When the Ice Clash Ch. 9

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own Fairy Tail since I’m not that genius, Hiro Mashima is. I only own the story here.


 Previously: “Juvia!?!?” Lyon gasped with wide eyes looking straight toward me. Eh? Juvia? A sudden realization hit me, and it terrified me to turn around. I was scared to see what I would see. It can’t be. It can’t be. Finally turning around slowly, the sight in front of me took all words out of my mouth. Juvia.



Drip drip drop… No tears are actually falling out of Juvia’s eyes, but what are these sounds? Drip drip drop. Right, Juvia is tearing in the inside. images (3)

Juvia just stood there with wide eyes and shocked expression. After not being able to speak for a few seconds, she managed to put on a smile. A really awkward one at that, too. A  smile that obviously failed to hide her pains and sorrows. “J-Juvia was just p-passing by,” said Juvia as she trembled and stuttered with her words. Another awkward smile and tears in the corner of her eyes. The ice mages could only stood there dumbfounded. Gray opened his mouth and was about to say something when Juvia cut off his words.  “S-s-she should get going now.” That forced smile was pasted on her face while she looked left and right not sure what to do. As more tears started to form in her eyes, she took a quick breath before dashing out of the two ice mages’ sight.

“Juvia, wait!!” shouted the two ice mages after her.


Juvia kept running and running. Gray-sama doesn’t care. Even with his cold attitude and behaviors, Juvia wanted to believe that he does care somewhere in his heart. She was hoping that at least Gray-sama cares about her a bit, just a little tiny bit. What you do to Juvia does not concern me, so just piss off! I freakin’ don’t care!  So, he doesn’t care at all. *chuckle* He doesn’t care. Not at all. *chuckle* What was Juvia doing? She was holding onto this false hope and blind faith that somewhere in his cold, icy heart, there is a small place for his care toward her. Somewhere deep down within his heart. It turns out, there isn’t such place. Juvia was a fool for making herself believe that. Hic hic *started sobbing* Yeah, she is such a fool. A fool. Gray-sama never cares in the first place. Never once. *chuckle* There’s no such thing. tumblr_md4sn6r8UY1r877bvo1_500

“Juvia!” Juvia turned to see Gray-sama running toward her. “Let me explain. I was just…”

“It’s okay.” Juvia replied without listening to what Gray-sama had to say. “There’s no need to.”

“But it was a misunderstanding.” Gray-sama still tried to explain. Yeah, of course it was a misunderstanding. Gray-sama doesn’t care about Juvia; she was naive to think that he did.

“Maybe Lyon-sama was right after all. Lyon-sama is the only one who actually cares about Juvia.”

“No, that was not it!” Gray-sama protested.

“You can stop now Gray-san.”

“Eh? Gray-san? Che, is this what it’s all about?” Gray-sama seemed confused for a while before he clickedn his tongue a bit.

“About what?” Juvia is confused, too.

“Suddenly starts calling Lyon, Lyon-sama. And calling me Gray-san. Are you moving on to Lyon now?” Gray-sama asked Juvia while having a cold hardened face. images (5)

Eh? Moving on to Lyon-sama? Juvia has no such thoughts. “If this is what Gray-san thinks, it is up to him.” Juvia told him.

“Huh, I see. So Lyon finally got on to you. You’re finally giving him a chance?”

Does Gray-sama have some misunderstanding toward her? “Juvia doesn’t see why Juvia cannot give him a chance. He loves Juvia after all.” Juvia is so sorry, Lyon-sama. She is just going with the flow.

“So you start to like him now?” Gray-sama seemed to flinch a bit and his eyes darkened.

“Juvia doesn’t see why not.”

“Che, just because someone likes you, you’re gonna like him too?” Gray-sama asked in a sharp voice. These words from Gray-sama pierced through Juvia’s heart. Just because someone likes you… Love is all that matters. Lyon-sama does loves Juvia. Doesn’t Juvia deserve happiness, too?

“Yeah, of course, Gray-san.” Juvia replied to Gray-sama in a loud voice. “Someone actually cares about her and loves her; why can’t she give him a chance too?”

At this, Gray-sama flinched again, his expression hardened, and his face darkened. “You’ll like whoever likes you just like that!?” He retorted back in also a loud and harsh voice. “That’s a bit shallow.”

Juvia was shocked and dumbfounded for a while. No words seemed to be coming out of her mouth. Shallow? So, Gray-sama thinks she is shallow now? Tears started to form in the corner of her eyes now. “Someone finally loves Juvia, why can’t she give him a chance? She is getting all the attentions for once. She is tired of ‘giving’ attention, why can’t she receive attention this time?” Tears start falling down her cheeks as she talked back to her Gray-sama. All the pains and sorrows spilled out. It was her limit. juvia_crying_by_brubes-d3dsjx7“She is tired of loving someone who’s cold to her. Tired of hoping, but only to be crushed afterward. She’s tired of having a blind faith that Gray-san actually has her somewhere in his heart. She is sick of waiting for something that was never there in the first place.” As tears kept falling, Juvia’s voice also raised louder and louder. “She is sick and tired of everything.”

The next thing Juvia knew was that Gray had pulled her face close to his. His hands were on Juvia’s cheeks, pulling her in as he leaned down to forcefully kiss her. Gray-sama is kissing Juvia? Juvia was surprised for a while before trying to protest and get out of his grasp, but he kept his grip tight. This bastard doesn’t care about you. He just wants to win against me. Lyon-sama’s words came into Juvia’s head. Yeah, how stupid is Juvia to actually think he might actually love her now. She tried to get out of Gray-sama’s grip, but his strong arms kept her there. Though the love of her life is kissing her right now, Juvia felt miserable because she knew that it wasn’t really meant for her. After a while, which is like a living hell for Juvia, Gray let go of her for them to get some air. As soon as Juvia was freed, she raised her hand and forcefully reached out for Gray’s face. With tears in her sorrowful eyes, Juvia looked at Gray-sama. “From this day onward, Juvia does not love Gray-san anymore. You can rest assure that she will never bother you in any possible ways again.”   


Pinky Berry Note: Please don’t kill me now.. I swear I’m not sadistic (I’m a cheerful girl..lolz). I like their little fight here.. :3 Gray is as stubborn as ever; he fought with Juvia because he was jealous, in a way. Though his way of coping with jealousy is a bit harsh and selfish. Gray initiated the kiss, does it mean that he has already realized his feeling? Don’t ask me yet, I don’t know either.. @@ I’m writing what I feel like writing, so no detailed plot yet.. T-T As far as his rivalry with Lyon goes, Juvia misunderstood again.. By the way, who else was reminded of Playful Kiss in this chapter?? Just realized after I finished it, guess too much fandom over the drama? o.O