Since I have so many requests, I tend to forget some of them. I tried writing them down, but I lost some of them paper (yeah, my room is a disaster).. So, this is a request page where you can request what you want by just commenting in the box below. It will be a lot easier to keep track of, and I will try to post them as soon as I can.


142 thoughts on “Requests

  1. d story called’logsne neak neang rodov…’it a little bit hard to download than others,but now I can download it. thx in advance sister.

  2. HI pinky berry! i would like to request an Novel title “ចង្កូមស្នេហ៍វេមផាយ” it has two parts, can u post it please!

  3. Hi Lakz, can u post the novel ” សូមទោស​ច្រឡំខាំអូនបាត់ ” pls. Thanks you.

  4. Hey pinky! I want you to post : The challenger gang – My Foxy Bride. (Kang Hose& Min Sorin)….if you don’t have this book,just find other book that related to KROM NEAK BROS PI NOROK,story of (Ly Chhin& Hoyorn) or story of (Han Miso&SornVa) or story(Mo yorngmun& InYung) or (Chhave Taesong)…..there are 6members of this group,I already read the 2members . The story I already read are story of (Pak Junsa&Chhin Hana) and Mon Volki.But wanna confirm that I want to read Story of Ly Chhin & Hoyorn the most…hehehe.. 😀

  5. Hi ! sis n.n can u help me post some of vampire books like ” តំណាល់ស្នេហ៍វែមផាយមុខស្រស់” thanks before hand and do u have facebook ( not page ) i want to add u as my friend n.n sis

  6. Hi dear….could u find ចង្កូមស្នេហ៍វែមផាយ part 1??? I wanna read this story very mux….thx before hand

  7. hi sis……can u pls check srey s’art vs reachbot lop part 6 and 7?? I cant find it ..and they said that it’s not exist in the blog..i really want to read it pleaseeeeeee…

  8. Hi!! Lazk^^ pz check Novel book page 15..and that page have a small part oof Jom neas snae mjas ksat tra story and that page alot of story can’t download na..sach as story ker oun la pla pla..^♥^

  9. sis, i hope u can do it na sis.. Nhom jong ban story Mnus ti 1 knung besdong part 1 na sis.. I have part 2 n 3.. N i try to find part 1 at bookshop but they dt have.. Only sis my last hope.. Sis can scan it for me sis 😦

  10. hi pinky, i want to if u have Cascade novel by Lisa T Bergren( book 2 after Waterfall), would u please upload it or would send me the link to download it? Thank you

  11. hello Pinky…can you post some of this
    Tebtida robors nhom (my fay)
    Neang komhouch somnob chet neay super star
    Snae ha tror lob tror len
    Super star moha khukou
    Papa steav dor orsja
    Tom lus pop pjorb snae 3

    Although you cant find it still ok your page help me much

    i love this novel so much but i cant find it cus it too old …Thx 😀

  12. Can you post the latest book of 4 Meteors Series please? “Eh bong p’oun laor! Mos yerng do bes dong knea”
    Thx u in advance!!!

  13. Hi!! Can You post the latest book of 4 Meteors Series please? “Eh bong p’oun laor! Mos yerng do bes dong knea”
    Thx in advance!

  14. Hey pinky, can u help me post the novel called “pre Kay tak snae”. I used to find it through lovekhmer website, but it disappeared now. I really really want to read it, it was the very first novel I read since I was 12. I hope u would help me…thanks

  15. hey lazk do you have a book call “memot komnack orton besdong” if from vikor family…..if have i hope you can upload it or do you have any vikor family book????

  16. Hello, I’ve been looking for an old book name “krom nek kom jat kmoj srey jnas pros jnerm” for along time but i still can’t find it.If u aready post plz tell me where 😥

  17. Hello! May u help me to upload this novle: Bom Nol Sne Bongkrab Besdong Oun. This novle is belong to yuveakvey. Pls help me. I really crazy about this one….

  18. I really want to read ‘ 7 tngaii nov jea muy bros sart ‘ I always hear from my fri that it was really funny novel.. So I hope u can help me thank u 🙂

  19. Hello sis Lakz can U post some of this novels for me please :
    super star moha kh khou
    snaeha tror lop tror len
    my fay
    snaeha mouy nis kmean ti bornh job
    tom lus pop pjeab snae ( future )
    thx alot
    i am waiting 😀

  20. Hi lakz can u post the story《 Chouy phong chhub srolanh preah reach bot chom kut nis min ban te》 again i want to download it, but i can not download cuz it old.

  21. Hi sis pls could u help me……
    Do you know the tittle of bros akrok chkourt kmean 2 in anime tittle or novel te? If u no pls tell me I want to know its from korean or japan coz I want to watch much…!thank be4 hand

  22. Hello, I dont know what the title is, just that it’s an Opsok book. It’s a guy POV. The Hero and the heroine is married but he hates her because he thinks that she payed his ex-girlfriend off. I can’t find it anywhere.

  23. I’ve already read Secret Angel Part 1… I’ve tried to Part for many days…. But I didn’t see… U have it or not???? if have pls post Part 2… Thanks Before hand!!!!!

  24. I’ve already read Secret Angel Part 1… I’ve tried to find Part 2 for many days…. But I didn’t see… U have it or not???? if have pls post Part 2… Thanks Before hand!!!!!

  25. Hello sis! Do you have the book call ” Eh Bong p’oun laor! Mos yerng do besdong knea”? This book was after the book call “Eh songsa chas tos yerng reab ka”.
    If u have, can u post it plz??? Thx in advance ^^

  26. Hi i have a problem with story
    Neang Komhoch Thi 2 – Aronsursdei Lok Pdei
    Neang Komhoch Thi 4 – Men Bach Khom Tver Chea Kol Strei Te!
    why when i click on the word download it doesn’t show me the way to continue as other story?

  27. Do u have a story about four twin brothers who are sons of mafia and their dad gives order to them and each have different orders.i only remember one of the order is to get the girl virginity.But the father already told the girl that if some guy comes and wants to her virgin don’t ever give it to him.i don’t remember the title. I think the four brothers names are Lenin,Starlin … I don’t remember the rest. But I heard that there’s two version,the old version and new version

  28. Hello admin I love your blog I think it would be great if u make it more neat and organize and please upload more new book thx so much for creating this blog

  29. Hello angel right there!!! If u see this can u grand ma wish 😦 I really really looking for this old opsok book ច្បាប់គូស្នេហ៍ហាមស្រឡាញ់គ្នា for along time ago and still havent re-read it again 😥 please please please upload it or if u already have it please kinda tell me nahhh 💙 thanks you so muchhhh arigato

  30. hello! I really like your website, it’s cute and remind me of the time when I love reading those book. I would like to request one story as I love it so much but I couldn’t finish it before. The book is called mnus ti 1 knong besdong. I think there are series for that book. Hope you can upload it. thank you xoxo

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