When the Ice Clash Ch. 6

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: I wish I have the power to control what happens in Fairy Tail, but unfortunately, Hiro Mashima does, not me. I only own the plot here.



 “For a moment there, Juvia thought he was cool. “



I was peacefully walking along the street the next day when a voice called my name. “Gray-sama!!”

“Juvia?” I was a bit surprised to see her running toward me.

“Have Gray-sama eaten lunch yet?”

“Not yet. Talking about that, why don’t we go somewhere to grab a bite?”

“H-hai! Gray-sama, let’s, let’s!” Juvia was all flustered up and had heart-shaped eyes. I could tell she was on cloud 9.

“No, no!! I didn’t mean it to be like that!” Sudden realization just hit me. Juvia tends to over exaggerate the situation, especially when it comes to me. Heck!? Why do I feel warm in my checks, too? “It’s definitely not a date, Juvia!”

“Not a date~~~~ *o*” Despite Juvia saying that, her face still shows it all. That grin, so wide to the point that it’s almost creepy. I bet nothing is going inside her head right beside the fact that we’re going to eat lunch together. Together? The sound of it was soothing and comfy. Somehow.

“Okay now, why don’t we get going?” I said as I saw that Juvia was still standing there grinning.


“Let’s go, Juvia-chan~~” Lyon popped out of nowhere while trying to lead Juvia away.

“The heck, Lyon!?!?” I was startled, most of all, he just came out of nowhere taking Juvia away. “Why are you here, again?”

“None of your business, Gray,” said Lyon. Right, not my business. He just wanted to take Juvia somewhere with him while she was still with ME!

“If you weren’t blind, then you would have seen that Juvia was talking with me!”

“Even you said, ‘she was”. Past tense. She was talking to you. Was. Now, she’s coming with me,” Lyon said shamelessly. Seriously, how low can this guy get?

“Ehhh!? Lyon-sama?” Juvia seemed like she just woke up from a trance and notice Lyon’s presence. “When did you get here?”

“Juvia-chan~~~”  Lyon cooed. Please, he’s acting like a 5 year-old. “You’re so mean; you didn’t even see me coming.” Ha! In his face! Eat that! Juvia didn’t even notice him. By the way, why am I so happy now?

“Lyon, you can out of the way now,” despite the fact that I was happy that Juvia totally didn’t notice, just his face is already irritating enough.

“I’m going soon. Why would I wanna see your face for long?” said Lyon.

“Then you can get out now.”

“I will. After I get Juvia-chan to eat with me,” smirked Lyon. That face. Argh! Frustrating.

“Let’s go, Juvia. Don’t let his stupidity spread on to you,” I said as I grab Juvia’s wrist to come with me.

“Gray-sama~~~ *o*” Juvia could only gasp.

“No, Juvia-chan, you’re coming with me,” Lyon also grab hold of Juvia’s other wrist. “I heard there’s this new restaurant. Let’s go!” Lyon dragged Juvia with him as he turned the opposite direction of me.

“Lyon, you scum. Juvia was coming with me.” Seriously, his face is pissing me off.

“O.O Could it be?” Juvia suddenly gasped.

“What?” I questioned at her sudden realization.

“Could it be that Gray-sama is fighting over Juvia?” Juvia, once again, had hearts in her eyes. “Whaaaa~~~ Juvia is so happy~~”


“Chi-chikao!!” Where the heck did Juvia get this idea from? “No, I’m not fighting over you. In a way, yes, but not definitely not like what you think.” Was I really fighting over her? No way. I, Gray Fullbuster, fought over Juvia? No freakin’ way. But what is this twist in my stomach. Why the heck does my head feel so light? My face, too. It’s getting warmer now. “I’m just annoyed with Lyon. Yes, that’s all” I told her.

“See, Juvia? This bastard doesn’t care about you. He just wants to win me,” Lyon turned to Juvia and told her. I don’t care about Juvia? She’s my nakama, of course I care.

“No, that wasn’t what I meant,” heck!? Why am I even trying to explain? Argh, Lyon’s face is really getting my nerve. “You know what? Just go now. I’m sick of this.” I tried to walk with Juvia’s wrist in my grasp. But Lyon won’t let go of her other wrist. Darn it! This guy really knows how to annoy people off.

“You can leave, but Juvia-chan is coming with me,” Lyon still insisted. “Unlike you, I actually care about her.”

“But Lyon-sama….”

Lyon-sama!? Since when did Juvia start calling him –sama? I thought she only calls me that. Suddenly, my energy drained out and I had no more enthusiasm to argue anymore. “You know what? I’m done with this childish play,” I told both of them as I let go of her wrist. “Be lovey dovey all you want; I don’t care. I’m not hungry anymore cuz of your face, Lyon.” And with that, I just left those two be. What is this feeling? The feeling of defeat? Che, yeah right. There was nothing to fight over in the first place. Despite saying this, this uneasy feeling grew deeper each step I took.


Pinky Berry Note: Sorry if the story isn’t good enough. T-T I tried to write the tension between Lyon and Gray, but obviously, it kindda failed. Gray is still a dimwit and hasn’t realize what’s important yet. He can be as dense as Natsu sometimes (NaLu fans, you know what I’m talking about..lolz)

When the Ice Clash Ch. 5

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: I only own the plot here, the rest belongs to Hiro Mashima.



“Ohhh!!” Juvia formed the perfect “o” shape with her lips. “Juvia is really sorry, Lyon-san. She forgot that Lyon-san didn’t eat yet. Let’s get going then. She is very sorry that she let Lyon-san starve like this.”

            “Yosh! Juvia, my love!! Let’s go on the most romantic dinner ever!” I could feel my joy rising up as Juvia came along with me to a dinner. My life is almost complete now. 



After I showered all the sweats from work away, I quickly changed into a new pair of clothes. My grumbling stomach isn’t any help. Maybe a bountiful dinner would do. Speaking of which, didn’t Juvia said that there is a new restaurant in town? My stomach rumbled again. I headed toward the guild; maybe Juvia would show me where the restaurant is.

