When the Ice Clash Ch. 4

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: I only own the plot here, the rest belongs to Hiro Mashima.



“I’m declaring war with you because one day, I will get my beautiful Juvia-chan fair and square!” announced Lyon loudly with confidence to make sure that the whole guild would be his witness.



What was that all about? Declaring war over Juvia? Juvia? Why would I want to fight over Juvia? And most of all, why would LYON fight over Juvia? How the heck did he get here anyway?
“What are you on blabbering about, Lyon?”

“Juvia will be mine, so you better back off.” scoffed Lyon before turning to Juvia. “Juvia my love, our love will shine brightly. Please marry me, and we’ll have 30 babies together!” Not only Lyon had heart-shaped eyes, he also knelt down on one of his knees in front of Juvia. Is this the Lyon I know? Che, what has the world become? Even everyone in the guild was looking at me in amusement.

“Gray finally have some competitions! Uh-oh!” Someone cooed from somewhere in the guild. gruvion_poster_by_seri3991-d5r8er2

“Tsk, whatever. Just leave me out of this. I don’t want to get into this mess.” God, why does everyone like to drag me with them so much?

“I’m sorry, Gray-sama~~~” cried Juvia.

“Juvia-chan,” Lyon went on with his lovey dovey tone again.  “Your face is too cute to be apologizing. Especially to this stupid, bratty bastard.” Yup, I can totally hear the changes in his tone of voice.

“Jeez, do whatever you want. Just leave me alone.” I said as I was walking toward the door. Jeez, I came back expecting a nice relaxing evening. And Lyon just came to stupidly ruin it. His stupidity seems to never end.


Gray-sama just left even though he just came. Juvia just wanted to see him, but it looks like he is annoyed with Juvia now. Maybe he just needed some rest. Yes, of course. He just came back from a very tiring mission. Juvia will wait to talk to him later. Gray-sama needs to get some rest now.


After Gray left, Juvia-chan seemed a bit down. My angel is depressed over that brat; so not worth it. She deserves so much more than this. I am perfect for her because I will never hurt her like Gray does. Whatever the cost is, I’ll wait for her to come around. I’ll be there for her, to comfort her through it all. Juvia-chan will definitely be my other half.

“Juvia-chan~~~” I called out to her in the sweetest, most charming tone I could say. “What do you say to a dinner with me?”

“Dinner?” questioned Juvia as tilted her head to the side. Her innocent expression is just so irresistible. I was stunned for a while; feeling my face constantly heating up again, I quickly covered half of my face with my hand.

“Y-yeah, since we didn’t eat anything since we got here.”

“Ohhh!!” Juvia formed the perfect “o” shape with her lips. “Juvia is really sorry, Lyon-san. She forgot that Lyon-san didn’t eat yet. Let’s get going then. She is very sorry that she let Lyon-san starve like this.”

“Yosh! Juvia, my love!! Let’s go on the most romantic dinner ever!” I could feel my joy rising up as Juvia came along with me to a dinner. My life is almost complete now.


Pinky Berry Note: I’ve mentally slapped myself for writing Gray out to be this way. @@ He’s a bit dense and cold-hearted here. I have a plot in mind, but not sure how it’ll turn out. Stay tune.. >.<


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