The Fallen Rain Ch. 6

This is a fanfiction dedicated to Fairy Tail

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail and all its characters belongs to Hiro Mashima. I only the fanfic and plot here.



“Please Juvia, don’t go. Just let me have a chance to melt your heart again. Give me a second chance to show you sunshine again.”


Normal Point of View:

Juvia ended up in Fairy Tail again, thanks to Erza and the others. Erza had threatened Gray not to mess up with Juvia, which got him quite scared. This is Erza Scarlet the Titania, the strongest female mage of Fairy Tail. One simply does not want to make her mad.

Every day, it was the same for Gray Fullbuster. He would come to the guild early in the morning, only to see Juvia already there talking with the girls. If it was before, Juvia would be the first one to notice his entrance and greet him with the happiest “Ohayo, Gray-sama!” he has ever heard. But this time around, all of that were no more. As he quietly entered the guild, it was either Lucy or Mira greeting him. Or Natsu would tackle him down asking for another bickering fight. Juvia was never the first to greet him anymore; as of before, she would wait for his coming every morning just to say good morning. This time, Juvia would only know of his presence after someone greeted him. Then, she would give a faint smile while saying, “Ohayo….”

Gray’s P.O.V:

Yeah, no more “Gray-sama”, just “Gray”. Somehow, I missed the way she used to call me. She only called me with “-sama”, making me feel somehow special. Because I was special to her, she called me with honorific. Now, I’m just someone in the guild, her nakama, just like everybody else. When she greets me now, there are no more sparkles in her eyes; her voice is really calm, and that cheerful smile is also gone. The Juvia who rushed toward me with sparking eyes as if she had waited for me for a long time and cheerfully said, “Ohayo, Gray-sama!” is gone now. This Juvia doesn’t care about me anymore; this Juvia has given up on me; this Juvia has moved on now.

                Please Juvia, don’t go. Just let me have a chance to melt your heart again. Give me a second chance to show you sunshine again. Suddenly my face feels hot all of a sudden when I remember what I said. Jeez, what was I doing? Those words just came out; how am I going to melt her heart? And by the way, why do I even care? It’s not like Juvia is still all over me.

“Yo, Ice Princess! What’s up with your poop face?” Natsu suddenly came to the guild bar where I’m sitting.

“What was that, Flamebrain!?”

“Hhhuh?? You wanna go? Hhhhuhh??”

“Anytime!” We got our head together, challenging each other to another silly fight.

“Mira-san, I’ve just picked out a job. I’m gonna go with Gajeel-kun.” Juvia came to the bar counter where Mira was cleaning her glasses, and showed her the mission paper. I was only a few feet away. And she just left, like she didn’t even see me.

“*sigh* You know what? I’m sick of your idiotic fights, Natsu… You’re not even worth my time.”

“Jeez, what’s wrong with you, Ice Cube?”

“I said, I’m sick of fighting with you!” I raised my voice on Natsu; it’s not like it’s the first time anyway.

“Gray…” As I sat back down at the counter, Mira came to talk to me. “Are you okay? You seemed…. a bit down…”

“Yeah, I’m fine…. I was just sick of Natsu’s stupidity….”

“No, Mira! It’s Gray who’s the stupid one! He can’t even go after the girl he likes….” After Natsu said that, I flinched a little. I can’t even go after the girl I like? She doesn’t even like me anymore.

“Natsu!” Mira was trying to shut Natsu up, but it’s like there isn’t any truth to his words. I’ve lost her; I’ve lost Juvia. “Gray, are you just gonna sit here?”

I didn’t respond; I just took another sip of the drink Mira gave me a while ago.

“After all that fuss that you’ll show her sunshine again, you’re just gonna sit here sulking?”

“Mira, there’s no point trying to talk to Ice Princess. He made a nakama cried, and he’s too chicken out to make it right again.” As far as I can tell, Natsu is outsmarting me, and I don’t even have the energy to argue.

“Gray, think of all those times that Juvia went after you. Think of all those things she did for you…”

“THAT IS WHY SHE GAVE UP!!” I cut off Mira with a yell.

“GRAY! After all she did, you’re just gonna give up!? We, Fairy Tail mages, don’t give up. We don’t know the word ‘give up’.”

“But Juvia has given up on me….”

“I’m sure she still has you somewhere in her heart. After all, you’re her Gray-sama. You’ve asked for a second chance, now get to work. Do I have to use my Satan Soul on you!?”

“No, I’m not going to lose her like this. If she can spend years chasing after me, so can I.”


Author Note: Hi, Pinky Berry is back once again! Personally, this chapter was hard for me to write. I mean like, Gray Fullbuster wouldn’t sit and cry because of a girl. I can’t imagine him doing that, so I wanted to write something that sounds legit enough for him to do. ^^ So, making him act grumpy and lost his interest in arguing with Natsu sounds about right.

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