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When the Ice Clash Ch. 16

Disclaimer: I do not any characters in Fairy Tail. I just own the plot in this fanfic. ^o^



Juvia paused her walk once again and just stayed in silence. “After all these year, I’m just a guildmate to you now?” Juvia just stood there with a pair of cold eyes looking straight ahead at nothing in particular. “I’m no one special to you now? Just a guildmate?” Juvia still didn’t response and just started walking away toward the door in silence, leaving the helpless mage behind in his despair.


Gray’s P.O.V:

Is this how she felt before? Juvia, is this how you felt before? Cold, empty…lonely? I stood there petrified, looking toward the door. The door that Juvia walked out. The door that led her out of my life. What have I done? Is it really too late? Is the wound in her heart really too deep to heal? The thought of her wound made me flinched; her once gloomy self was long gone after she came into Fairy Tail. That gloom, that rain came back to haunt her once again, and I’ve caused it. Every time I found love, they always leave me behind. No, actually I chased them out. My family, Ur, and now Juvia. I defied Ur and killed her. I’ve hurt Juvia all along and eventually, it chased her out of my life. I’m sorry, Juvia. I didn’t want to turn your life back to the dark, and yet, I still did it, didn’t I? Gomene. I want you to be happy now, even if it means I will have to let you go.

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When the Ice Clash Ch.15

Disclaimer: My name is not Hiro Mashima, therefore I do not own Fairy Tail. Though I wish I have the power to control the story, I only own this fanfiction.



“No,” Juvia calmly told him while taking his arms away from her. “Gray-san doesn’t know himself. He’s lying to Juvia, lying to himself.” She turned around so that she could face Gray again, and place her right hand over where her heart is. “There’s a hole right here, and even Gray-san cannot fill that hole in her heart now.”


            A few days passed by, but no new improvements between the two mages. Juvia, as indifferent as she could be, still did not believe a word Gray said. Every day, Gray would tell her that he loves her. Every day, Juvia would ignore that statement.  As the days dragged on with Gray’s constant confrontations, her emptiness grew more and more. It seemed like her despair slowly turned into anger and hatred. The more Gray bugs her, the angrier she becomes.

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When the Ice Clash Ch. 13

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, I only own the fanfic here.


Previously: “Juvia, gomene…” I whispered softly as I headed back to the guild.



”Gray Fullbastard!!” I shouted at Gray while running across the guild. I stopped for a split second before throwing Gray a punch in the face, which sent him flying backward a few metter. I bolted forward and picked him up by his shirt collar, not giving him any chance to fight back. ”You piece of sh*t! You scumbag!” With one of my hand still holding onto his collar, I threw him another hard punch in his stomach. ”You make Juvia-chan cry again, you gotta go through me first!” I spat out my words as I pulled his collar up and looked into his eyes with ferociousness.

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When the Ice Clash Ch. 12

Disclaimer: My name is not Hiro Mashima, therefore, I do not own Fairy Tail. I only own the fanfic here.. :3


Previously: “I think I love you,” Gray-sama said it again, slower this time. The whole guild busted out in cheers and whistles. 


“Go, Gray!!” Different kinds of cheers could be heard from the crowd. “Finally!”

“Tsk, Juvia is mine!” Lyon protested.

Juvia was speechless for a while, and her heart shut down. “Hehe *low chuckle* Juvia sees where this is going.” She looked into Gray-sama’s eyes with her lifeless eyes before chuckling a little again. “Juvia saw this coming, but didn’t expect it to be so soon.”

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When the Ice Clash Ch. 11

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t be here writing fanfic if I own Fairy Tail and its characters. Hiro Mashima is the rightful owner of Fairy Tail.


Previously: “Gray Fullbuster, why can’t you realize that you also love Juvia?” Erza swing her head right and left while massaging her temple. 



The guild was being as busy as ever in the morning. Chairs and tables were already flying mid-air, but there’s no surprise since this is our guild’s daily routine. And again, I was sitting at my favorite spot at the counter whiling drinking some mugs of alcohol. After I’ve came a conclusion that I do love Juvia after all, I came to this somber state. Guilt was written all over my face. Why didn’t I realize sooner? Now that Juvia is tired of waiting, I just realize my feeling? Yeah, even after  I kissed her, she said she’ll move on. She is just that tired. I made her wait for too long, and now she found someone else. The danger of not admitting your feeling is getting hurt yourself. Mira’s words came back. Guess I am too late now?

