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The 2012 Evil Queen and Her 2020 Life

Okayyyy… A story written by my younger sis, while I took the job of editor…lolz ^o^ She wrote this for her English class, and I got her permission to post it in my blog! >.< I only corrected a few grammar mistakes and changed some words; most credits go to her… A remixed of fairytale and some novels together… The intro was like Domnal Snae Reachny Kompol Chnas, then some elements of  Land Series…. Not so original, but pretty interesting…>.< Man, she took her writing skills after me…lolz


The 2012 Evil Queen and Her 2020 Life

            “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” asked a girl with blood red lips, rosy cheeks, and long, hazel hair, who was standing in front of a full length mirror that reflected two people .

One of them was the owner of the blood red lips, Yura, the highest rate model with the most outstanding look. She had everything- beauty, money, job, and the perfect boyfriend. Girls looked at her with jealousy. They were either jealous because of her slim figure or because she owns the most handsome guy in the city. Guys drop to their knees upon seeing her beauty.

“You, my queen, are the fairest of them all,” answered Zero, her boyfriend, who was also the second reflection in the mirror. Zero was also a well known model who works alongside Yura for almost two years.

After hearing those words, a smile was brought upon her lips. No one knew what this smile meant. It was a smile filled with happiness and yet there was a touch of evil in it, like a half smile and half smirk. Yura was a straight forward person- saying what was on her mind and never afraid of hurting people’s feelings. Deep, down, inside, people knew that she was kind. They just disliked how she expressed herself. It was too straight forward. They looked up to her because she only has gotten to where she is today through of her hard work. Without her effort, she wouldn’t be this successful. After all, she did live alone without her parents or any family members.

Yura was working on her photo shoot when a new girl arrived. That girl was Yuki. Yuki was a girl who recently took the road of becoming a model. She had skin as white as snow and the hair as black as ebony. People said she was kind and sweet, but to Yura, she was just a cunning girl, who tried to act innocent in order to earn her way into becoming a top model. Only Yura knew about this, because the day that Yuki arrived, she received a letter saying, “Just wait and I’ll take your position away from you.” Of course, when there’s a letter, there is always a present. That present was a chocolate cake with a dead cockroach on it. Yura wasn’t surprised. She was used to having people doing things behind her back because of their jealousy toward her.

The next day, when Yura was with Zero, she asked, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

This time, Zero was slow to reply, “Uh, umm, you, my queen, are the fairest one of all.”

“Why did I hear a long pause?”

“You see, now that there is Yuki, it’s kind of hard to…”

Before letting him finish his sentence, Yura kicked him out of her dressing room, saying it’s over between them and then slammed the door shut. “Why can’t they see that she is just pretending to be all sweet and lovely? That girl sure is a good actor,” Yura thought to herself. From the day that Yuki arrived, there was never a day that Yura could work peacefully. She either received food with something dead in it or a bunch of rats in her dressing room. This phenomenon was obvious that it was the work of Yuki, but no one seemed to care, because they were too blinded by Yuki’s beauty. Knowing this, Yura had always showed that she hated Yuki. Whenever Yuki kindly greeted her in front of people, Yura would walk away, knowing that it was a fake act. Yura tried to tell people many times about the true Yuki, but no one believed her. They just said that Yura was getting worried, because Yuki was starting to become famous recently. Maybe this was why Yura got the nickname, Evil Queen, and Yuki became the sweet and innocent Snow White.

One day, as Yura was strolling down the hall, she spotted Yuki smiling mischievously at her. Yura turned away, not wanting to see more of Yuki’s face, only to trip on a shoe, bump into someone, and stumble into a room, causing the person she bumped into to come along with her. Mad about being embarrassed in front of Yuki, Yura turned to the person she bumped into and started to blame him or her.

“You, what are doing there!?” She shouted as she looked up to see Night, a member of the famous boy band, who was supposed to shoot an MV with her today.

“What! How can you blame me when you were the one stumbling onto me and dragging me here with you? Because of you, now I’m going to be late for the photo shoot of my new album!” Night yelled furiously at Yura. The two started to blame each other and began a fight when they turned to walk back out of the room, only to see a huge crowd staring curiously at them.

“Who are they?”

“How in the world did they pop out of nowhere just like that?”

These were the questions that Yura and Night heard. Night’s jaw dropped when he saw everyone in the crowd wearing pink. PINK, the worst color he had ever seen! Yura just glared at the people who stared at them.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! They are all in pink. Are we in some sort of Valentine photo shoot?” Night questioned as he elbowed Yura lightly, “It is nowhere close to Valentine. It is only November.”