“Ohhh, hic, here comes Gray~~ hic” Cana wailed out in between her hiccups while lifting up a barrel of beer. “Juvia just got stolen~~~ hic.”

“If you are looking for Juvia, she has gone out for dinner with Lyon,” Mira told me as I looked around. That Lyon again. How long is he planning to mess around here? And Juvia, too. Why does he keep bothering her?

“Who said I was looking for her?” I replied as I sat down in front of Mira.

“Eh? Really? You were looking around, so I thought you were looking for her.”

“Why would I be looking for her? I don’t have any reasons to look for her. She can go wherever she wants. She can even be with Lyon for all I care.” Suddenly, something twisted in my stomach. I was normal just a moment ago, and now I’m in a really foul mood. I don’t get it, Lyon’s name just pulled my mood down. Yeah, because Lyon is here. He’d always managed to piss me off, and this time, there’s no difference. Just his smirking face can already pull my last string of patience. But this time, my level of irritation is even higher. Maybe because he’s here in my guild, and messing around with my nakama. Or maybe just because my stomach is killing me and I need to fill it up to calm my mood.

“You don’t mind Juvia being with Lyon?” asked Mira. Once again, my stomach did a twist. Juvia with Lyon? That’s impossible!

“Just the idea is funny enough.” I answered. “I don’t think Juvia would actually go out with Lyon out of all people.”

“Nothing is impossible. If Lyon keeps doing what he’s doing now, one day, Juvia might actually give him a chance.”

“Well then, it’s her own choice. Why would I be bother by it? Well, maybe, since I have to keep up wit Lyon’s constant visit.” Why does my stomach keep twisting?  I must be really hungry.

“The danger of not admit your feeling is getting hurt yourself.”


The dinner was really nice. Lyon-san told Juvia about so many things like how he was trained with Gray-sama and how Ur always told them to strip because of the training. Lyon-san is a really nice person. He’s funny, strong, and he cares about Juvia. Juva hit the edge of the table and scratched her knee. It was only bleeding for a bit, but Lyon was panicking and tried to find Juvia a band aid. The flustered look on his face made it hard for Juvia not to laugh.

“Lyon-san, it’s only a scratch. You don’t have to panic.” tumblr_mcx9wbiAnZ1ryzxb9o1_1280

“Ehh!? How can you say that? The love of my life is in danger of being bled to death, how can I ignore this?”

“Hehehhe. Bleed to death? Lyon-san exaggerates so much. Juvia said it’s only a scratch.”

“It’s better to be safe than sorry. I swore to the moon to protect you from all harms.”

Lyon-san is funny, that Juvia could tell. He also cares about her deeply. It would have been a lot better if Lyon-san only see Juvia as a friend because Juvia feels bad having to reject him like this. He’s a good guy and Juvia doesn’t want to break his heart, but Gray-sama is the only love of her life.

“Lyon-san, you’re a really good friend to Juvia. That is one thing she is thankful for.”

“I know, for now, I’ll be your friend. But I’m not going to guarantee that this is the only thing we’re ever going to be.” Lyon-san looked really serious and determined. For a moment there, Juvia thought he was cool.


Pinky Berry Note: Not the love triangle you’ve been waiting for? Sorreee~~ T-T I’ll try my best. T-T Gray doesn’t even realize his jealousy. Talk about being dense… =.=  I’m plotting more arguments and fights, so wait for it. But don’t expect too much because I don’t have much confidence; it might turn out really bad.

When the Ice Clash Ch. 4

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: I only own the plot here, the rest belongs to Hiro Mashima.



“I’m declaring war with you because one day, I will get my beautiful Juvia-chan fair and square!” announced Lyon loudly with confidence to make sure that the whole guild would be his witness.



What was that all about? Declaring war over Juvia? Juvia? Why would I want to fight over Juvia? And most of all, why would LYON fight over Juvia? How the heck did he get here anyway?
“What are you on blabbering about, Lyon?”

“Juvia will be mine, so you better back off.” scoffed Lyon before turning to Juvia. “Juvia my love, our love will shine brightly. Please marry me, and we’ll have 30 babies together!” Not only Lyon had heart-shaped eyes, he also knelt down on one of his knees in front of Juvia. Is this the Lyon I know? Che, what has the world become? Even everyone in the guild was looking at me in amusement.

“Gray finally have some competitions! Uh-oh!” Someone cooed from somewhere in the guild. gruvion_poster_by_seri3991-d5r8er2

“Tsk, whatever. Just leave me out of this. I don’t want to get into this mess.” God, why does everyone like to drag me with them so much?

“I’m sorry, Gray-sama~~~” cried Juvia.

“Juvia-chan,” Lyon went on with his lovey dovey tone again.  “Your face is too cute to be apologizing. Especially to this stupid, bratty bastard.” Yup, I can totally hear the changes in his tone of voice.

“Jeez, do whatever you want. Just leave me alone.” I said as I was walking toward the door. Jeez, I came back expecting a nice relaxing evening. And Lyon just came to stupidly ruin it. His stupidity seems to never end.


Gray-sama just left even though he just came. Juvia just wanted to see him, but it looks like he is annoyed with Juvia now. Maybe he just needed some rest. Yes, of course. He just came back from a very tiring mission. Juvia will wait to talk to him later. Gray-sama needs to get some rest now.


After Gray left, Juvia-chan seemed a bit down. My angel is depressed over that brat; so not worth it. She deserves so much more than this. I am perfect for her because I will never hurt her like Gray does. Whatever the cost is, I’ll wait for her to come around. I’ll be there for her, to comfort her through it all. Juvia-chan will definitely be my other half.

“Juvia-chan~~~” I called out to her in the sweetest, most charming tone I could say. “What do you say to a dinner with me?”

“Dinner?” questioned Juvia as tilted her head to the side. Her innocent expression is just so irresistible. I was stunned for a while; feeling my face constantly heating up again, I quickly covered half of my face with my hand.

“Y-yeah, since we didn’t eat anything since we got here.”

