When the Ice Clash Ch. 13

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, I only own the fanfic here.


Previously: “Juvia, gomene…” I whispered softly as I headed back to the guild.



”Gray Fullbastard!!” I shouted at Gray while running across the guild. I stopped for a split second before throwing Gray a punch in the face, which sent him flying backward a few metter. I bolted forward and picked him up by his shirt collar, not giving him any chance to fight back. ”You piece of sh*t! You scumbag!” With one of my hand still holding onto his collar, I threw him another hard punch in his stomach. ”You make Juvia-chan cry again, you gotta go through me first!” I spat out my words as I pulled his collar up and looked into his eyes with ferociousness.

“…..” Gray kept his silence. Arghhh, pissed me off.

“Say something, you bastard!” I threw him another punch. “You don’t deserve her love!” As I was about to throw him another fist, Gray blocked my hand and looked up with his eyes that were hard to understand what’s underneath. Without saying anything, Gray threw my hand off and headed to the door. “If you want me to approve of your confession, you better treat her better!” I shouted at him, emphasized the word ‘confession’ with disgust. Juvia-chan deserves to be happy, and I know I can’t give her that kind of happiness.  Tsk, what am I doing?


Lyon was right; I don’t deserve it. As Lyon punched me, I didn’t even feel right fighting back. He was right. Every single thing he said. Juvia deserves someone way better than me. If I keep this up, she might really be gone. She hates me now. In my gut, I know she does.  Heck, she even told me to take back my confession. If you want me to approve of your confession, you better treat her better! Lyon’s last words echoed through. Why do I even need his approval? Tsk, that guy. So full of himself, as always. But he’s right, I need to treat to Juvia better. I can’t let my jerky self take over anymore. If she hates me now, I’ll make her fall in love with me again. No, I’ll make her fall in love with the new me. The Gray Fulbuster who wouldn’t make her cries anymore. Before I knew it, I was already in my house. Today has been a lot for me.

“GRAY!!!” A loud knock came from my door. “Gray, open up!” Erza? It’s her voice. Wait, how long had I been asleep? Looks like it’s evening already.

“What’s up, Erza?”

“You should go to the guild. It’s Juvia.” Erza told me with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“Juvia!?” I panicked. “What’s wrong with her?” Without hearing what she had to say, I dashed off toward to guild.  Kami-sama, please don’t let anything happened to her.

Loud noises could be heard from outside the guild’s door. Without thinking much, I pushed the door open and ran in. Eh? Rivers of water flowed all over the floor.

“Gray, stop her~~~” cried one of the guild members. “No one could stop her.”

“Ahh.. hic..” my head turned to the direction of the voice. “Gray-sama.. hic.. is here…” Juvia was obviously drunk and wailed about with her faced all blushed up in red shades. She staggered toward me with her side swinging left and right; her face wore a wide grin.

“Juvia,” I took one of her hands. “Stop it; you’re drunk.” As I took a wine bottle from her other hand, she looked at me in a confused expression.

“Juvia.. hic.. is not.. hic.. drunk~~~” as soon as she said this, her body fell onto the floor. Luckily, I had her wrist in my hand, she didn’t fall as hard.

“Juvia, I’m just worried. You should stop.” Juvia looked up into my face; her grin darkened.

“You’re.. hic.. not.. Gray-sama,” said Juvia as her face turned into rage. “Gray-sama doesn’t care!” She raised her voice and sent another wave of her water slicers. “Gray-sama doesn’t care about Juvia!” Another wave came and sent a strong impact on my body as I flew backward. Juvia staggered toward where I fell. “It’s.. hic.. over… Juvia doesn’t.. hic.. love Gray-sama..hic… anymore…” Along with her drunkard hiccups, Juvia started crying. “Juvia.. hic.. won’t love him.. hic.. anymore.”

“Juvia, I’m sorry….” I pulled her into a hug and slide onto the floor. Juvia was quiet for a while, making me think she fell asleep. “Juvia?” Juvia started chuckling as she looked at me. Her eyes were half closed and she still had that wide, mischievous grin.

“You.. hic.. looked just… hic.. like Gray-sama~~” with her cute drunkard expression and her finger pointing at me. As she started to crawl toward me, I started to scoot backward until my back hit against the wall.

”Juvia?” I could only whisper in confusion.

Juvia had her face close to mine as if observing every spot of my face.  She tilted her head to the side before started laughing between her hiccups, ”hehehe.. Hic.. You.. hic..look like.. Gray-sama~~~   hic..” She placed her finger on my nose, tapping it lightly, and grinned while leaning in closer. As she tilted her head, she said to my ear, ”Gray… Hic.. Sama look-alike, hic.. Why don’t we go out together?” She pulled back and smiled at me.

”Ehh!?” Juvia just asked me out?? No, she just asked her ”Gray-sama look-alike” out. ”Didn’t Gray already confess to you?” I played along and went with the flow.

“Wahahaha~~~” the drunk Juvia started laughing out loud. “It’s really… hic.. funny.. Gray-sama Look-Alike.. hic…” Juvia tried to stand up and wobbly staggered her feet.  Juvia sat back down as she pointed her finger near her mouth saying with a sheepish grin, “Let Juvia… hic..  tell you one… hic…  secret.” Juvia leaned into me again, coming closer to my ear as our cheeks almost touched. “He.. hic.. doesn’t… hic.. love Juvia…” Her voice softened into a faint whisper, and finally her head collapsed on my shoulder.

I don’t love her? Why does she think like this? I tilted my head to look at Juvia, who has already fallen asleep on my shoulder. I should get her home; she looked really exhausted.  Eh? Where’s everyone? Mira? Nani!?!? They all left us here? I can’t go to Fairy Hill alone with her either. Boys are not allowed. Yeah, that sucks. “Oi!” I tried to shake Juvia awake, but she was too much in the slumber to wake up. “What should I do?”


Pinky Berry Note: Surprise!!!! >.< Lyon finally made a move and beat Gray into some sense. Plus the drunk scene, I just had write it. I just had to.. >< *mischievous grin*  I know I suck at writing a descriptions, so I hope this will at least be enough for you to picture what happen..

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