My Love….

It’s been almost a year that I’ve came here, and I just realized that I have many things that I love. So, yeah.. One of those cheesy posts. =.=


I love the fact that I can sleep long past morning and not get busted for it. I love the fact that I have classes later during the day. I love staring at the clock during the long, awkward English class without the professor noticing it. I love taking naps between classes. I love the fact that I came to college in the US and live in dorm.  I love living only 5 minutes walk from my classrooms. I love the fact that I can see my friends any time I want to. I love hanging out with my friends whenever I want. I love eating practically every meal with a bunch of friends. I love being one of the youngest among us. I love feeling like a younger sister. I love having friends who take care of me like their little sister. I love having friend who thinks of me as her younger sister even though I’m actually older. I love knowing that I can crash at a friend’s place when I feel sick. I love feeling like having a second family here. I love being independent most of the time. I love having a great campus job because I get easy money to spend.

I love sitting on the wide windowsill in this particular study room on the second floor of the library and do my work. I love watching outside that window over the campus’ soccer field and out toward the mountain valleys. I love staring at downtown’s tall buildings in the distant from that windowsill. I love walking around campus on breezy autumn evenings and having deep thoughts to myself with earphones in my ears. I love looking at leaves changing colors as the season changes. I love rollerblading in the car park when it is not cold outside. I love walking along the campus’ creek during autumn and spring; the sound of flowing water is calming yet exciting at the same time.

I love cold winter days and staying indoors. I love the apartment’s heater. I love eating ice cream on the living couch even when it is cold outside. I love watching outside our living room’s window and watch the snow falling. I love walking in the snow with my furry boots on. I love attempting to build a snowman in front of our dorm and failed anyways. I love trying to build my boyfriend out of snow with my friend. I love running inside my apartment back and forth and trying to warm my hands with warm water while attempting to build a snowman. I love the cold, numb feeling on my cheeks after staying outside for a long time. I love cupping my cheeks with both my hands for warming up.

I love strolling around downtown during school break with friends. I love going to the mall with my friends even though we’re all broke. I love our attempt at trying not to buy anything. I love doing grocery shopping with other friends. I love walking in Temple Square during Christmas break with all the lightings and decorations. I love taking turn cooking and trying each other’s foods during Christmas break. I love turning our place into a dance floor with a few other friends. I love having dinner at friends’ place just because it feels like home.

I love wearing shorts in spring and summer after hibernating for so long in long jeans during winter. I love staying in the shade because no, most Asians don’t like sunlight that much. I love when it rains while I’m already at home. I love being surprised every time I look up into the 8pm sky and can still see the sunlight.

I love sleeping on the couch when I’m home alone. I love blasting my music as loud as I can because no one is home to care. I love staying home and being lazy on the couch during weekends. I love the peace and quiet atmosphere when no one is around at home. I love having the apartment to myself.

I love eating Asian foods in America. I love the Pho place nearby campus even though I’m too broke most of the time anyway. I love the Asian store a few blocks away. I love making home-made porridge when I’m sick. I love seeing my freezer filled with beef. I love eating steaks. I love my mom’s bbq party where are tons and tons of bbq beef. I love the idea of eating all the foods I want when I go home this summer.

I love watching scary movies even when they scare the heck out of me. I love watching dramas and movies. I love reading novels. I love watching anime or read manga. I love being inside the fiction world for a while. I love the smell of fiction books, definitely not school textbooks. I love crying because of a drama or a fiction. I love being able to relate. I love feeling excited after a really good book and can’t wait to turn to the next page. I love working on my blog when I have time. I love writing short fictions and fan-fictions. I love the fact that I actually have some fans and followers. I love it when people appreciate my work or my writing. I love having that secret escape, where I can write and say whatever I feel like it. I love it when not many people know about it just because well, it’s my secret place. I love the fact that it’s not actually so secrecy but not many people know that it’s me or they just don’t care since they don’t know personally. I love being able to let out my frustrations and angers there almost anonymously.

I love having someone patting my head or my hair just because it’s sweet. I love staying quiet in front of unfamiliar people. I love talking to people I’m used to. I love arguing over nonsense as long as they don’t annoy me. I love proving that I’m right. I love the feeling of achievement and success. I love listening to music all day. I love sleeping all day on a lazy, tedious day.

I love staying up til late at night skyping and chatting with friends for hours. I love knowing that we’re still friends even with the long distance between us. I love seeing my friends left me messages when I wake up in the morning. I love their messages even though they woke me up in the middle of the night. I love still keeping in touch with friends from school. I love waking up to my best friend’s messages. I love talking with her for hours over nothing in particular. I love the fact that we can smoothly transition from one topic to another. I love knowing that we can still talk like we just saw each other the day before. I love knowing that she is just as excited as I am about me coming home this summer.

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