“Ohhh!!” Juvia formed the perfect “o” shape with her lips. “Juvia is really sorry, Lyon-san. She forgot that Lyon-san didn’t eat yet. Let’s get going then. She is very sorry that she let Lyon-san starve like this.”

“Yosh! Juvia, my love!! Let’s go on the most romantic dinner ever!” I could feel my joy rising up as Juvia came along with me to a dinner. My life is almost complete now.


Pinky Berry Note: I’ve mentally slapped myself for writing Gray out to be this way. @@ He’s a bit dense and cold-hearted here. I have a plot in mind, but not sure how it’ll turn out. Stay tune.. >.<

When the Ice Clash Ch. 3

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: Hiro Mashima is the master mind behind all that happen in Fairy Tail. I only own this fanfiction right here…



“One day, you’ll dump his sorry-butt and become my Juliet because I just want you to know that I want to be your perfect Romeo. Your Romeo is right here.”



A few days went by, and the joint mission was coming to an end. On the last night, a huge party was thrown as a farewell party. Gajeel and Hibiki were having a drinking contest, while the rest were doing other various things. Juvia, who couldn’t drink as much, came outside to take a breather. Seeing that Juvia went outside, Lyon also went after her. “Juvia-chan, what are you doing out here?”

“Lyon-san? Nothing, Juvia just wanted to relax outside,” said Juvia as she stood as the balcony looking up to the starry sky.

“Even the beauty of the stars is no match for yours!’ proclaimed Lyon as he also looked at the stars with Juvia.

“Ummm, ano…. Juvia is really sorry, but,”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me now. I know what you’re gonna say,” Lyon interrupted Juvia before she could even finish her sentence. “One day, I’ll change your mind.”

Juvia took a careful look at Lyon’s determined face before turning back to the stars. The two  remained silent as they continued to look at the sky filled with twinkling stars.



“We’re finally going back to the guild!” exclaimed Juvia. “Juvia wants to see Gray-sama….”

“That Gray Fulbastard again,” growled Lyon who walked beside Juvia.

“I can understand why you’re so happy, Juvia. But why is that Lamia Scale guy coming with us!?” Gajeel eyed Lyon irritated.

“Lyon-san said he wants to visit Fairy Tail,”

“Such a lame excuse,” sighed Gajeel.

When the three mages finally got to the guild, Lyon quickly got along with the other Fairy Tail mages.

“Mira-san, where is Gray-sama?” asked Juvia as soon as she found Mira.

“Gray? He just went on another job with Natsu and the other, again. He’ll be back some time today.”

“Tadaimas!” A loud shout came from the guild’s door with a crashing sound. Natsu was standing on what was remaining of the door. “We’re back!” Natsu shouted happily.

Juvia rushed to find Gray and said, “Okairinasai, Gray-sama!” As usual, she had these glittering eyes that are only for Gray to see.

Watching from afar, Lyon was full of rage before he steadily walked toward Gray. “Gray Fulbastard!” hissed Lyon.

“Eh!? Lyon? What are you doing here?” Gray was really surprised to see Lyon here out of all places.

“Gray! I’m declaring war with you! Right here, right now!’

“Are you okay? What war?” Gray was quite lost at what was going on.

“I’m declaring war with you because one day, I will get my beautiful Juvia-chan fair and square!” announced Lyon loudly with confidence to make sure that the whole guild would be his witness.


Author Note: Gray and Lyon finally meet, and Lyon declared war.. >.< I have no idea what will happen next cuz I don’t have any plot yet. WE’ll all see what’d happen in the next chapter. By the way, if you know me in my FB account, it’ll obvious which pair gets my support. In fact, I’m a hardcore shipper of these two..lolz You’ll have to find out yourself. ^^

When the Ice Clash Ch. 2

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. I only own the plot of the fanfiction here. ^o^


Juvia’s P.O.V:

The guild became abnormally peaceful since Gray-sama and Natsu-san were gone yesterday. Juvia was sitting at the bar with Mira-san when Master Makarov tapped on her shoulder. “Juvia, do you have some time to talk?”

“Sure, Master. What does Master want to talk to Juvia about?”

“I want to you and Gajeel to go on a joint mission with several other guilds. You can start packing and leave tomorrow morning,” said Master with a serious face.

“Hai, Master!” replied Juvia with a smile. “Juvia will pack soon.


“Finally! I can go on such important mission!” said Gajeel as he walked alongside Juvia.

“Gajeel-kun, your missions were big before, too!” pouted Juvia.

“Nah, it feels different this time. It’s a joint mission. Geehee,’ replied Gajeel gleefully.

They finally reach their destination in the evening. All the members sent by each guild were to meet at “Day-Break Inn” and stay there during their whole mission. The alliance guilds were Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, and Mermaidheels. They were all crowded in the inn’s main hall for their next instruction that evening.


As I was standing there among many other mages, my eyes wandered off to a certain blue hair girl. I was speechless while gazing at her before my face suddenly became hot. I swear there were steam coming out of my head. Why is my heart beating so fast? This is it! She is the one! I rushed to her direction. “What is this beauty standing before me? I just fell in love!”

“EHHHHH!?!?” the blue hair girl sounded shocked when I kneeled down in front of her. 117


A silver hair man suddenly kneeled on one of his knee in front of Juvia declaring his love for Juvia? Juvia?

“Miss, it’s love at the first sight!” he told her while still bending down causing everyone to look at Juvia.

“Ehh!?!? Juvia is sure stranger-san is mistaking her for someone else,” Yes, he must be confusing Juvia with someone else.

“Juvia, is it? Sorry to be rude, my name’s Lyon. Lyon Vastia.” Lyon-san stood back up while having one of his hands scratching the back of his head with a wide smile on his face.

“Hi, Juvia is Juvia Lockster. She’s from Fairy Tail.”

“Juvia Lockster,” Lyon-san mumbled with one his hands scratching his chin. “Juvia-chan, did it hurt when you fall from the sky? Because I’m sure you are an angel!” Lyon-san declared loudly with glittering eyes, causing everyone’s attention to be back to Juvia again.

