Srey S’art vs. Reachbot Lob (7’s Series)

This one is funny… >.< As expected from a 7’s series..

Download Srey S’art vs. Reachbot Lob

(MOBILE USERS) ( –> Mediafire…

( –> Box Storage…if u cannot click here, find the link in the comments below

If you want to read online, try this link… I’m not how it’ll work out since this is a first time using read-online via media…. Comment if any problems arise.

Finally, I have posted the read online version on my read-online blog.. ^^ Follow this link –> Read Srey S’art vs. Reachbot Lob


16 thoughts on “Srey S’art vs. Reachbot Lob (7’s Series)

  1. Hi Hi! I have some problem wanna u to suggest, what anime should I watch? I did watch many animes now I has nothing to watch and no idea which one should I watch coz there are too many. Please have some comment! Nowadays don want to read novel coz I think most of them now is relate to bad action that why I am Otaku with anime. Bye Bye!!!

    • toradora is romance comedy classic.. x’D Lovely Complex is both sad n funny.. but worth watching.. special a, tonari kaibutsu-hun, these are the funny i can remember from the back of my head.. ^^

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