When the Ice Clash Ch. 3

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: Hiro Mashima is the master mind behind all that happen in Fairy Tail. I only own this fanfiction right here…



“One day, you’ll dump his sorry-butt and become my Juliet because I just want you to know that I want to be your perfect Romeo. Your Romeo is right here.”



A few days went by, and the joint mission was coming to an end. On the last night, a huge party was thrown as a farewell party. Gajeel and Hibiki were having a drinking contest, while the rest were doing other various things. Juvia, who couldn’t drink as much, came outside to take a breather. Seeing that Juvia went outside, Lyon also went after her. “Juvia-chan, what are you doing out here?”

“Lyon-san? Nothing, Juvia just wanted to relax outside,” said Juvia as she stood as the balcony looking up to the starry sky.

“Even the beauty of the stars is no match for yours!’ proclaimed Lyon as he also looked at the stars with Juvia.

“Ummm, ano…. Juvia is really sorry, but,”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me now. I know what you’re gonna say,” Lyon interrupted Juvia before she could even finish her sentence. “One day, I’ll change your mind.”

Juvia took a careful look at Lyon’s determined face before turning back to the stars. The two  remained silent as they continued to look at the sky filled with twinkling stars.



“We’re finally going back to the guild!” exclaimed Juvia. “Juvia wants to see Gray-sama….”

“That Gray Fulbastard again,” growled Lyon who walked beside Juvia.

“I can understand why you’re so happy, Juvia. But why is that Lamia Scale guy coming with us!?” Gajeel eyed Lyon irritated.

“Lyon-san said he wants to visit Fairy Tail,”

“Such a lame excuse,” sighed Gajeel.

When the three mages finally got to the guild, Lyon quickly got along with the other Fairy Tail mages.

“Mira-san, where is Gray-sama?” asked Juvia as soon as she found Mira.

“Gray? He just went on another job with Natsu and the other, again. He’ll be back some time today.”

“Tadaimas!” A loud shout came from the guild’s door with a crashing sound. Natsu was standing on what was remaining of the door. “We’re back!” Natsu shouted happily.

Juvia rushed to find Gray and said, “Okairinasai, Gray-sama!” As usual, she had these glittering eyes that are only for Gray to see.

Watching from afar, Lyon was full of rage before he steadily walked toward Gray. “Gray Fulbastard!” hissed Lyon.

“Eh!? Lyon? What are you doing here?” Gray was really surprised to see Lyon here out of all places.

“Gray! I’m declaring war with you! Right here, right now!’

“Are you okay? What war?” Gray was quite lost at what was going on.

“I’m declaring war with you because one day, I will get my beautiful Juvia-chan fair and square!” announced Lyon loudly with confidence to make sure that the whole guild would be his witness.


Author Note: Gray and Lyon finally meet, and Lyon declared war.. >.< I have no idea what will happen next cuz I don’t have any plot yet. WE’ll all see what’d happen in the next chapter. By the way, if you know me in my FB account, it’ll obvious which pair gets my support. In fact, I’m a hardcore shipper of these two..lolz You’ll have to find out yourself. ^^


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