“EHHH!?!?” What can Juvia do? She’s speechless. Everyone’s eyes are on her now; she wishes she’s invisible now.

“Juvia-chan, you are the jelly to my peanut butter sandwich,” Lyon-san went on with his nonsense again. “We are the perfect two!’

“Uhhh, please don’t call Juvia, Juvia-chan.” Juvia is not used to anyone call her Juvia-chan.

“Does this mean,” gasped Lyon-san with a bright blush on his face. “We are close enough for me to casually call you by your name?

“EHH!?!? That was not what Juvia meant!” Aye, why does Lyon-san have to be so dramatic?

“Juvia, my love! Be my princess!” Lyon-san declared once more.

“EHHH!? But, but Juvia only loves Gray-sama!” Right, only Gray-sama can have Juvia’s  heart. He showed her sunshine.

“Gray as in Gray Fulbuster?”

“H-hai! That’s Gray-sama!’ Juvia is so happy just thinking about him. “Does Lyon-san know Gray-sama, too?”

“He and I have the same teacher, Ur,” Lyon-san said. Is it just Juvia’s imagination or Lyon-san’s face really darkened?

“Same teacher?”

“Yup, anyway, Juvia-chan, what’s so good about that brat anyway?”

“Everything!” But images of the last time Juvia saw Gray-sama flashed into Juvia’s head. Gray-sama is so distant, so far away. “Though he doesn’t love Juvia right now, one day, Juvia will be his Juliet,” Juvia told Lyon-san dreamily.

“One day, you’ll dump his sorry-butt and become my Juliet because I just want you to know that I want to be your perfect Romeo. Your Romeo is right here.”


Author Note: Pinky Berry is back.. :3 Lyon finally debuted in chapter 2.. Yayyy!! >.< As you can probably tell, Lyon is a bit dramatic here (because he is when it comes to Juvia in the anime, lolz). And that pick-up line he said (“Did it hurt when you fall from the sky? Because I’m sure you’re an angel.”, I heard it from my friend last year. He was known for having funny pick-up lines, and yup, he was where I heard it from. I won’t tell you who are the real pairing here… :3 You’ll read to find out yourself.

When the Ice Clash Ch. 1

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. I only came up with the plot here.


              It was a typical day at Fairy Tail. Everyone was busy fighting with each other over small, silly things. Tables and chairs flew around with their pieces falling off after being smashed against the wall or the floor. “Erza, fight me!” shouted Natsu as he rushed full speed toward the equip mage. With just one move, she knocked Natsu out flat on the ground without even budging from her seat.

“That kid, when will he ever learn?” Laxus who sat at the guild’s bar sighed.

“Tsk, iodiot!” Gray could only shake at head at what his rival-friend did.

“A-re, A-re… That’s Natsu for you,” said Mira from behind the counter while cleaning her plate. “He’ll never give up.”

The guild’s door opened revealing the celestial mage coming in, while trying her best to avoid all the flying objects. “Arrghhh! I swear one of these days, our guild will be destroyed again,” growled Lucy as she sat down next to Gray at the counter.

“That’s what makes this guild fun. Everyone is just so lively,” stated Mira as she gazed over the chaotic guild hall.

“Maybe a bit too lively,” face-palmed Lucy.

“What’s up, Lucy? You seemed a bit stressed out,” asked Gray who was listening the whole time.

“Rent money, what else? I have to go on missions soon if I don’t want to move out.”


From behind a pillar, Juvia saw it all. The chaotic mess resulting from the fight, the broken tables and chairs, Cana hugging her barrels, and the clearest of all, her Beloved Gray-sama talking to her “love rival”. Gray-sama is talking to Lucy-san. Seemed like he is comforting her. Gray-sama is comforting Juvia’s love rival, and not her. Why not Juvia instead? Does Gray-sama like Lucy-san more? He looks happy. How come he had never have that expression when he’s with Juvia? Does he not like Juvia?” Not wanting to see the scene farther, Juvia turned around and headed toward the guild’s door. She was going to straight to Fairy Hill so that she could have a rest and clear her thoughts. Lucy-san is Gray-sama’s nakama. It’s his duty to take care of her, right? But isn’t Juvia also his nakama? Why are we so distant?

            After Juvia reached her dorm in Fairy Hill, she took a quick shower and then went straight to bed even though it was only 3 in the afternoon. She also skipped dinner that night because she couldn’t find her appetite, and just continue with her sleep. After a good night sleep of more than 12 hours, Juvia could finally clear up her head and decided on a resolve. Juvia will aske Gray-sama to go on mission with her today so that we won’t be as distant anymore.



The guild was buzzing with the usual noises of breaking chairs and clashing beer mugs. Juvia came through the door and eyed for her Gray-sama. She quickly found Gray already at the request board. “Ohayo, Gray-sama!” Juvia’s greeted him with her most cheerful smile.

“Ummm, ohayo,” replied Gray who was still looking at the request board.

“Ummm, ano… Gray-sama…,” said Juvia fidgety while twirling around her pointing fingers.

“Not now, Juvia,” Gray cut her words while still looking at the board. “I’m looking for a job now.” Juvia's_real_tears

“Ohhhh… About that,” Juvia attempted again while swaying her body left and right. “Juvia was wondering if Gray-sama could….”

“Yosha! This is the one!” Gray suddenly shouted while punching up into the air.

“Did Gray-sama find a job that he likes?”

“Yup! It’s perfect! This could pay at least two months of Lucy’s rent,” answered Gray happily while looking at Juvia for the first time.

“Ohhhh,” Juvia’s smile dropped.

“By the way, were you saying something?”

“Umm, it’s nothing,” answered Juvia as she looked down at the ground.

“ ‘kay then, I gotta go. See you, Juvia!” smile Gray before running toward Natsu and Lucy. “Lucy! I just found a perfect mission for your rent! Let’s all go with everyone!”

It has always been about Lucy-san, right Gray-sama? 


