The Fallen Rain Ch. 7

This is a fan fiction dedicated to Fairy Tail.

Pairing: Gray Fullbuster & Juvia Lockster

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail and all its characters belong to Hiro Mashima. Trust me, if i do, Gray and Juvia would get together ages ago. =.= I only own this fan fiction and the plot here.



“No, I’m not going to lose her like this. If she can spend years chasing after me, so can I.” 


                              “Gajeel-kun, that was really not necessary back there,” Juvia started pouting at Gajeel who was walking with his hands at the back of his head in a relaxed manner.

“Oi, Juvia, I was just enjoying myself there,” Gajeel took a glance back at her before going back to his whistling.

“Gajeel-kun almost wrecked the whole town,” Juvia sighted. “You’re becoming more and more like Natsu-kun now.”

“Oi, don’t compare me to Salamander. Don’t you think you sound like Bunny Girl now?” At the thought of being compared to Natsu, Gajeel grumbled. “Besides, it is Fairy Tail mages’ specialty to destroy things. Geehee.”

“Gajeel-kun…” Juvia pouted again.

“Oi, how are things with Stripper?”

The pout disappeared, replaced by a straight, solid face. “Things are great; Juvia only sees him as nakama now. Nothing more; nothing less. Just a nakama.”

“Juvia…. Are you okay with that? I mean….” Gajeel started pulling out his hair.  “Arghhh!!! Girls are so hard to understand! I give up! The Shrimp is one thing, Juvia is another!! Arghhhh!!!”

“Levy-san? What about Levy-san?”

“N-n-nothing! Did I say something about her? I, I meant I’m hungry! I want shrimps. Yeah, shrimps!” Gajeel started stuttering and looked everywhere except Juvia.

“Gajeel-kun is funny..” Juvia started giggling. “It has been ages since Juvia laughed. Just don’t let her wait too long. Let’s hurry to the guild; it’s already getting dark.” Juvia paced up her walk and went ahead.

“Or I might be too late like the Stripper now,” Gajeel mumbled under his breath as he tried to catch up.

Unknown to both of them, up above the high overlooking tower of Magnolia’s gate, someone was looking at them. “Target locked.”

“Tadaimas!” said Juvia as she opened the guild’s door. “Eh? Why is it so dark?”

“Oi! What’s the deal here? Where’s everyone?” Gajeel, who followed behind Juvia, asked in irritation.

Suddenly, a light lit up at the center of the guild’s hall. A small round table came into sight. As Juvia walked closer, something else also came into sight.

“An ice rose?” Juvia picked the rose, and realized that it was carved from ice.  Juvia was looking at the icy rose when a huge bunny hopped toward her. “Lissanna-san?”

“Oi Lissanna! What’s up with all of these?” Gajeel was growing impatient as each second passed.

The bunny, or Lissanna, remained quiet, only motioned Juvia to follow her. Lissanna led Juvia and Gajeel outside the guild. As Juvia followed, she found another ice rose on the ground. After a few more steps, she found another one. And another one.

After Lissanna led the way for a while, with Juvia and Gajeel followed up behind her, she stopped when they reached the sea. Juvia could hear something being shot up the sky. When she looked up, a huge red sword was shot up high. As soon as that happened, a tree lighted up from the darkness. “The Rainbow Sakura tree? Juvia thought it only glow once a year!” As she took a few more steps toward the tree, another ice rose came into sight. Juvia picked it up, making it the 98th rose she got that night. When she got back up, a series of fireballs were shot into the night sky.

“Oi! That’s Salamander’s fire and that sword just now, I’m pretty sure it’s Erza!” Gajeel exclaimed as the fireballs turned into small fireworks.

A soft music started playing, filling the air with melodic rhythms. “Lyra-san!” Juvia gasped as she recognized one of Lucy’s celestial spirits. Fire started lighting up trailing the way toward the Rainbow Sakura tree.

Juvia walked along the trail toward the tree, when she saw that there was already a certain someone standing underneath the tree. Gray Fullbuster. Gray was in a black suit, looking all formal. Juvia paused her walk because she was too shocked. Seeing that Juvia was too stunned to walk, Gray walked toward her instead.

“Juvia, I’m sorry I was such a douche bag. I’m sorry I was such a jerk toward you all these years. I had never thought of your feelings before. I’ve took you for granted, but when you were gone, I was so scared. I was scared that you’ll never come back to me again. Slowly, your existence became such an impact on me. I love you, Juvia. I’ll love you until this last rose melt.” Gray handed Juvia the 99th rose, a crystal rose. “So, will you give me a second chance to make things right again?”

More fire was shot into the sky, but this time, it spelled out “WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?” As Juvia looked up and back down at Gray’s face, tears started fall down her cheeks. “G-G-Gray-sama….”She could only cry with joyful tears.

Seeing that Juvia started crying, Gray pulled her into a hug. “Juvia, I’m sorry…”

“Juvia was so scared. She was so scared that she will feel that pain again. But she missed her Gray-sama so much. She missed him so much.” Juvia trembled while crying on Gray’s chest who was still embracing her in a hug.

“Juvia….” Gray was patting her back. “I won’t let you feel that pain anymore. I will freeze all your pain away. So what do you say to giving me a second chance to make it up to you?”

“Uunnn…”Juvia nodded on his chest. “Juvia would love to be Gray-sama’s girlfriend.” At that, Gray cupped both her cheeks to make her look into his eyes. He used his thumbs to wipe her tears before slowly leaning down into a passionate kiss.

After that kiss, Gray broke apart and pulled Juvia into hug. “I love you, Juvia.”

“CONGRATULATIONS!!” The whole guild came up to them.

“Yo, Ice Princess! You’ve just got yourself a girlfriend! Ne, Lucy? Whatcha think of becoming mine?”

“S-shut up, Natsu!” Lucy blushed up.

” Congrats, Gray, Juvia!” Levy came up to them with Gajeel by her side.

“So, you got some tricks up your sleeves there. Geehee.” Gajeel smirked.  “I’m glad for you, Juvia.”

“Gray, take good care of her or I will hunt you down,” Erza threatened Gray. “B-by the way, congrats!!” Erza also started stuttering and blushing like that time when she found out about Alzack and Bisca’s marriage.

“Erza, don’t forget my Satan Soul. I will also hunt him down if he make Juvia cry again.”

“Oi, oi, you guys don’t have to tell me. I will take good care of her and cherish her forever.”Gray hugged Juvia tighter before leaning down to whisper in her ear, “I will not make you cry again. I love you, Juvia.”

Juvia could only blush at his words.


A/N: So, this is the end!! >.< Hate it? Love it? Please tell me.  ^ I never tried writing romance story before, let alone a kissing scene… >//< Juvia inspired me to write this fanfic up.  So after this, Pinky Berry will retire as a writer for a while (since I’m out of ideas.. @@). I might be back after getting another inspiration, who knows? lolz

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