Kmeng Tomnerng Rob Songha Bonghat Bongrean Snaeha Kanha Sexy (Love Trainee)

Haven’t post Yuveakvey books in ages.. >< This one is quite funny, you should read it.

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When the Ice Clash Ch. 11

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t be here writing fanfic if I own Fairy Tail and its characters. Hiro Mashima is the rightful owner of Fairy Tail.


Previously: “Gray Fullbuster, why can’t you realize that you also love Juvia?” Erza swing her head right and left while massaging her temple. 



The guild was being as busy as ever in the morning. Chairs and tables were already flying mid-air, but there’s no surprise since this is our guild’s daily routine. And again, I was sitting at my favorite spot at the counter whiling drinking some mugs of alcohol. After I’ve came a conclusion that I do love Juvia after all, I came to this somber state. Guilt was written all over my face. Why didn’t I realize sooner? Now that Juvia is tired of waiting, I just realize my feeling? Yeah, even after  I kissed her, she said she’ll move on. She is just that tired. I made her wait for too long, and now she found someone else. The danger of not admitting your feeling is getting hurt yourself. Mira’s words came back. Guess I am too late now?

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Sorry I can’t upload novels for a while since my school blocked mediafire..T-T
I’ll post them when I have the chance to go the internet cafe. Right now, I’m working on Fighter Guy ( I forgot the khmer title for it, sorry sorry.. gomen nesai!) Then I’m planning on My Brownie next… If you guys have any book request, write them on the comment box, I’ll consider scanning them if I have the requested books…^^

The scanning will be a little slow, wait, I lied, it’s gonna be really slow. Minna-san  gomen nesai! ^^ I’m gonna be preparing for a 4-days semester exam for the next 2 weeks.. so hopefully I can work on them during Christmas break… ^0^