When the Ice Clash Ch. 16

Disclaimer: I do not any characters in Fairy Tail. I just own the plot in this fanfic. ^o^



Juvia paused her walk once again and just stayed in silence. “After all these year, I’m just a guildmate to you now?” Juvia just stood there with a pair of cold eyes looking straight ahead at nothing in particular. “I’m no one special to you now? Just a guildmate?” Juvia still didn’t response and just started walking away toward the door in silence, leaving the helpless mage behind in his despair.


Gray’s P.O.V:

Is this how she felt before? Juvia, is this how you felt before? Cold, empty…lonely? I stood there petrified, looking toward the door. The door that Juvia walked out. The door that led her out of my life. What have I done? Is it really too late? Is the wound in her heart really too deep to heal? The thought of her wound made me flinched; her once gloomy self was long gone after she came into Fairy Tail. That gloom, that rain came back to haunt her once again, and I’ve caused it. Every time I found love, they always leave me behind. No, actually I chased them out. My family, Ur, and now Juvia. I defied Ur and killed her. I’ve hurt Juvia all along and eventually, it chased her out of my life. I’m sorry, Juvia. I didn’t want to turn your life back to the dark, and yet, I still did it, didn’t I? Gomene. I want you to be happy now, even if it means I will have to let you go.

Normal POV:

Erza sighed loudly in front of Mira who was cleaning a plate at the bar counter. After a few seconds, she shook her head left and right in frustration, and then went back to sighing.

“Are you okay, Erza?” asked the she-demon of Fairy Tail.

“Why are both of them so stubborn?” she let out another sigh.

“In this case, you should ask why Juvia is stubborn,”

“I’ve never thought it could lead to this,” said the Titania. “Gray was at fault at first, but now, this has gone too far. They haven’t talked for days; both of them try to avoid each other.”

“You should try to understand her, too. She went through a lot. Though it’s hard to see both of them go through this pain.”

“Shouldn’t we give them a hand or two?” asked Erza while smirking at Mira.

“Juvia!” Mira called after Juvia as soon as she stepped into the guild.

“Yeah?” Juvia came with a confused look.

“I have an urgent job for you. It’s an emergency.”

“Ah, really?” replied Juvia. “She is glad to help.”

“This is a partner job though,” Mira continued on. “And your partner is Gray.” Mira gave her an innocent smile.

“Eh?? Isn’t it usually Gajeel-kun!?” Juvia asked in surprise.

“Sorry, Rain Women.” Gajeel came from behind her. “I have a solo job.” He flashed a wink at Mira while Juvia wasn’t looking. I’m sick of this drama, too.

“Then Gray can go with Erza,”

“Someone talked about me?” Erza came out innocently and secretly winked at Mira. “I have to help Master with something.”

“Ummm…” Juvia was thinking hard when she saw Natsu, Lucy, and Happy came in through the door. “What about Natsu-san?”

“Natsu has a job, too.”

“I do!?” Natsu, who has an amazing hearing skill asked in confusion. “I don’…”

“Of course you do!!” Lucy came in and covered his mouth before he blabs on. Natsu gave her a confused look. “You have a job with me, remember? Hehe, remember?” Lucy tried to get him to understand the situation there.

“Aye, Natshuu, we do have a job…” Happy butted in. Seemed like he had a quicker common sense than Natsu after all.

“You see, Juvia?” Mira stated with another innocent smile. “Gray and you are the only people available.”


The next day….

Gray and Juvia were walking side by side along the road. Silence filled the air as both found it awkward talking to each other. Five minutes of silence turned into ten minutes; ten minutes turned into twenty. They went on without talking for the past few hours.

“J-Juvia,” Gray started, unsure if he was doing the right thing or not. Since after all, they ended in a bad note last time they talked. “What is this mission about?”

“Catching a group of bandits,” Juvia shortly answered.

“Oh, okay,” said Gray. “This should be easy enough.”

“Umm,” nodded Juvia.


Gray-sama is walking beside her. He really is. Despite her calm, composed act on the outside, the inside Juvia is in havoc right then. What should she do? Wait, why is she even stumble over this? Juvia, keep calm. You made a resolve, you should follow it. But this is Gray-sama  we’re talking about. Juvia’s head and Juvia’s heart are conflicting with each other. Her head told her to keep calm because it is hopeless, while her heart is trembling at the very presence of Gray-sama. What if Gray-sama really means it when he says he loves her? Tsk, dream on. Don’t forget how much pain you were in. B-but he looked sincere when he said it. Juvia’s heart was arguing with her head.  Don’t forget, he also looked like he meant it when he said he didn’t care. That sting, it really does. Juvia snapped back into her resolve after remembering that incident. What was she thinking!? She almost let go of her resolve.

“Juvia!!!” falling into her own thought, Juvia wasn’t aware of her surroundings. That was until Gray pushed her aside.

“Eh?” Juvia looked around and saw some shooting marks on the tree.

“We got company coming,” said Gray while readying his ice-make stance.

“Hai!” Juvia got up in confidence with a determined look on her face.

Not long after, a bunch of bandits rushed toward the two mages while trying to shoot them down with their magic. Juvia turned into her water form so physical attacks have no effect on her, while Gray made a wall of ice to cover himself.

“Ta-me,” Gray curses as more and more shots came toward them. “You guys are a persistent bunch.” Seeing an opening, Gray fired his ice arrows forward, while Juvia also sent a few of her water slicers. Despite their fight and awkwardness now, they still work in perfect synchronize. After a few ice arrows and water slicers here and there, the bandits all had fallen down helplessly.

“We did it!” Juvia said in happiness and a sense of accomplishment while turning to look at Gray with glittering eyes.

“Yeah, we did it, Juvia!” Gray was astonished at her given it was the first she had smiled at him after that day. While Juvia turned her back to look at him, Gray’s face turned pale white while rushing to her back shouting, “Ice-make, cannon!”

Everything happened too fast. One moment they were happily celebrate their win, then the next she heard a loud blast. By the time she turned back to where Gray rushed to, all she saw was Gray stumbling and fell to the ground. It all happened in a slow motion. Gray stumbled and fell while turning to look at Juvia. Juvia turned cold and frozen with wide opened eyes.


Pinky Berry’s Note: I was actually supposed to be writing my final essay, but I got bored. Plus, I got some inspiration from the songs I was listening to. So yeah, here I am with my story again. >.<


4 thoughts on “When the Ice Clash Ch. 16

  1. Hi there, I am glad you update this story. How many chapter does it have? Are you going to finish this one? I really like to read this story. How can I read or watch this story? Thanks a lot for sharing. Wish you succeed in your studies.

    • Hey, m glad u like this story. I’m not sire how.many chapters it will have yet. It really depends on my mood when I write and whether or not I still have more ideas of what to write. But I think I will try to finish it soon before the story gets draggy. This is a fanfiction I write. If you wanna read the original story (which doesn’t really have much romance or focus on Juvia and gray), u can find it as manga or anime called Fairy Tail.

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