Author Note: Hai, Pinky Berry is back!! :3 This is the love triangle that I’ve been thinking about. You gotta love the triangle between Gray, Juvia, and Lyon. Since this is a triangular love, Lyon will appear later. I’m not gonna tell you which two are going to meet. You’ll have to read it yourself. For those of you who read The Fallen Rain, sorry this one is not as good.. T-T

My Little Snowflake

Pairing: Gray and Juvia

Disclaimer: I wish I own Fairy Tail, but unfortunately I don’t. T-T So, we have to deal with more trolls of this pair and hope that Mashima-sensei would do something about this soon.

Author Note: Aye, so this is my short one-shot continuing from my The Fallen Rain. Enjoy~~~>.<


             The evening breeze was blowing softly, swaying the tall grass back and forth as the young couple was lying down along the river bank. Juvia had her head resting on one of Gray’s arm, while burying her face into his firm chest. Using his free hand to stroke her strands of hair, Gray was very much content with Juvia’s happy expression as she drifted off to sleep. “Gray-sama….” mumbled Juvia as she unconsciously shifted closer toward Gray’s warmth.
While Juvia was peacefully falling asleep in his arm, Gray had some flashbacks on how he got to where he is now. How can I almost lose this woman beside me? She was always, always beside me, and yet I’ve almost missed my chance. As for right now, he loves this woman to the very core of his bones, and there will be no way that he’d let her slip by again. Lifting his head a bit up, Gray moved closer to Juvia’s face to give her a peck on her forehead. “I love you, Juvia.”

“Eh, Gray-sama?” Juvia rubbed her eyes as she looked up to Gray’s face. “How long has Juvia been asleep?”

“Sorry, did I wake you up?” Asked Gray while he pulled Juvia into a tighter embrace.

            “No, no, not at all…. Juvia doesn’t want to waste her time with Gray-sama sleeping like this.” Once again, Juvia gave him the widest, sweetest smile she had. The kind of smile she has always worn every time she’s with Gray. The kind of smile that only Gray could give her.

Gray was stunned for a while before a tint of blush appeared on his cheeks. Even after years of being together, he still couldn’t get used to how cute Juvia could be yet. “Ne, Juvia, why do you still call me “Gray-sama” after all these years?”

“Ummm, ano… because Gray-sama is really important to Juvia, and she is really grateful that you have chosen her.” Juvia’s smile softened. “She knows she isn’t the best girl out there and….”

“Juvia, look, YOU have chosen ME, and I’m lucky to be loved by you. Since the beginning, you’ve chosen me, and I was the ungrateful jerk who didn’t see what I’ve already had.”

“Gray-sama, Juvia is very happy now….” Juvia was on the edge of tears as she looked into Gray’s eyes. “She is really happy now.”

“We are both happy, then.” Gray placed his hand on Juvia’s chin to lift it higher, while he himself leaned down toward her. Their face got closer and closer until they were only a few centimeters apart.

“Oi!! Don’t be pervy in front of my daughter!!” Natsu shouted from the distance while his arm was around Lucy’s shoulder as they were walking toward Gray and Juvia. In front of them, there were two girls about the age of 4, one with a straight pink hair, and the other with a wavy navy blue hair.

“Mama! Papa!!” shouted the little girl with the wavy navy blue hair as she ran toward Juvia. “Mama, Uncle Natsu took Nashi and Yuki to an ice cream shop!!” The girl had the same glittering eyes as Juvia when she talked.

“Yuki! Did you fun with Nashi and Uncle Natsu and Aunty Lucy?” Juvia asked her 4-year-old daughter.

“It was so fun!! Uncle Natsu was so happy; he almost burnt down the whole shop!”

“Oi, oi, Flamebrain, what did you teach Yuki?” Gray suddenly rushed toward Natsu in his “daddy mode”.

“Better than you who strips half naked every day in front of my Nashi.” Natsu gave his counter attack. “I don’t want my daughter to catch this habit from you…” scowled Natsu.

“Whatcha say?? Huh!?!?” This time, Gray was once again head to head with Natsu.

“Yeah, come on. You wanna go?” Natsu also didn’t back down.


“Natsu!!” Lucy went in and dragged Natsu by his ear. “Don’t forget that Nashi and Yuki are still here. What do you think you’re doing?”

“Aye~~ I’ll stop now..” Natsu’s “Happy Mode” activated.

“Juvia, Gray, sorry about that. We’re just dropping Yuki for you.” Lucy turned her attention to Gray and Juvia. “Or were we interrupting something? Hehehe”

“L-Lucy-san!!” Juvia’s face was once more tomato red. “N-Nande-monai!! W-We weren’t doing anything!!” Juvia shook her head in protest.

“Hahaha, then why are you stuttering?” smirked Lucy.

“Oi, Lucy, stop teasing her.” Gray butted in.

“Hai, hai! I’ll stop now, Prince Charming.” Lucy laughed. “Okay, we should get  going now. See you guys at the guild later. Ja ne!”



“Mama? What were you and Papa doing a while ago?” Yuki asked Juvia with her ever so innocent face.

“H-Huh!?!? It was nothing.” Juvia blushed at her daughter’s question.

“Papa was about to give Mama a kiss because she was being so cute…”

“Gray-sama,” pouted Juvia as she covered her face with her hands. “What are you telling Yuki?”

“Yuki, you will understand it one day.” Gray bent down his knee to reach Yuki and told her.

“Yes, Papa.” Yuki smiled and cheerfully started running along the river bank.

Juvia and Gray were watching their daughter as she happily ran around, and soon after, they joined her in her tag game.



“Yuki has fallen asleep, ne?” asked Juvia while they were walking back to the guild.

“Yeah, seems like it,” said Gray as he took a glance backward to look at the little sleeping girl on his back. “Ne, Juvia?”

“Hrmmm?” Juvia responded while she had her arm around Gray’s arm.

“Thank you…”

“Eh?? Why is Gray-sama thanking Juvia?” Now she was really confused.

“For this. For giving me a real family.”

“Juvia didn’t have a family before either. But then Fairy Tail accepted her, and now, she has Gray-sama and Yuki,” said Juvia casually while leaning her head on Gray’s shoulder.


