When the Ice Clash Ch. 6

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: I wish I have the power to control what happens in Fairy Tail, but unfortunately, Hiro Mashima does, not me. I only own the plot here.



 “For a moment there, Juvia thought he was cool. “



I was peacefully walking along the street the next day when a voice called my name. “Gray-sama!!”

“Juvia?” I was a bit surprised to see her running toward me.

“Have Gray-sama eaten lunch yet?”

“Not yet. Talking about that, why don’t we go somewhere to grab a bite?”

“H-hai! Gray-sama, let’s, let’s!” Juvia was all flustered up and had heart-shaped eyes. I could tell she was on cloud 9.

“No, no!! I didn’t mean it to be like that!” Sudden realization just hit me. Juvia tends to over exaggerate the situation, especially when it comes to me. Heck!? Why do I feel warm in my checks, too? “It’s definitely not a date, Juvia!”

“Not a date~~~~ *o*” Despite Juvia saying that, her face still shows it all. That grin, so wide to the point that it’s almost creepy. I bet nothing is going inside her head right beside the fact that we’re going to eat lunch together. Together? The sound of it was soothing and comfy. Somehow.

“Okay now, why don’t we get going?” I said as I saw that Juvia was still standing there grinning.


“Let’s go, Juvia-chan~~” Lyon popped out of nowhere while trying to lead Juvia away.

“The heck, Lyon!?!?” I was startled, most of all, he just came out of nowhere taking Juvia away. “Why are you here, again?”

“None of your business, Gray,” said Lyon. Right, not my business. He just wanted to take Juvia somewhere with him while she was still with ME!

“If you weren’t blind, then you would have seen that Juvia was talking with me!”

“Even you said, ‘she was”. Past tense. She was talking to you. Was. Now, she’s coming with me,” Lyon said shamelessly. Seriously, how low can this guy get?

“Ehhh!? Lyon-sama?” Juvia seemed like she just woke up from a trance and notice Lyon’s presence. “When did you get here?”

“Juvia-chan~~~”  Lyon cooed. Please, he’s acting like a 5 year-old. “You’re so mean; you didn’t even see me coming.” Ha! In his face! Eat that! Juvia didn’t even notice him. By the way, why am I so happy now?

“Lyon, you can out of the way now,” despite the fact that I was happy that Juvia totally didn’t notice, just his face is already irritating enough.

“I’m going soon. Why would I wanna see your face for long?” said Lyon.

“Then you can get out now.”

“I will. After I get Juvia-chan to eat with me,” smirked Lyon. That face. Argh! Frustrating.

“Let’s go, Juvia. Don’t let his stupidity spread on to you,” I said as I grab Juvia’s wrist to come with me.

“Gray-sama~~~ *o*” Juvia could only gasp.

“No, Juvia-chan, you’re coming with me,” Lyon also grab hold of Juvia’s other wrist. “I heard there’s this new restaurant. Let’s go!” Lyon dragged Juvia with him as he turned the opposite direction of me.

“Lyon, you scum. Juvia was coming with me.” Seriously, his face is pissing me off.

“O.O Could it be?” Juvia suddenly gasped.

“What?” I questioned at her sudden realization.

“Could it be that Gray-sama is fighting over Juvia?” Juvia, once again, had hearts in her eyes. “Whaaaa~~~ Juvia is so happy~~”


“Chi-chikao!!” Where the heck did Juvia get this idea from? “No, I’m not fighting over you. In a way, yes, but not definitely not like what you think.” Was I really fighting over her? No way. I, Gray Fullbuster, fought over Juvia? No freakin’ way. But what is this twist in my stomach. Why the heck does my head feel so light? My face, too. It’s getting warmer now. “I’m just annoyed with Lyon. Yes, that’s all” I told her.

“See, Juvia? This bastard doesn’t care about you. He just wants to win me,” Lyon turned to Juvia and told her. I don’t care about Juvia? She’s my nakama, of course I care.

“No, that wasn’t what I meant,” heck!? Why am I even trying to explain? Argh, Lyon’s face is really getting my nerve. “You know what? Just go now. I’m sick of this.” I tried to walk with Juvia’s wrist in my grasp. But Lyon won’t let go of her other wrist. Darn it! This guy really knows how to annoy people off.

“You can leave, but Juvia-chan is coming with me,” Lyon still insisted. “Unlike you, I actually care about her.”

“But Lyon-sama….”

Lyon-sama!? Since when did Juvia start calling him –sama? I thought she only calls me that. Suddenly, my energy drained out and I had no more enthusiasm to argue anymore. “You know what? I’m done with this childish play,” I told both of them as I let go of her wrist. “Be lovey dovey all you want; I don’t care. I’m not hungry anymore cuz of your face, Lyon.” And with that, I just left those two be. What is this feeling? The feeling of defeat? Che, yeah right. There was nothing to fight over in the first place. Despite saying this, this uneasy feeling grew deeper each step I took.


Pinky Berry Note: Sorry if the story isn’t good enough. T-T I tried to write the tension between Lyon and Gray, but obviously, it kindda failed. Gray is still a dimwit and hasn’t realize what’s important yet. He can be as dense as Natsu sometimes (NaLu fans, you know what I’m talking about..lolz)


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