become frozen.


“Please Juvia, don’t go. Just let me have a chance to melt your heart again. Give me a second chance to show you sunshine again.”


A/N: Ohayo! Pinky Berry is here again, posting her new chapter.. >.< Some people expected this chapter to be the end, but I’m sorry, I’m not gonna end it quite yet. Like I said before, Gray was a jerk for ignoring Juvia (I hope Mashima the author of Fairy Tail would do something about this soon, so that I don’t have to be here writing fanfic making them together =.=). Since he was a jerk, I’m gonna make him suffer a little; he has to prove himself worthy of Juvia.

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