“Hrmm?” As Juvia looked back up to see Gray, he stole a peck and kissed her lips quickly.

“There is no ice without water,” said Gray as he smiled at her brightly. “And Yuki is our little snowflake.”

They happy couple walked silently along the river bank with Yuki sleeping on Gray’s back. Each of them had a content smile on the edge of their lips.


A/N: So, Yuki, ne?? I’ve thinking about this for a while now. If Gray and Juvia were to have a daughter, their daughter would be named Yuki, which means snow in Japanese, since their unison raid power is snow. >.< I wanted to give Juvia the family that she had always wanted, so here I am writing fanfic again…lolz And yeah, about my title “My Little Snowflake”, yup, that’s all I could come up with. Snowflake is snow, which obviously is Yuki, and beside snowflakes are half-way in between ice and water, a mixture of Gray and Juvia.. ^o^

The Fallen Rain Ch. 7

This is a fan fiction dedicated to Fairy Tail.

Pairing: Gray Fullbuster & Juvia Lockster

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail and all its characters belong to Hiro Mashima. Trust me, if i do, Gray and Juvia would get together ages ago. =.= I only own this fan fiction and the plot here.



“No, I’m not going to lose her like this. If she can spend years chasing after me, so can I.” 


                              “Gajeel-kun, that was really not necessary back there,” Juvia started pouting at Gajeel who was walking with his hands at the back of his head in a relaxed manner.

“Oi, Juvia, I was just enjoying myself there,” Gajeel took a glance back at her before going back to his whistling.

“Gajeel-kun almost wrecked the whole town,” Juvia sighted. “You’re becoming more and more like Natsu-kun now.”

“Oi, don’t compare me to Salamander. Don’t you think you sound like Bunny Girl now?” At the thought of being compared to Natsu, Gajeel grumbled. “Besides, it is Fairy Tail mages’ specialty to destroy things. Geehee.”

“Gajeel-kun…” Juvia pouted again.

“Oi, how are things with Stripper?”

The pout disappeared, replaced by a straight, solid face. “Things are great; Juvia only sees him as nakama now. Nothing more; nothing less. Just a nakama.”

“Juvia…. Are you okay with that? I mean….” Gajeel started pulling out his hair.  “Arghhh!!! Girls are so hard to understand! I give up! The Shrimp is one thing, Juvia is another!! Arghhhh!!!”

“Levy-san? What about Levy-san?”

“N-n-nothing! Did I say something about her? I, I meant I’m hungry! I want shrimps. Yeah, shrimps!” Gajeel started stuttering and looked everywhere except Juvia.

“Gajeel-kun is funny..” Juvia started giggling. “It has been ages since Juvia laughed. Just don’t let her wait too long. Let’s hurry to the guild; it’s already getting dark.” Juvia paced up her walk and went ahead.

“Or I might be too late like the Stripper now,” Gajeel mumbled under his breath as he tried to catch up.

Unknown to both of them, up above the high overlooking tower of Magnolia’s gate, someone was looking at them. “Target locked.”

“Tadaimas!” said Juvia as she opened the guild’s door. “Eh? Why is it so dark?”

“Oi! What’s the deal here? Where’s everyone?” Gajeel, who followed behind Juvia, asked in irritation.

Suddenly, a light lit up at the center of the guild’s hall. A small round table came into sight. As Juvia walked closer, something else also came into sight.

“An ice rose?” Juvia picked the rose, and realized that it was carved from ice.  Juvia was looking at the icy rose when a huge bunny hopped toward her. “Lissanna-san?”

“Oi Lissanna! What’s up with all of these?” Gajeel was growing impatient as each second passed.

The bunny, or Lissanna, remained quiet, only motioned Juvia to follow her. Lissanna led Juvia and Gajeel outside the guild. As Juvia followed, she found another ice rose on the ground. After a few more steps, she found another one. And another one.

After Lissanna led the way for a while, with Juvia and Gajeel followed up behind her, she stopped when they reached the sea. Juvia could hear something being shot up the sky. When she looked up, a huge red sword was shot up high. As soon as that happened, a tree lighted up from the darkness. “The Rainbow Sakura tree? Juvia thought it only glow once a year!” As she took a few more steps toward the tree, another ice rose came into sight. Juvia picked it up, making it the 98th rose she got that night. When she got back up, a series of fireballs were shot into the night sky.

“Oi! That’s Salamander’s fire and that sword just now, I’m pretty sure it’s Erza!” Gajeel exclaimed as the fireballs turned into small fireworks.

A soft music started playing, filling the air with melodic rhythms. “Lyra-san!” Juvia gasped as she recognized one of Lucy’s celestial spirits. Fire started lighting up trailing the way toward the Rainbow Sakura tree.

Juvia walked along the trail toward the tree, when she saw that there was already a certain someone standing underneath the tree. Gray Fullbuster. Gray was in a black suit, looking all formal. Juvia paused her walk because she was too shocked. Seeing that Juvia was too stunned to walk, Gray walked toward her instead.

“Juvia, I’m sorry I was such a douche bag. I’m sorry I was such a jerk toward you all these years. I had never thought of your feelings before. I’ve took you for granted, but when you were gone, I was so scared. I was scared that you’ll never come back to me again. Slowly, your existence became such an impact on me. I love you, Juvia. I’ll love you until this last rose melt.” Gray handed Juvia the 99th rose, a crystal rose. “So, will you give me a second chance to make things right again?”

More fire was shot into the sky, but this time, it spelled out “WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?” As Juvia looked up and back down at Gray’s face, tears started fall down her cheeks. “G-G-Gray-sama….”She could only cry with joyful tears.

Seeing that Juvia started crying, Gray pulled her into a hug. “Juvia, I’m sorry…”

“Juvia was so scared. She was so scared that she will feel that pain again. But she missed her Gray-sama so much. She missed him so much.” Juvia trembled while crying on Gray’s chest who was still embracing her in a hug.

