When the Ice Clash Ch. 11

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t be here writing fanfic if I own Fairy Tail and its characters. Hiro Mashima is the rightful owner of Fairy Tail.


Previously: “Gray Fullbuster, why can’t you realize that you also love Juvia?” Erza swing her head right and left while massaging her temple. 



The guild was being as busy as ever in the morning. Chairs and tables were already flying mid-air, but there’s no surprise since this is our guild’s daily routine. And again, I was sitting at my favorite spot at the counter whiling drinking some mugs of alcohol. After I’ve came a conclusion that I do love Juvia after all, I came to this somber state. Guilt was written all over my face. Why didn’t I realize sooner? Now that Juvia is tired of waiting, I just realize my feeling? Yeah, even after  I kissed her, she said she’ll move on. She is just that tired. I made her wait for too long, and now she found someone else. The danger of not admitting your feeling is getting hurt yourself. Mira’s words came back. Guess I am too late now?

“Juvia-chan~~~~” came the most annoying voice ever. Lyon was by the guild’s door having heart shapes everywhere he went. “Juvia-chan~~~”

“She’s not here yet, Lyon,” I shouted at Lyon. “And stay away from her.”

“That’s not your business,” replied Lyon. “I do whatever I want, and you have no right to stop me.”

“What did you just say?” My blood boiled and I had the urge to punch his face right now.

“Exactly what you just heard,” retorted Lyon as he came closer and we were head to head. “Juvia-chan will someday be mine.”

“Don’t be confident for long. I’ll take her back again.”

“Heh?? Is this your acceptance to the war that I proposed?”

“Whatever it is, Juvia will never be yours. I will make sure of that,” I hissed at Lyon. It’s about time that I’d do something. I can’t just sit around and watch Juvia being snatched away right before my eyes like this.

“Gray finally accepted the declaration of war from Lyon,” wailed out Cana while having a barrel of beer in her hand again.

“He lllllikes her!” Happy suddenly popped out of nowhere and rolled his tongue.

The guild’s door was opened, revealing a blue haired water mage, yup, Juvia. As she walked in, my eyes followed her every step. She had the usual smile as she walked. It was hard to imagine that she cried the day before. Was she always been like this? If I didn’t see her crying, I would never have thought that she actually cried just from seeing her like this. Had she always cried and acted like nothing ever happened like this? Sudden realization hit me. How many times has Juvia been crying all by herself? How many times has she put on that smile as a mask? The pain I saw in her eyes yesterday was genuine; she was in pain. While I still lost in my thought, Lyon suddenly cooed.

“Juvia-chan~~~You’re finally here!”

“Good morning, Lyon-sama.” Juvia greeted Lyon with a smile on her face.

“How about we go out somewhere for breakfast?” asked Lyon while snaking his arm on Juvia’s shoulder. A vein popped inside my head.

“Get your paw off Juvia, Lyon!” I barked at him. Juvia seemed a little startled at my sudden outburst. Her smile dropped for a split second before coming back on her face.

“Good morning, Gray-san.” At least she is still talking to me after what happened yesterday when I was being a total jerk to her.

            “Juvia, Gray just accepted Lyon’s declaration of war just now,” Cana told her.

“He llllikes you!” Happy rolled his tongue again. Unlike before when I’d just flat-out deny it, this time, I let them be. I do love Juvia after all.


Don’t get your hope up again, Juvia. Don’t you dare. Gray-sama doesn’t like you that way. Don’t you dare have wild imaginations again. Stop chasing after the shadow; stop hoping for what never been there in the first place. “Cana-san, that has nothing to do with Juvia now.” Yet, I put on a smiling face while telling Can-san this.

“How can you say this? Your Gray-sama is accepting the war and is fighting for you.” Cana-san sounded confused. Yeah, Juvia is the only one who knows that Gray-sama doesn’t like her, let alone care about her this much to trouble himself with this so called war.

“It’s a long story, Cana-san.” Juvia smiled at Cana-san. Smile is the only thing she could do now to try to keep things good for her. It is her last refuge. “Juvia is too tired to talk about it now.”

“Juvia-chan, let’s have a wonderful date tonight!” Lyon-sama suggested as soon as Juvia was done talking with Can-san.

“Eh? Lyon-sama, Juvia wants to go on mission today.”

“Mission? Let us go together!” Lyon-sama got all hyped up with his suggestion.  “Juvia-chan, I’ll protect you, and we’ll spend the rest of our lives togther.”

“Juvia,” Gray-sama walked toward her. “Ano, about yesterday…”

“It’s okay, Gray-san.” Once again, Juvia spoke before letting him finish. “Gray-san doesn’t have to explain anything. Juvia understands now.”

“Juvia, you don’t understand.”

“Yes, she understands. Everything.” Juvia looked into Gray-sama’s eyes for a few seconds. “Now, if you excuse Juvia, she has to pass through.” That being said, Juvia walked passed Gray-sama without any further delay. She is sure the whole guild has their eyes on her now. Yeah, this is not the same Juvia anymore.

“Juvia, you don’t get it.” Gray-sama tried to tell her. “IthinkIloveyou.” A phrase, ever so quickly spoken, came out. Juvia stopped half-way through her walk before turning around. Gray-sama was a bit blushed up while looking at her.

“I think I love you,” Gray-sama said again, slower this time. The whole guild busted out in cheers and whistles.


Pinky Berry Note: I apologize for making this story a drag.. T-T It’s a bit long because I actually like writing it and the plot just came out on its own…  By the way, Gray finally accepted the war with Lyon. >.< How will this turn out? Stay tuned.

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