When the Ice Clash Ch. 10

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Previously: With tears in her sorrowful eyes, Juvia looked at Gray-sama. “From this day onward, Juvia does not love Gray-san anymore. You can rest assure that she will never bother you in any possible ways again.”



Juvia ran and ran until her legs can’t move anymore. The pain and soreness in her legs are nothing compared to the excruciating pain in her heart. Gray-sama doesn’t love Juvia. He is playing with her because of his rivalry with Lyon-sama. Right? If he does like her, he would have told her long time ago, not only after Lyon-sama came. Gray-sama just wants to win against Lyon-sama. He doesn’t like her. *sob sob* Yeah, he doesn’t. Stop dreaming and stop getting your hope up, Juvia. *sob* When will Juvia ever learn? Gray-sama never liked Juvia. And never will he. He’s using Juvia to win against his rivalry against Lyon-sama. Why Juvia? Hasn’t Juvia already suffer enough? Is she some kind of toys? When he doesn’t need her, he’d just toss her aside. When he needs her, he’d use her. *dry chuckle* Gray-sama only sees her when he needs her. In this case, when he wants to win. Juvia guesses she’s that worthless after all. One minute, he said he doesn’t care, and the next, he started kissing her. *sob* Yeah, a kiss that wasn’t really meant for her. A kiss with no feelings.



Gray came back to the guild dumbfounded and confused, both from the pain on his cheek where Juvia had slapped him and his rash actions. Sitting at the counter, he was still dazed from what happened. As soon as he came back into reality, frustration took over. “Arghhh!! What have I done!?!? I’ve hurt her with my words. I made her cried.” He put his head on the counter and shook it left and right. “What have I done?” he mumbled.

“Are you okay, Gray?” Mira came from behind the counter and sat on the chair next to Gray. “Did something happen?”

“Nothing…” Gray mumbled with his head still on top of the counter. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“Eh?” Mira tilted her head with a confused look.

“It’s Juvia. We kindda.. ummm.. fought.” Gray wasn’t sure how put what happened into words.

“Juvia did what!?!? She fought with you? YOU!?” Erza, who just came to sit on his other side, sounded so shocked.  Gray couldn’t reply as he doesn’t want to admit that Juvia would actually fight with him. If anything ever happens, everyone knows Gray would be the last person that Juvia would argue with.

“Good afternoon, Erza,” Mira greeted Erza as she sat down. Erza just nodded her head and returned the greeting.

“Ummm, it was kindda my fault. Nah, cross that out.” He shaked his head. “It was totally my fault.”

“Soooo…. what exactly happened?” Erza asked.

“I guess I was mad and said unnecessary stuff.”

“You were mad? How come?”

“Lyon came over…”

“So, it was Lyon?” smirked Mira. “Is it me or there is jealousy in the air?”


Jealousy? Me, jealous of Lyon? Over Juvia? It took me a few seconds to absorb what Mira just said. Jealous? Usually when a guy is jealous over a girl, it means that he likes her, right? Wait, wait. I like Juvia?

“Hold on, Mira,” I told Mira who was already half-way in her fantasy land. “I don’t think I like Juvia that way.”

“You ‘don’t think’? Does this mean there is a possibility?”

“I really don’t know.” I said as I grab my head and shake it left and right. “I do have a good feeling about her. She’s strong, caring, and pretty. Really beautiful, in fact.”  A smile creep up Mira’s face as I said this. “Then Lyon came and changed everything. It gives me frustration and this strange feeling. Like I’m being protective of her, but not really. Every time I see them together, I wanted to smash his face into pieces because it’s irritating.”

“Gray, I thought I’ve already told to be more resolute with her. Don’t make her wait like this forever,” Erza said in a serious tone.

“Gray, it is jealousy. Admit it, you were jealous.” Mira butted in in a mischievous smirk.

“Even if I do love her, it’s too late now. She’s moving on now. She said so herself. I’ve probably hurt her too much, and she’s tired of it. I knew about her feelings, but I kept her waiting and waiting. I just made her cried.” Juvia’s crying face flashed into my head. Her cry made me lost all my thoughts and I started to panic inside. “Then I did something really stupid, too.”

“Ehh?? What else did you do?”

“I k-k-kiss her,” I stuttered while mumbling the words. Before I knew it, my lips were already on hers.

“YOU DID WHAT!?!?!?” Erza shouted, making the whole guild turning toward us.

“Erza! Can you calm down?”

“You KISSED her, and you still say you don’t know whether or not you love her?” She asked in disbelief. Dark aura surrounded her, her eyes turned red from anger as if she would literally kill me if I say something wrong.

“I don’t know what came over me. One minute we were arguing and raising our voices at each other, but then she starting crying while still raising her voice at me. I forgot my anger, and all I knew was I didn’t mean to make her cry. Her tears stole all my voice, and I suddenly had the urge to kiss her senselessly. Then my head took over, and I actually kissed her.” Why am I telling Erza this anyways? The fact that I kissed her feels weird, but to be honest, I kind of liked it. I couldn’t stop. She tried to push me, but I wouldn’t let her.   

“Gray Fullbuster, why can’t you realize that you also love Juvia?” Erza swing her head right and left while massaging her temple.


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