My Little Snowflake

Pairing: Gray and Juvia

Disclaimer: I wish I own Fairy Tail, but unfortunately I don’t. T-T So, we have to deal with more trolls of this pair and hope that Mashima-sensei would do something about this soon.

Author Note: Aye, so this is my short one-shot continuing from my The Fallen Rain. Enjoy~~~>.<


             The evening breeze was blowing softly, swaying the tall grass back and forth as the young couple was lying down along the river bank. Juvia had her head resting on one of Gray’s arm, while burying her face into his firm chest. Using his free hand to stroke her strands of hair, Gray was very much content with Juvia’s happy expression as she drifted off to sleep. “Gray-sama….” mumbled Juvia as she unconsciously shifted closer toward Gray’s warmth.
While Juvia was peacefully falling asleep in his arm, Gray had some flashbacks on how he got to where he is now. How can I almost lose this woman beside me? She was always, always beside me, and yet I’ve almost missed my chance. As for right now, he loves this woman to the very core of his bones, and there will be no way that he’d let her slip by again. Lifting his head a bit up, Gray moved closer to Juvia’s face to give her a peck on her forehead. “I love you, Juvia.”

“Eh, Gray-sama?” Juvia rubbed her eyes as she looked up to Gray’s face. “How long has Juvia been asleep?”

“Sorry, did I wake you up?” Asked Gray while he pulled Juvia into a tighter embrace.

            “No, no, not at all…. Juvia doesn’t want to waste her time with Gray-sama sleeping like this.” Once again, Juvia gave him the widest, sweetest smile she had. The kind of smile she has always worn every time she’s with Gray. The kind of smile that only Gray could give her.

Gray was stunned for a while before a tint of blush appeared on his cheeks. Even after years of being together, he still couldn’t get used to how cute Juvia could be yet. “Ne, Juvia, why do you still call me “Gray-sama” after all these years?”

“Ummm, ano… because Gray-sama is really important to Juvia, and she is really grateful that you have chosen her.” Juvia’s smile softened. “She knows she isn’t the best girl out there and….”

“Juvia, look, YOU have chosen ME, and I’m lucky to be loved by you. Since the beginning, you’ve chosen me, and I was the ungrateful jerk who didn’t see what I’ve already had.”

“Gray-sama, Juvia is very happy now….” Juvia was on the edge of tears as she looked into Gray’s eyes. “She is really happy now.”

“We are both happy, then.” Gray placed his hand on Juvia’s chin to lift it higher, while he himself leaned down toward her. Their face got closer and closer until they were only a few centimeters apart.

“Oi!! Don’t be pervy in front of my daughter!!” Natsu shouted from the distance while his arm was around Lucy’s shoulder as they were walking toward Gray and Juvia. In front of them, there were two girls about the age of 4, one with a straight pink hair, and the other with a wavy navy blue hair.

“Mama! Papa!!” shouted the little girl with the wavy navy blue hair as she ran toward Juvia. “Mama, Uncle Natsu took Nashi and Yuki to an ice cream shop!!” The girl had the same glittering eyes as Juvia when she talked.

“Yuki! Did you fun with Nashi and Uncle Natsu and Aunty Lucy?” Juvia asked her 4-year-old daughter.

“It was so fun!! Uncle Natsu was so happy; he almost burnt down the whole shop!”

“Oi, oi, Flamebrain, what did you teach Yuki?” Gray suddenly rushed toward Natsu in his “daddy mode”.

“Better than you who strips half naked every day in front of my Nashi.” Natsu gave his counter attack. “I don’t want my daughter to catch this habit from you…” scowled Natsu.

“Whatcha say?? Huh!?!?” This time, Gray was once again head to head with Natsu.

“Yeah, come on. You wanna go?” Natsu also didn’t back down.


“Natsu!!” Lucy went in and dragged Natsu by his ear. “Don’t forget that Nashi and Yuki are still here. What do you think you’re doing?”

“Aye~~ I’ll stop now..” Natsu’s “Happy Mode” activated.

“Juvia, Gray, sorry about that. We’re just dropping Yuki for you.” Lucy turned her attention to Gray and Juvia. “Or were we interrupting something? Hehehe”

“L-Lucy-san!!” Juvia’s face was once more tomato red. “N-Nande-monai!! W-We weren’t doing anything!!” Juvia shook her head in protest.

“Hahaha, then why are you stuttering?” smirked Lucy.

“Oi, Lucy, stop teasing her.” Gray butted in.

“Hai, hai! I’ll stop now, Prince Charming.” Lucy laughed. “Okay, we should get  going now. See you guys at the guild later. Ja ne!”



“Mama? What were you and Papa doing a while ago?” Yuki asked Juvia with her ever so innocent face.

“H-Huh!?!? It was nothing.” Juvia blushed at her daughter’s question.

“Papa was about to give Mama a kiss because she was being so cute…”

“Gray-sama,” pouted Juvia as she covered her face with her hands. “What are you telling Yuki?”

“Yuki, you will understand it one day.” Gray bent down his knee to reach Yuki and told her.

“Yes, Papa.” Yuki smiled and cheerfully started running along the river bank.

Juvia and Gray were watching their daughter as she happily ran around, and soon after, they joined her in her tag game.



“Yuki has fallen asleep, ne?” asked Juvia while they were walking back to the guild.

“Yeah, seems like it,” said Gray as he took a glance backward to look at the little sleeping girl on his back. “Ne, Juvia?”

“Hrmmm?” Juvia responded while she had her arm around Gray’s arm.

“Thank you…”

“Eh?? Why is Gray-sama thanking Juvia?” Now she was really confused.

“For this. For giving me a real family.”

“Juvia didn’t have a family before either. But then Fairy Tail accepted her, and now, she has Gray-sama and Yuki,” said Juvia casually while leaning her head on Gray’s shoulder.


“Hrmm?” As Juvia looked back up to see Gray, he stole a peck and kissed her lips quickly.

“There is no ice without water,” said Gray as he smiled at her brightly. “And Yuki is our little snowflake.”

They happy couple walked silently along the river bank with Yuki sleeping on Gray’s back. Each of them had a content smile on the edge of their lips.


A/N: So, Yuki, ne?? I’ve thinking about this for a while now. If Gray and Juvia were to have a daughter, their daughter would be named Yuki, which means snow in Japanese, since their unison raid power is snow. >.< I wanted to give Juvia the family that she had always wanted, so here I am writing fanfic again…lolz And yeah, about my title “My Little Snowflake”, yup, that’s all I could come up with. Snowflake is snow, which obviously is Yuki, and beside snowflakes are half-way in between ice and water, a mixture of Gray and Juvia.. ^o^


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