When the Ice Clash Ch. 2

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. I only own the plot of the fanfiction here. ^o^


Juvia’s P.O.V:

The guild became abnormally peaceful since Gray-sama and Natsu-san were gone yesterday. Juvia was sitting at the bar with Mira-san when Master Makarov tapped on her shoulder. “Juvia, do you have some time to talk?”

“Sure, Master. What does Master want to talk to Juvia about?”

“I want to you and Gajeel to go on a joint mission with several other guilds. You can start packing and leave tomorrow morning,” said Master with a serious face.

“Hai, Master!” replied Juvia with a smile. “Juvia will pack soon.


“Finally! I can go on such important mission!” said Gajeel as he walked alongside Juvia.

“Gajeel-kun, your missions were big before, too!” pouted Juvia.

“Nah, it feels different this time. It’s a joint mission. Geehee,’ replied Gajeel gleefully.

They finally reach their destination in the evening. All the members sent by each guild were to meet at “Day-Break Inn” and stay there during their whole mission. The alliance guilds were Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, and Mermaidheels. They were all crowded in the inn’s main hall for their next instruction that evening.


As I was standing there among many other mages, my eyes wandered off to a certain blue hair girl. I was speechless while gazing at her before my face suddenly became hot. I swear there were steam coming out of my head. Why is my heart beating so fast? This is it! She is the one! I rushed to her direction. “What is this beauty standing before me? I just fell in love!”

“EHHHHH!?!?” the blue hair girl sounded shocked when I kneeled down in front of her. 117


A silver hair man suddenly kneeled on one of his knee in front of Juvia declaring his love for Juvia? Juvia?

“Miss, it’s love at the first sight!” he told her while still bending down causing everyone to look at Juvia.

“Ehh!?!? Juvia is sure stranger-san is mistaking her for someone else,” Yes, he must be confusing Juvia with someone else.

“Juvia, is it? Sorry to be rude, my name’s Lyon. Lyon Vastia.” Lyon-san stood back up while having one of his hands scratching the back of his head with a wide smile on his face.

“Hi, Juvia is Juvia Lockster. She’s from Fairy Tail.”

“Juvia Lockster,” Lyon-san mumbled with one his hands scratching his chin. “Juvia-chan, did it hurt when you fall from the sky? Because I’m sure you are an angel!” Lyon-san declared loudly with glittering eyes, causing everyone’s attention to be back to Juvia again.

“EHHH!?!?” What can Juvia do? She’s speechless. Everyone’s eyes are on her now; she wishes she’s invisible now.

“Juvia-chan, you are the jelly to my peanut butter sandwich,” Lyon-san went on with his nonsense again. “We are the perfect two!’

“Uhhh, please don’t call Juvia, Juvia-chan.” Juvia is not used to anyone call her Juvia-chan.

“Does this mean,” gasped Lyon-san with a bright blush on his face. “We are close enough for me to casually call you by your name?

“EHH!?!? That was not what Juvia meant!” Aye, why does Lyon-san have to be so dramatic?

“Juvia, my love! Be my princess!” Lyon-san declared once more.

“EHHH!? But, but Juvia only loves Gray-sama!” Right, only Gray-sama can have Juvia’s  heart. He showed her sunshine.

“Gray as in Gray Fulbuster?”

“H-hai! That’s Gray-sama!’ Juvia is so happy just thinking about him. “Does Lyon-san know Gray-sama, too?”

“He and I have the same teacher, Ur,” Lyon-san said. Is it just Juvia’s imagination or Lyon-san’s face really darkened?

“Same teacher?”

“Yup, anyway, Juvia-chan, what’s so good about that brat anyway?”

“Everything!” But images of the last time Juvia saw Gray-sama flashed into Juvia’s head. Gray-sama is so distant, so far away. “Though he doesn’t love Juvia right now, one day, Juvia will be his Juliet,” Juvia told Lyon-san dreamily.

“One day, you’ll dump his sorry-butt and become my Juliet because I just want you to know that I want to be your perfect Romeo. Your Romeo is right here.”


Author Note: Pinky Berry is back.. :3 Lyon finally debuted in chapter 2.. Yayyy!! >.< As you can probably tell, Lyon is a bit dramatic here (because he is when it comes to Juvia in the anime, lolz). And that pick-up line he said (“Did it hurt when you fall from the sky? Because I’m sure you’re an angel.”, I heard it from my friend last year. He was known for having funny pick-up lines, and yup, he was where I heard it from. I won’t tell you who are the real pairing here… :3 You’ll read to find out yourself.


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