When the Ice Clash Ch. 12

Disclaimer: My name is not Hiro Mashima, therefore, I do not own Fairy Tail. I only own the fanfic here.. :3


Previously: “I think I love you,” Gray-sama said it again, slower this time. The whole guild busted out in cheers and whistles. 


“Go, Gray!!” Different kinds of cheers could be heard from the crowd. “Finally!”

“Tsk, Juvia is mine!” Lyon protested.

Juvia was speechless for a while, and her heart shut down. “Hehe *low chuckle* Juvia sees where this is going.” She looked into Gray-sama’s eyes with her lifeless eyes before chuckling a little again. “Juvia saw this coming, but didn’t expect it to be so soon.”

“Eh?” Gray-sama seemed a little lost there.

“ Gray-san wants to play this game, huh?” Her eyes became cold as if her heart had turned into ice. “But sorry, Juvia isn’t some kind of toys. So, please take back your “confession”. Juvia has no time for this game.” Juvia just brushed off Gray-sama’s confession as if it is the most natural thing to have had happened. She acts like she doesn’t care, but deep inside, it hurts. This is a game to Gray-sama, where Juvia is some kind of a bet. He doesn’t really love her. Just because Lyon-sama is here, he blurted out this thing.

“Ehhhhhh!?!?” Everyone was both shocked and surprise. First of all, Gray-sama confessed. Secondly, Juvia rejected him.

“Now, good bye, Gray-san. Juvia has somewhere to go.” Juvia walked off on Gray-sama. For the first time, she didn’t show any interest in Gray-sama. She doesn’t understand why her heart hurts while rejecting his love. Right, it wasn’t meant for Juvia. He doesn’t really love her.

“O-oi, Juvia..” Gray-sama called after her.



What is going on here? Juvia just rejected Gray? Juvia? Waaah~~~ has she realized my love for her? I turned to the frozen Gray, “Wahahahaha, Gray, what was that?? Seems like Juvia-chan finally realized.”

“Shut up, Lyon,” hissed Gray, who was sending me daggers from his eyes. If looks can kill, I’d be already dead.

“Tsk, whatever,” I turned around to spot Juvia-chan at the door. “Juvia-chan~~ your beauty is stunning today.” I was running toward her when I remembered something and turned back to Gray.

“I’d like to celebrate your lost with you, but I’d rather spend my time with my precious Juvia-chan.”  I gave him a big grin before turning back to the love of my life. “Juvia-chan, let’s go together~~”

I caught up with Juvia and walked beside her in silence. “Juvia-chan,” I started talking to lessen the tension, yet she didn’t answer. Juvia just kept walking in silence with her head down. A few more steps of silence, I stopped walking and just looked at Juvia continuing her walk. One, two, three more steps, Juvia stopped. From behind, I could see her shoulder shaking. As I walked closer, a faint sob could be heard. Juvia is crying. My heart sank. My Juvia is crying. Over that bastard. As the sob grew louder, her shoulders shake harder. Keeping her head down, Juvia had her tears dropping to the ground.

“Juvia, why?” I don’t get it. Juvia rejected Gray herself, but then came here to sulk over him? Seeing Juvia like this made me not know what to do. All I could think of was patting her head while watching her in silence.

“J-Juvia is okay, Lyon-sama,” Juvia stuttered while trying to stop her tears.

“I know you’re not,” why does she have to act so strong? “You don’t have to pretend in front of me.” Juvia started sobbing again.

“A-arigatou, Lyon-sama.” She tried to give me a smile; a smile within curtains of tears. “Juvia tried to tell herself to be strong. She really tried. All these years, she has been chasing and chasing after shadow of Gray-sama. It’s impossible to catch shadow, ne? And when she finally has the gut to be strong, this had to happen.”

Juvia kept on crying. Why am I so useless? Not only can’t I bring Juvia the happiness she deserves, I also cannot even stop those tears. How am I supposed to bring her joy when I cannot even wipe away her sadness?



After I came out of my shock state, I came out to find Juvia. That was how I came to where I am now, hiding in the corner listening to Juvia and Lyon. Juvia is crying again. Not just that, she’s crying because of me. Yes, I am the jerk who made Juvia cried numerous of times. How could I only realize now that Juvia was acting all along? Her strong act was just a cover to her pain. How could I?  Was she hurting that bad to the point of not wanting to see me anymore? Is that why she rejected me? Well, that makes sense. She had been chasing after me for so long; it’s about time she gets sick of it. I bet she doesn’t even want to see my face right now. “Juvia, gomene…” I whispered softly as I headed back to the guild.


Pinky Berry Note: Juvia doesn’t believe Gray and thinks it was his competitiveness. So much for wanting to write a comedy.. == still ended up being a sad plot. Guess I’m not cut out for comedy after all…

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