Animes are really fun to watch!!! Most characters are so cute!! ^o^

The  BEST anime ever is Maid-Sama!! >,< Usui rocks!!!


Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!
Kimi ni Todoke


Lovely Complex


34 thoughts on “Anime

    • are you talking about the khmer translated novels?? You can buy it at any book store and khmer school in Cambodia. But if you live abroad, I think you can only get them online…^^

  1. oh!! it so famous.. it has japanese -> Anime (i won’t count manga) -> Taiwanese -> then Korean. How many anime have u been read? I’m also an anime addicted gal too.. ^o^

  2. Oh!! I like romance-comedy, slice of life and Josei but difficult to find coz boys watch anime more than gals that y it’s more about mecha shounen material art or sth about boys’ fav.. -_-

    • yup yup! Though I like romance n stuff, i also have some action genre favorite…like Naruto, I started watching it late, and it already had a lot of episodes…so i kindda gave up cuz it got way too draggy.. but Fairy Tail is still my favorite action anime..waiting for the updates every week..lolz >.<

      • really!! u like that long stuff, my bro like it too but i don coz it too long that m so lazy to watch backward… but i watched inuyasha (167 + 27 eps), it’s my first anime of all ^^

      • i’ve been watching fairy tail since when it only had 50-ish episodes…it updates every saturday… Naruto is wayyyy too long…i quit watching it now…it has like 500+ ep…fairy tail only have 140 ep so far…

  3. too far then… but whether it’s short i still don like naruto coz jz running to help fren it take 4 5 ep it make me sick of it that’s y i watch one piece instead..

  4. I think a must-watch anime should be Code Geass. Have you see it yet? ^_^ Lelouch isn’t the romantic-kind-of-guy like Usui, but he is super awesome. He is my husbando xD lol

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