“Stop hitting me! You might get a bruise on me. A model must not have bruises.” Yura blamed Night as he sighed annoyingly at her. Somehow, she didn’t seem to notice that they were currently in a strange situation. The door could not be found. There was no way they could get out of the room, which no longer looked like a room. It looked like a totally different world. It was huge and had pink everywhere. The Pink World, as to how Night called it.

A light seemed to flick in Yura’s head, because she suddenly turned to Night, “Uh, where are we again?”

“There they are! The monsters. The evil spirits. They popped out of nowhere like a teleportation. They must be the intruders trying to destroy our world. We must get rid of them quickly.”

Night and Yura turned around as they heard a sound coming from the distance mentioning something about teleportation.

“Teleportation? Where? I didn’t teleportation is possible in 2012. That doesn’t exist,” Yura whispered at Night. Night looked around to see that there was a crowd with weapons running toward them with angry gazes.

“I have no idea what they are talking about, but…they seem to be after us, so run!” Night shouted as he grabbed Yura’s hand and turned around to escape the enraged crowd. Yura was caught in surprised and started to squeal.

“Why are you squealing? We’re supposed to hide. Oh, there! Let’s go in there.”

Night led Yura into a building that looked like a library. “Strange, I’ve never known that there’s a library in the company before,” Night thought to himself.

“You two, do you happen to be the two evil spirits that the people are after?”

Yura spun around and saw an old man sitting at a table with a what-look-like-a-phone, except way more advanced, in his hand.

Night began asking him, “I’m sorry, but may we know where we are? We stumbled into a room and ended up in this pink world.”

“Can you please help us find a way out of here? I need to go back to work,” Yura pleaded with a demanding tone.

“You realized that that was not a tone used for pleading, right?” Night whispered to Yura infuriatingly.

“Shut up!”

“It seems like you, youngsters, are not from this world. Am I right or am I wrong?” The old librarian questioned them.

“You are right, Sir. Do you know a way to get back to the human world?” Night answered as politely as possible, as if afraid to get the old and weary man mad.

“Human world! Such thing only exists in fairytales.”

“Grandpa, you are a fairytale yourself!” Yura uttered out loud.

“Forgive us; something is wrong with her brain. So, please don’t mind her rudeness,” Night told the old man.

“What did you say? Are you saying that I, here, am crazy?” Yura screeched as she pointed to herself.

Ignoring her words, Night turned to the old man and began asking him about the way to get back to the human world.

“Young man, if what you are saying is true; there is only one way to get back to the human world. According to this book, only our king can take you back to your world. No one ever believes this, so it is a new method to us. You have to master this song, a really hard one by the way, and sing it in front of the mirror in the king’s chamber,” the old man told him, while taking out an old, dusty book from the top shelf.

Night took the book and set it on a table to begin reading. Yura paced to the old man who was now at his desk and asked him, “Umm, that thing in your hand. Is it a phone? Where did you buy it? How much is it?” Yura pointed to the what-look-like-a-phone in his hand with eyes filled with hunger.

“This? I got it as a present from my son. You can buy it at the shop down the street. Just a song will do. Wait, they don’t have this in the human world? How can a world in 2020 not have this? ”

“2020!? Wow! But you sing to get a phone? Cool! Thank you,” Yura thanked him as she dashed toward Night who was concentrating on the book.

“Neh, Night. Can you buy me that thing? Please I’ll do anything you want when we get back,” she pleaded.

“Anything? Are you sure?”

“Umm, yes?” Oh man, did I make the right choice? What is with his sly smile?

            “Ha, okay. Why do you need me? You have money, don’t you?”

“You pay with your voice here. Sing a song and they will give you the phone.”

The two started to walk toward the shop and met a girl at the counter.

“Can we buy that phone, please?”

The girl at the counter showed them the song and Night looked terrified after hearing it.

“No way am I going to sing that song. They might think I’m crazy or something. This song is stupid!”

“But you promised me…”

Night cursed himself for having a soft heart and began to sing the song. People, who crossed the store, stopped to look at him. They were amazed by his beautiful voice and his angel-like look. After finishing the song, everyone clapped for him, saying he had the most beautiful voice ever. Yura was caught in surprised because she had never heard his voice, live, before. She looked at him dreamily until she heard a cough near her ears. She turned around to see Night holding two phones.

“Did you sing two songs? Why do you have two phones?”

“Apparently, they’ve never heard of a voice as good as mine, so they gave me two,” Night answered proudly.

Yura rolled her eyes and said, “I guess having two won’t hurt. You can have one.”

“You are wrong. It’s not ‘I’ can have one. It’s ‘I’ give you one.”