“Juvia….” Gray was patting her back. “I won’t let you feel that pain anymore. I will freeze all your pain away. So what do you say to giving me a second chance to make it up to you?”

“Uunnn…”Juvia nodded on his chest. “Juvia would love to be Gray-sama’s girlfriend.” At that, Gray cupped both her cheeks to make her look into his eyes. He used his thumbs to wipe her tears before slowly leaning down into a passionate kiss.

After that kiss, Gray broke apart and pulled Juvia into hug. “I love you, Juvia.”

“CONGRATULATIONS!!” The whole guild came up to them.

“Yo, Ice Princess! You’ve just got yourself a girlfriend! Ne, Lucy? Whatcha think of becoming mine?”

“S-shut up, Natsu!” Lucy blushed up.

” Congrats, Gray, Juvia!” Levy came up to them with Gajeel by her side.

“So, you got some tricks up your sleeves there. Geehee.” Gajeel smirked.  “I’m glad for you, Juvia.”

“Gray, take good care of her or I will hunt you down,” Erza threatened Gray. “B-by the way, congrats!!” Erza also started stuttering and blushing like that time when she found out about Alzack and Bisca’s marriage.

“Erza, don’t forget my Satan Soul. I will also hunt him down if he make Juvia cry again.”

“Oi, oi, you guys don’t have to tell me. I will take good care of her and cherish her forever.”Gray hugged Juvia tighter before leaning down to whisper in her ear, “I will not make you cry again. I love you, Juvia.”

Juvia could only blush at his words.


A/N: So, this is the end!! >.< Hate it? Love it? Please tell me.  ^ I never tried writing romance story before, let alone a kissing scene… >//< Juvia inspired me to write this fanfic up.  So after this, Pinky Berry will retire as a writer for a while (since I’m out of ideas.. @@). I might be back after getting another inspiration, who knows? lolz

Special thanks to those who supported my story since the beginning and made my first writing attempt a success… ^o^ NoChi Ai, Somalin, Vuthika, Haretey Keth, and Anais, THANK YOU!!! >.<

The Fallen Rain Ch. 6

This is a fanfiction dedicated to Fairy Tail

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail and all its characters belongs to Hiro Mashima. I only the fanfic and plot here.



“Please Juvia, don’t go. Just let me have a chance to melt your heart again. Give me a second chance to show you sunshine again.”


Normal Point of View:

Juvia ended up in Fairy Tail again, thanks to Erza and the others. Erza had threatened Gray not to mess up with Juvia, which got him quite scared. This is Erza Scarlet the Titania, the strongest female mage of Fairy Tail. One simply does not want to make her mad.

Every day, it was the same for Gray Fullbuster. He would come to the guild early in the morning, only to see Juvia already there talking with the girls. If it was before, Juvia would be the first one to notice his entrance and greet him with the happiest “Ohayo, Gray-sama!” he has ever heard. But this time around, all of that were no more. As he quietly entered the guild, it was either Lucy or Mira greeting him. Or Natsu would tackle him down asking for another bickering fight. Juvia was never the first to greet him anymore; as of before, she would wait for his coming every morning just to say good morning. This time, Juvia would only know of his presence after someone greeted him. Then, she would give a faint smile while saying, “Ohayo….”

Gray’s P.O.V:

Yeah, no more “Gray-sama”, just “Gray”. Somehow, I missed the way she used to call me. She only called me with “-sama”, making me feel somehow special. Because I was special to her, she called me with honorific. Now, I’m just someone in the guild, her nakama, just like everybody else. When she greets me now, there are no more sparkles in her eyes; her voice is really calm, and that cheerful smile is also gone. The Juvia who rushed toward me with sparking eyes as if she had waited for me for a long time and cheerfully said, “Ohayo, Gray-sama!” is gone now. This Juvia doesn’t care about me anymore; this Juvia has given up on me; this Juvia has moved on now.

                Please Juvia, don’t go. Just let me have a chance to melt your heart again. Give me a second chance to show you sunshine again. Suddenly my face feels hot all of a sudden when I remember what I said. Jeez, what was I doing? Those words just came out; how am I going to melt her heart? And by the way, why do I even care? It’s not like Juvia is still all over me.

“Yo, Ice Princess! What’s up with your poop face?” Natsu suddenly came to the guild bar where I’m sitting.

“What was that, Flamebrain!?”

“Hhhuh?? You wanna go? Hhhhuhh??”

“Anytime!” We got our head together, challenging each other to another silly fight.

“Mira-san, I’ve just picked out a job. I’m gonna go with Gajeel-kun.” Juvia came to the bar counter where Mira was cleaning her glasses, and showed her the mission paper. I was only a few feet away. And she just left, like she didn’t even see me.

“*sigh* You know what? I’m sick of your idiotic fights, Natsu… You’re not even worth my time.”

“Jeez, what’s wrong with you, Ice Cube?”

“I said, I’m sick of fighting with you!” I raised my voice on Natsu; it’s not like it’s the first time anyway.

“Gray…” As I sat back down at the counter, Mira came to talk to me. “Are you okay? You seemed…. a bit down…”

“Yeah, I’m fine…. I was just sick of Natsu’s stupidity….”

“No, Mira! It’s Gray who’s the stupid one! He can’t even go after the girl he likes….” After Natsu said that, I flinched a little. I can’t even go after the girl I like? She doesn’t even like me anymore.

“Natsu!” Mira was trying to shut Natsu up, but it’s like there isn’t any truth to his words. I’ve lost her; I’ve lost Juvia. “Gray, are you just gonna sit here?”

I didn’t respond; I just took another sip of the drink Mira gave me a while ago.

“After all that fuss that you’ll show her sunshine again, you’re just gonna sit here sulking?”

“Mira, there’s no point trying to talk to Ice Princess. He made a nakama cried, and he’s too chicken out to make it right again.” As far as I can tell, Natsu is outsmarting me, and I don’t even have the energy to argue.

“Gray, think of all those times that Juvia went after you. Think of all those things she did for you…”

“THAT IS WHY SHE GAVE UP!!” I cut off Mira with a yell.

