When the Ice Clash Ch.15

Disclaimer: My name is not Hiro Mashima, therefore I do not own Fairy Tail. Though I wish I have the power to control the story, I only own this fanfiction.



“No,” Juvia calmly told him while taking his arms away from her. “Gray-san doesn’t know himself. He’s lying to Juvia, lying to himself.” She turned around so that she could face Gray again, and place her right hand over where her heart is. “There’s a hole right here, and even Gray-san cannot fill that hole in her heart now.”


            A few days passed by, but no new improvements between the two mages. Juvia, as indifferent as she could be, still did not believe a word Gray said. Every day, Gray would tell her that he loves her. Every day, Juvia would ignore that statement.  As the days dragged on with Gray’s constant confrontations, her emptiness grew more and more. It seemed like her despair slowly turned into anger and hatred. The more Gray bugs her, the angrier she becomes.


Juvia was sitting at the bar counter happily talking with Mira-san when Gray-sama came to sit next to her.

“Hey,” Gray-sama started talking to her. Juvia stopped her conversation with Mira-san and stood up. This sudden pause made Gray-sama looked up at her. Taking a deep breath, she told herself to be strong. There was no need to be depressed. “You’re going to get hurt sometimes; you’re going to fail once in a while, but you got to bounce back like a big bouncy ball.” Yes, Juvia is bouncing back now; she is standing up again. Juvia turned her back on Gray-sama and walked away from the counter. As she was half-way to the door, Gray-sama shouted from where he stood.

“WHY?” Gray-sama lost his temper. “Why are you still not believing me!?”

This cannot hurt Juvia now. It can’t, ne? As much as she wanted to believe her own words, her heart still tightened at Gray-sama’s words. Juvia stopped her step for a few seconds and took a deep breath before continuing to walk forward without looking back.

“Juvia!” Gray-sama called after her, but she didn’t stop. “I lo..”

“SHUT UP, GRAY!” Juvia screamed while throwing Gray-sama her water slicer. It’s always been these words; every day, Juvia had to hear this knowing fully well he doesn’t mean it. The whole guild gasped in surprise at her sudden impulse. Gray-sama hit the wall from the impact of the hit.



Every guild members had their eyes on the pair. Never once had they seen Juvia this angry, let alone at Gray of all people. She just stood there, giving Gray the look. Gray lifted his hand to wipe away the blood near the edge of his lips. “Gray?” Gray mumbled. Looking up at Juvia, his voice became louder, “Gray? Did you just call me Gray?”

Juvia flinched at his words; her eyes widened in horror. After a few split seconds of panic, she managed to throw another water slicer toward Gray’s direction. “W-whatever! Juvia can call you whatever she wants to!”

Gray stood up on his feet again; his head dropped low with bang covering his eyes. “Am I a stranger in your eyes now?” he mumbled, but Juvia heard it loud and clear.

If only that could happen, it would have been a lot easier, Gray-sama. Juvia’s face turned into a thinking expression, while Gray took it the wrong way and think that his guess was right. “Juvia, please,” Gray’s voice turned soft, almost as if he’s pleading and begging. “Believe me.” He took a step toward Juvia, who once again wore a panic expression.

“Stop!” she cried out while throwing another splash of her water slicer. “Don’t come closer to Juvia!” Gray didn’t bother to stop, and continued to walk forward, while Juvia stepped backward. Stop lying to Juvia; stop lying to yourself. “Water slicer!” Juvia released another splash after seeing that Gray had no intention to stop coming closer. Gray endured the hit impact and kept on walking until he stood in front of Juvia. Juvia, still with panic in her eyes, lifted her arm for another water slicer, but Gray saw through it and made a move first. He bolted forward and boldly hugged Juvia in front of the whole guild.

“Come back. I’ve missed your old self. I miss the nice Juvia,” said Gray as he held her in an embrace.

“That Juvia is gone now,” Juvia sighed with stoic face. “She was too fragile and vulnerable. Gray, it’s too late.”

“I’d never realized, Juvia, I really didn’t,” mumbled Gray while still hugging her. “My coldness was hurting you. You always had that smile, and I didn’t see through it. I’ve only come to realized when it’s too late. It’s too late, ne?”

Juvia pulled out of his embrace, and looked straight at him. “She’s glad you have realized.” Gray looked up with hope that she would forgive him, but only to be internally killed by her next words. “It is too late now.”

“Can’t you see I’m trying to make it up to you?” Gray took a few steps back. “Can’t you see I’m trying my best!?” Despair turns into helplessness, confusion, and anger.

“That’s the problem, Gray,” said Juvia with resolution in her eyes. “You can’t make up for what happened in just a few days.”

“Enough with that ‘Gray’ already!” Gray raised his voice toward the water mage. “What else do you want me to do!?”

“Nothing,” Juvia told him with empty eyes directly looking his stumbling ones. “Gray has done enough. Just leave her alone.”

Gray froze at her words, speechless to what he should say next. Seeing that he was unresponsive, Juvia turned her back to walk away. “Just who am I to you?” Gray whispered as if he himself was scared to hear the answer.

Juvia stopped her step, with her back still toward to Gray, and said, “A guildmate,” before started to walk again.

The whole guild still had their eyes on these pair, no one dared to say a word. The tension filled the air, and it seemed like no one even dared to breathe. Even Natsu was sitting quietly sitting near Lucy, and just observed, disheartened with what was going on. As for Gray himself, it felt as though life was sucked right out of him. The coldness he thought he would never feel again seeped into him. Seeing that Juvia had no intention to stop walking out of his life, his heart clenched together, making the pain unbearable. “That’s it? A guildmate?” Gray asked ever so softly that people could barely make out what he said.

Juvia paused her walk once again and just stayed in silence. “After all these year, I’m just a guildmate to you now?” Juvia just stood there with a pair of cold eyes looking straight ahead at nothing in particular. “I’m no one special to you now? Just a guildmate?” Juvia still didn’t response and just started walking away toward the door in silence, leaving the helpless mage behind in his despair.


Pinky Berry’s Note: I’m finally back!! After almost a year of no fiction update, I’m finally back! >.< Many things have been happening, and I lost the inspiration for a while. Plus college has been busy, and I was busy adjusting to the new friends and environment that I did not have time for this. However, don’t you worry. I’m back, and I will try my best to keep this fiction alive. Adios!

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