When the Ice Clash Ch. 7

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: I only own this fanfiction here. Fairy Tail belongs to our hero, Hiro Mashima.


Previously:  “Be lovey dovey all you want; I don’t care. I’m not hungry anymore cuz of your face, Lyon.” And with that, I just left those two be. What is this feeling? The feeling of defeat? Che, yeah right. There was nothing to fight over in the first place. Despite saying this, this uneasy feeling grew deeper each step I took.



“Eh? Gray-sama~~” Juvia shouted after Gray-sama, but he just kept walking away. “Gray-sama, wait!” Juvia was about to run after him, but Lyon-sama grab a hold of her hand.

“Let’s go, Juvia! I’m hungry,” said Lyon-sama as he walked the opposite direction.

“But Gray-sama just,”

“Let him be,” Lyon-sama cut her words. “He doesn’t deserve your love.”

“But Juvia…”

“He doesn’t see how beautiful you are, and he’s just missing the chance to,” Lyon-sama looked so serious; it almost made Juvia believe what he said. “You are beautiful and smart and caring. Any guy would love to be loved by you.”

Juvia looked at Lyon-sama long and hard; he’s a good guy, but Gray-sama is her love. “Juvia loves Gray-sama~~” Juvia was on the edge of tears. “She loves him so much.”

“I know Juvia, I know,” Lyon-sama patted her head. “I know… There’s no need to be sad, now.”

“Juvia loves him,” Why can’t Juvia say anything beside these words? Where are all her words? The only thing in her head is her Gray-sama and how much he means to her.

“You love him, but I love you.” Lyon-sama told Juvia while still patting her head. “What did Gray ever do to you that made you fall so hard for him?”

“He showed her sunshine. He was nice to Juvia.”

“That was what you call nice? Didn’t you see he just left?” Lyon stopped patting Juvia’s head, but put both his hands on her shoulders. “Did he ever appreciate your love for him?”

Juvia was shocked at what Lyon-sama just said. Did he ever appreciate your love for him? Does Gray-sama appreciate her? Pictures of Gray-sama being annoyed at her, pictures of him being disgusted at her affection flashed through her head, and when he ignored her and how happy he was finding a mission for Lucy-san. Gray-sama likes Lucy-san? Does Gray-sama hate Juvia? “Gray-sama is cold toward Juvia, but Juvia still loves him very much.”

“I know you do, Juvia.” Juvia's_real_tears

“But sometimes, it hurts.” It hurts so bad that she can’t breathe at times. It hurts so bad that sometime she wished that she had never fall for him. Warm tears start rolling down her cheeks. Drip drip drop. One tear after another kept falling. Juvia doesn’t want to cry. No, she wants to be happy like other girls; like those girls who had their dream came true. “It hurts, but Juvia still can’t stop loving him. He’s the only love of her life.”

“Juvia, why can’t you see that I can also show you sunshine? Can’t you see that I can treat you far better than the way he treats you?”

“Even when Gray-sama is being cold to Juvia, she knows that somewhere in his heart, he also cares about her.” Does he? He does care about Juvia, right? At least for a bit? Those tears won’t stop rolling down. “Juvia believes that Gray-sama does care about Juvia; he just doesn’t show it outside. He cares.” Despite saying this, there are still doubts within her words. “He cares. Somewhere deep down.” Juvia couldn’t stop crying, and those tears continued to roll down her cheeks trailing down until they dropped to the ground. The next thing Juvia knew was that Lyon-sama pulled her into a hug.

“If only, Juvia. If only I met you first.” Lyon-sama told Juvia while still hugging her. “If only I met you first, then I would have beaten Gray to show you sunshine first. Then you’d have fallen for me instead.”

If Juvia met Lyon-sama first? Would she loves him instead? He is a good person after all.

            “Just know that every time you fall, I’d be there to catch you, Juvia,” said Lyon-sama who is now stroking her back to calm her tears down. “Just remember that.” tumblr_mdc03uhG5C1rc9m0ao4_1280

Juvia is doing the same thing to Lyon-sama as what Gray-sama is doing to her. She is breaking his heart. Lyon-sama loves Juvia, but Juvia loves Gray-sama who doesn’t love her. So, Juvia is giving Lyon-sama the same pain that Gray-sama is giving her. She is making Lyon-sama sad. Why is fate so cruel to both of us? Juvia is sorry, Lyon-sama. She is sorry that she is breaking your heart. “Thank you, Lyon-sama. Juvia doesn’t deserve your kindness.”


Argghh!! I was such a jerk! Why did I just leave Juvia there with Lyon? We were going to go somewhere together. What if Lyon is bothering Juvia again? Before I knew it, my legs were already leading me back to where I left Lyon and Juvia. What I saw in front of my eyes made me speechless. What the heck does Lyon think he’s doing? Juvia had her back toward me, while Lyon was hugging her. His hands, too. Those swarming hands! He had his hands on Juvia’s back while he was saying something to her. I couldn’t hear since I was kind of far away. My stomach did a flip again. I felt my blood boiling and I wanted Lyon’s face flat on the ground. I took a step forward; they still didn’t see me yet. If Lyon keeps doing what he’s doing now, one day, Juvia might actually give him a chance. Suddenly Mira’s words echoed in my head. Juvia giving Lyon a chance? My leg froze again. I looked up to where they were. Lyon still had Juvia in his arms. Am I too late? Woah, wait. Too late for what? Juvia was always my nakama. What Lyon is doing with her has nothing to do with me. Right?  That being said, I turned my back and headed toward the guild. What is this feeling inside my chest again? It’s suffocating.


Pinky Berry Note: So, whatcha think? With all honesty, I feel really bad for Lyon. Lyon and Juvia are the same in some aspects. They are both helplessly in love with someone who doesn’t reciprocate their feeling. If Gray doesn’t do something, I really feel like Juvia should try to move on. =.=


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