The Fallen Rain Ch. 4

This is a fan fiction dedicated Fairy Tail.

Pairing: Gray Fullbuster & Juvia Lockster

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail and all its characters belong to Hiro Mashima. Trust me, if i do, Gray and Juvia would get together ages ago. =.= I only own this fan fiction and the plot here.


Juvia’s P.O.V:

            “She’s annoying.. Annoying..” Gray’s words replayed over and over again in Juvia’s head. Yeah, she knew she’s annoying and gloomy; always was, always will be. As she walked through the rain, without any destination, she also found herself raining from her eyes. “Drip, drip, drop… Drip, drip, drop….” Juvia is forever condemned with the rain. She is very tired now. She’s tired of the rain. She’s tired of being alone. She’s tired of herself. Juvia loves Fairy Tail; she also loves Gray-sama, who gave her new hope in living. Hope that there is actually a place where she belongs. But Gray-sama doesn’t love Juvia; she heard it with her own ears To him, she is just a nakama who is annoying. Then, what’s the point for Juviato carry on? Gray-sama will be only a memory in her heart, if she even have a heart left.

            As she walked aimlessly under the rain, each step became harder to walk. Her lips trembled; all Juvia could see from behind her watery eyes were more water. More rain. Why does Juvia feel like everything is crashing down on her? Juvia can’t breathe; it hurts. It’s like her heart is being squished. What is this? Images of Gray-sama flash into her head. After each image, it gets worse. Her heart tightens a bit more each time. Why does it hurt so much thinking of Gray-sama? All she feels is pain. “She’s just my nakama. I will never think of her more than that….” Her heart actually stopped beating and tied itself into a knot. Juvia knew this, but hearing it hurts her even more. Especially directly from him. The words are like betrayal to her hope and dream. How much more can Juvia take this pain?” Her complexity became paler from her cries; even her breathing became unstable and fainter. Juvia’s heart is breaking into pieces; it hurts so much….” At this, her heart tightened tighter; her breathing fastened.

“Juvia!” A voice was calling her name from the distant. “Juvia!” It seemed to be getting closer every second.

“Gray-sama…,”Juvia whispered as the darkness closed in on her.

Gray’s P.O.V:

“Juvia!” After running amok for what seemed like eternity, I finally found her. I figured she would walk the opposite direction of the guild from the inn. “Juvia!” I called out to her, hoping she would hear me with all the raindrops and thunders in the background. When she finally turned around, she seemed to be staggering on her feet and lost her balance. “Juvia!” I rushed forward with all my energy left to catch her before she drop to the wet ground, only to relize that the pale, fragile body in my arms has already lost consciousness.

Normal P.O.V:

After Gray found Juvia in the rain, he took her back to the inn in his arms bridal style. Seeing that they returned, Lucy rushed out to Juvia’s aid. Everyone else came rushing toward Gray asking many questions of where did he find her or what did she say. Juvia, who was still unconscious, was laid on a bed with everyone on either side of the bed.

“She seemed to be running high on fever. Hard to imagine a water mage being sick from the rain.” Wendy pulled the blanket over Juvia and placed a wet towel on her forehead.

“I think we should get her back to the guild, where there is proper infirmary. Her fever is really high.” Erza said while looking at the other mages for their approval nods.

In a matter of hours, Juvia was back at the guild, still unconsciously lying down on the infirmary’s bed. Gray was on the side of the bed looking at her face, trying to observe her conditions, while his hands never let go of Juvia’s. Ever since he found her collapsing in the rain a few hours back, Gray never her out of his sight. He never went away from her side.

“Gray, you should find something to eat first and go rest,” Cana came into the room seeing Gray’s hair in a messy lock and his face paled up.

“It’s okay. I want to be the first person to know about Juvia’s wellbeing.”

Many long hours past, Juvia was still lying unconscious though her fever was going down. Gray, who never once moved an inch, was on the side of the bed with his head resting on her bed; his hands still firmly holding Juvia’s.

Unknowing to Gray, the fragile form on the bed started to shuffle under the blanket. Slowly her eyes opened, and then closed again due to the sudden bright light. After half a second later, the blue eyes opened again before turning her head to see the sleeping man beside her.   


Author Note:  Hey, Pinky Berry is back!! This is quite an emotional chapter for me.. T-T I almost cried while writing the first half of this. Okay, please read and give me feedbacks because I still have a lot to improve. Tell me what you think of the plot. Constructed criticisms are also welcome. ^o^

By the way, next chapter, Gray will be in for a surprise…