Yura turned around and mimicked his voice.

“You!” Night stood there looking at her making a face at him and could not do anything but smile at her childish side.

Night grabbed her hand and led her to the palace. Yura, caught in surprised, began to blush, hard. On their way, they bumped into a boy being bullied and Night ran off to save him. The boy, known as Jiro, thanked Night and offered to invite them over for a dinner. Night and Yura followed Jiro and ended up in a palace, the palace that they were looking for. They soon learned that Jiro was the prince. The prince asked about their lives and where they came from. Not wanting to lie, Yura told Jiro about their encounter in the room and how they were chased by the crowd. She was a straightforward person after all.

“You guys come from a fairytale? Wow. I want to go to your world. You know what? I will help you get to the mirror. I will tell Papa about how you saved me and ask him to let you use the mirror. But, I want you to stay here for tonight. You know, tour around this place for a bit. I will really miss you guys,” Jiro whispered the last sentence softly.

“How about we come to visit you once in a while? I mean, this world seems fun. Everything is so much more advanced,” Night said cheerfully.


“Yes, we. I don’t want to come alone.”

Yura turned away to hide her blushing face. Why am I blushing? I can’t be…oh no, I have a boyfriend! Yura, you must stay strong! That night, Jiro took them to visit the king, who showered them with praises and thanks for saving Jiro. Luckily, the king liked them, which made it easier for them to use the mirror. Jiro told the king about the mirror, and the king gladly allowed them to use it, anytime.

The next morning, Night took Yura out on a walk in the town. They seemed to be getting along much better than before. They were having fun, enjoying all the scenery. This world was a lot more advanced. The technologies were high, which was why they liked it. Later that night, Night sang the song in front of the mirror and the mirror opens. Surprisingly, the song wasn’t as hard as it was told to be. The two said good-byes and walked into the mirror, promising to bring Jiro along the next time they visit.

Back at the human world, there were news everywhere about the disappearance of the top model and top singer. When the news reporters saw Night and Yura walking together, they rushed over and showered them with questions.

“Where were you?”

“Why did you disappear together?”

“Miss. Yura, did you cheat on Zero?”

Night led Yura into the building and walked over to his manager. They told their managers that they just accidently bump into each other when they were talking a walk and ended up being kidnapped. Night laughed when their managers believed them and asked if they should report it. Yura told them that since they were okay, they shouldn’t report it. They did not need more news than what they already had.

Later that day, Yura bumped into Zero, who was pleading to get back with her.

“Zero, do you think I didn’t see you holding hand with Yuki down the hall just now?  I’m not a clueless girl you know. We are officially over. Even the reporters know about it. I told them when they thought I was cheating on you.”

Zero became speechless and walked away. After bumping into Zero, she bumped into Yuki, who strolled out of the broadcasting room. “Great, now I bump into her,” Yura thought to herself.

“How do you like the cockroach cake I sent you this morning? Pretty good, huh? Don’t worry, I have more for you. A lot more,” Yuki mocked Yura as they crossed each other.

“Oh, I love it. Honey, did you realize that you microphone is on?” The evil queen smiled at Yuki. Yuki became terrified and ran into the broadcasting room to tell them to delete those words.

“Yuki, I didn’t know Yura was right all along. You are not Snow White. You are the evil witch! I’m sorry, but those words just now are on live broadcast,” the radios VJs told her madly.

Satisfied with Yuki’s outcome, Yura ambled back to her dressing room with a huge smile on her face. She went to the mirror, saying, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”

Before she can answer that herself, a voice poped up, “You, my queen, is the fairest of them all.”

Yura turned around, shocked to see Night there, grinning widely at her. She became speechless and began smiling stupidly by herself.

“What are you doing here?”

“Well, I come to get my payment. You know, for getting you a phone.”

“Tell me what you want,” she replies disappointingly.

“Let’s go there during the weekend!”

“There? Where is there?”

“The Pink World, of course.”

Yura beamed with delight and waved him good-bye.

“Right, why do you like the mirror so much?”

“Because it shines my beauty,” she answered proudly.

“Prideful as always, Evil Queen,” Night sighed at her.

When the weekend arrived, they walked into the room and went over to the pink world, their own secret world. Reporters were curious to see why they always disappear together and come back together. Zero never bothered Yura again. Yuki, she apologized on the news and was still looking toward becoming as popular as Yura. Jiro, the prince, came to visit once in a while, saying he loved the human world. Night and Yuki usually went to the pink world to buy new advanced technologies, making people wonder where in the world did they get it from. And the rest of the story? Well, you can imagine that by yourself!