“GRAY! After all she did, you’re just gonna give up!? We, Fairy Tail mages, don’t give up. We don’t know the word ‘give up’.”

“But Juvia has given up on me….”

“I’m sure she still has you somewhere in her heart. After all, you’re her Gray-sama. You’ve asked for a second chance, now get to work. Do I have to use my Satan Soul on you!?”

“No, I’m not going to lose her like this. If she can spend years chasing after me, so can I.”


Author Note: Hi, Pinky Berry is back once again! Personally, this chapter was hard for me to write. I mean like, Gray Fullbuster wouldn’t sit and cry because of a girl. I can’t imagine him doing that, so I wanted to write something that sounds legit enough for him to do. ^^ So, making him act grumpy and lost his interest in arguing with Natsu sounds about right.

The Fallen Rain Ch. 5

This is a fan fiction dedicated to Fairy Tail.

Pairing: Gray Fullbuster & Juvia Lockster

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail and all its characters belong to Hiro Mashima. Trust me, if i do, Gray and Juvia would get together ages ago. =.= I only own this fan fiction and the plot here.



                Unknowing to Gray, the fragile form on the bed started to shuffle under the blanket. Slowly her eyes opened, and then closed again due to the sudden bright light. After half a second later, the blue eyes opened again before turning her head to see the sleeping man beside her.


Juvia’s Point of View:

               Why is Gray-sama here? No, where is Juvia? Juvia doesn’t want to see Gray-sama; her heart still hurts. It pains her just to think of him now. Juvia put her right hand on her left chest, to where her heart is, only to realize that her left hand was occupied by Gray’s hands. His hold was warm, but the water mage still had her right hand on where her heart is. Juvia’s heart doesn’t go “doki doki” anymore; she can’t breathe. It’s like there’s thousands of needles are piercing through. She doesn’t want to feel this pain anymore.


Gray’s Point of View:

I felt movements on the bed, causing me to wake up. Juvia was sitting there while trying to release her hand from my grasp. Wait, was I holding her hand this whole time? Wait what? Juvia is awake!?

“Juvia!!” The next thing I know was I had her in my arms as I reached out to hug her. “You’re finally awake! Everyone was so worried!” I held her tighter, “God, I was so worried. Don’t you dare just collapse like that in front of me.”

Juvia struggled in my arms. “Juvia wishes that she would be free now….”

“Oh, right. Sorry…” I scratched my head after I let go of her. Somehow, I like her warmth in my arms.

“Juvia is really sorry that she has been bothering everyone so much. She will not bother Gray ever again…”

“You’re gonna leave us again!?!?” I started panicking hearing those words; Juvia wanted to go again. “Do you have idea of how worried we were about you? Now, you want to leave us again? You want to leave me again?”

“Juvia doesn’t want to. She loves Fairy Tail as her family, nakama…. But don’t worry, she won’t bother Gray again.”

“Look, Juvia. Whatever you heard back at the inn, don’t be bothered by them.” The idea of Juvia leaving the guild was unbearable. How can Fairy Tail be normal without Juvia? Who will be there to cheer for me every time I pick a fight with Natsu? Who will be there to greet me in the morning? Who will be there to stalk after me? Who will do all of these if she’s gone. “Juvia, everyone wants you to be here. I want you to be here with us. I know I was acting cold toward you all these times, but you’ve slowly melted my icy heart. I might not love you as much as you love me, but I’ve started to love you now.”

“Gray, Juvia is very sorry, but Gray has frozen her heart.” Juvia put her left hand on her right chest. “She has been in so much pain that her heart became numb, frozen. She doesn’t want to feel that pain again.”

I looked up at her trying to search her face. The normal Juvia would be jumping around right now and already think of our wedding plan. That was when I realized that the Juvia I know is gone. Her voice was so calm, cold even. Did I really freeze her heart? The usual sparkle in her eyes is gone, only to be replaced by blankness. The smile that was always on her face ever since she came to Fairy Tail is also gone. This girl in front of me doesn’t have any expressions left. Nothing, only those cold, blanked eyes looking back at me. What happened to the Juvia of Fairy Tail? This Juvia is back to her old, emotionless Juvia of the Elemental Four in Phantom Lord. “Gray has frozen her heart.”  Just how much pain did I put her into? Just how much did she have to go through by herself?

“I’m sorry, Juvia. But even if you don’t want to stay here for me, you should also think about Fairy Tail. Everyone here loves you so much. Fairy Tail won’t be complete without you.” I started to tremble at the thought of not having Juvia here with us anymore, a lump started forming in my throat.

“But… Juvia is scared to feel that pain again. She is a coward; she doesn’t want that kind of pain anymore.” Juvia’s voice was so calm, so cold; it scared me. It scared me that the Juvia I used to know will never come back to me again; that Juvia is forever lost in her pain.

“Juvia, please. Just stay; that’s all I ask.  I’ll try to deal with you not calling me ‘Gray-sama’ anymore. I’ll try to deal with you not greeting me in the morning again. I’ll try to deal with you not having me in your heart anymore. I’ll try to deal you not giving me all your attention again. I can take all of these.” I lost my cool that moment. The thought of Juvia actually moving on from me hurts, but the thought of not having her by my side ever again hurts even more. I’ve took her for granted because she was always there for me, and now she is about let go of me. No, she has given up on me. How much pain did Juvia have to put up with me all these years? Is what I’m feeling now even comparable to hers? Maybe I really did hurt her so much that her heart had really become frozen.


“Please Juvia, don’t go. Just let me have a chance to melt your heart again. Give me a second chance to show you sunshine again.”


A/N: Ohayo! Pinky Berry is here again, posting her new chapter.. >.< Some people expected this chapter to be the end, but I’m sorry, I’m not gonna end it quite yet. Like I said before, Gray was a jerk for ignoring Juvia (I hope Mashima the author of Fairy Tail would do something about this soon, so that I don’t have to be here writing fanfic making them together =.=). Since he was a jerk, I’m gonna make him suffer a little; he has to prove himself worthy of Juvia.