When the Ice Clash Ch. 8

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own Fairy Tail since I’m not that genius, Hiro Mashima is. I only own the story here.


Previously: What Lyon is doing with her has nothing to do with me. Right?  That being said, I turned my back and headed toward the guild. What is this feeling inside my chest again? It’s suffocating. 



I kept thinking about what happened yesterday. What is going on with Lyon and Juvia? It’s obvious that Lyon likes her, but what is up with Juvia? I mean, she couldn’t possibly give Lyon a chance, right? Why Lyon? His face, his smirks, his senseless speeches, and his stupidity irritate me. It annoys the crap out of me. Juvia loving Lyon? That sounds ridiculous. I mean, what happen to me then? It’s not like I didn’t know about Juvia’s feeling toward me or anything. Do I look that stupid? Even a 5-year old could tell that she has a major crush on me. I’m not ready for this kind of stuff. I mean, we’re nakama; I can’t just suddenly think of her as my girlfriend or anything. Girlfriend? Tsk, that just sounds weird. Juvia is nice, caring, and pretty, that I can tell. But girlfriend!? Somewhere in my gut, I’m pretty sure my life is somewhat tangled with hers, but girlfriend!? This is a big step, and I’m not ready to get to into that kind of relationship yet. It’s not like I hate her or anything, I don’t. It’s just this is too much to handle. Juvia really cares about how you see her. Erza’s words from recently came into my mind. Yeah, I can tell she does. She’s gloomy for others, but she sparkles for me. You should be more resolute and give her a clear response. Erza once tried to get me to think more upon her. I can’t give her a clear reply when I don’t even know my own heart.


Gray was sitting by himself at the guild’s counter when Lyon walked toward him.

“Gray, we need to talk,” said Lyon with a stern face.

“What?” growled Gray who is somewhat in a foul mood.

“Do I need to repeat myself?” Lyon looked a bit pissed off now, and stared straight into Gray.

“I don’t want to talk to you, so get outta here.”

“I don’t want to force you, but I will if I have to.”

“Ice-make,” Gray stood up and face Lyon in his ice-make position. “I said I don’t want to talk to you!”

“This is important. It’s about Juvia-chan.”


There he goes again. Juvia-chan? The way he calls Juvia makes me sick to the stomach. “What about her?” I retorted while releasing of my ice-make position and showing him how annoyed I was at him.

“Jeez, just come with me.” Before I could protest any longer, Lyon dragged me out of the guild.

“Lyon! I can walk by myself!” I shouted at him.

So, Lyon dragged me out of the guild to one of the corner of the street.

“Gray! I declare war with you again!” Lyon exclaimed loudly while pointing a finger at me. “Juvia will be mine someday!” images (4)

A vein in my forehead popped. His!? How dare he? That confidence in his voice. It’s like he’s so sure. “Whatever Lyon. Just piss off already,” I told him while grinding my teeth.

“Not unless you accept the challenge!” Lyon insisted on the challenge. “Juvia-chan then will see how suited I am for her.” Huh, puppy eyes now? Those hearts coming out of his head too. How can Lyon be this ridiculous?

“Whatever. I don’t want to be dragged into something as useless as this.” Does he intend to annoy me just like this the whole time?

“Gray, don’t tell me you’re scared of losing to me?” Lyon shouted after me as I began to walk away. Losing!? Do I look like I would lose?

“You’re just being stupid. Why would I join you in that?”

“Fine! Don’t you go complaining when she get snatched away!” Lyon shouted back. “Especially when she gets snatched by me!”

“Can’t you understand human language!? For the last time, I said I don’t care!” I snapped back at Lyon, full volume. “Do whatever you want cuz I don’t care!” Snatched away by him? Who does he think he is!? “What you do to Juvia does not concern me, so just piss off! I freakin’ don’t care! Why do I have to mingle in your business? It’s not like she’s anything to me.”

“Juvia!?!?” Lyon gasped with wide eyes looking straight toward me. Eh? Juvia? A sudden realization hit me, and it terrified me to turn around. I was scared to see what I would see. It can’t be. It can’t be. Finally turning around slowly, the sight in front of me took all words out of my mouth. Juvia.


Pinky Berry Note: How long was Juvia standing there? How much did she hear? What’s she gonna do? I hate myself for writing it to be like this. =.= Gray still won’t admit his feeling. His words and his heart are not the same. Poor Juvia.. Lyon was a bit pushy, but totally understandable there. I got this scene inspired from Lovely Complex; the part where that teacher provoked Otani and Otani got pissed and said some stupid stuff while Risa was behind the teacher. Yeah, to get a better picture of this chapter, you can watch Lovely Complex that part.

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