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When the Ice Clash Ch. 9

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own Fairy Tail since I’m not that genius, Hiro Mashima is. I only own the story here.


 Previously: “Juvia!?!?” Lyon gasped with wide eyes looking straight toward me. Eh? Juvia? A sudden realization hit me, and it terrified me to turn around. I was scared to see what I would see. It can’t be. It can’t be. Finally turning around slowly, the sight in front of me took all words out of my mouth. Juvia.



Drip drip drop… No tears are actually falling out of Juvia’s eyes, but what are these sounds? Drip drip drop. Right, Juvia is tearing in the inside. images (3)

Juvia just stood there with wide eyes and shocked expression. After not being able to speak for a few seconds, she managed to put on a smile. A really awkward one at that, too. A  smile that obviously failed to hide her pains and sorrows. “J-Juvia was just p-passing by,” said Juvia as she trembled and stuttered with her words. Another awkward smile and tears in the corner of her eyes. The ice mages could only stood there dumbfounded. Gray opened his mouth and was about to say something when Juvia cut off his words.  “S-s-she should get going now.” That forced smile was pasted on her face while she looked left and right not sure what to do. As more tears started to form in her eyes, she took a quick breath before dashing out of the two ice mages’ sight.

“Juvia, wait!!” shouted the two ice mages after her.


Juvia kept running and running. Gray-sama doesn’t care. Even with his cold attitude and behaviors, Juvia wanted to believe that he does care somewhere in his heart. She was hoping that at least Gray-sama cares about her a bit, just a little tiny bit. What you do to Juvia does not concern me, so just piss off! I freakin’ don’t care!  So, he doesn’t care at all. *chuckle* He doesn’t care. Not at all. *chuckle* What was Juvia doing? She was holding onto this false hope and blind faith that somewhere in his cold, icy heart, there is a small place for his care toward her. Somewhere deep down within his heart. It turns out, there isn’t such place. Juvia was a fool for making herself believe that. Hic hic *started sobbing* Yeah, she is such a fool. A fool. Gray-sama never cares in the first place. Never once. *chuckle* There’s no such thing. tumblr_md4sn6r8UY1r877bvo1_500

“Juvia!” Juvia turned to see Gray-sama running toward her. “Let me explain. I was just…”

“It’s okay.” Juvia replied without listening to what Gray-sama had to say. “There’s no need to.”

“But it was a misunderstanding.” Gray-sama still tried to explain. Yeah, of course it was a misunderstanding. Gray-sama doesn’t care about Juvia; she was naive to think that he did.

“Maybe Lyon-sama was right after all. Lyon-sama is the only one who actually cares about Juvia.”

“No, that was not it!” Gray-sama protested.

“You can stop now Gray-san.”

“Eh? Gray-san? Che, is this what it’s all about?” Gray-sama seemed confused for a while before he clickedn his tongue a bit.

“About what?” Juvia is confused, too.

“Suddenly starts calling Lyon, Lyon-sama. And calling me Gray-san. Are you moving on to Lyon now?” Gray-sama asked Juvia while having a cold hardened face. images (5)

Eh? Moving on to Lyon-sama? Juvia has no such thoughts. “If this is what Gray-san thinks, it is up to him.” Juvia told him.

“Huh, I see. So Lyon finally got on to you. You’re finally giving him a chance?”

Does Gray-sama have some misunderstanding toward her? “Juvia doesn’t see why Juvia cannot give him a chance. He loves Juvia after all.” Juvia is so sorry, Lyon-sama. She is just going with the flow.

“So you start to like him now?” Gray-sama seemed to flinch a bit and his eyes darkened.

“Juvia doesn’t see why not.”

“Che, just because someone likes you, you’re gonna like him too?” Gray-sama asked in a sharp voice. These words from Gray-sama pierced through Juvia’s heart. Just because someone likes you… Love is all that matters. Lyon-sama does loves Juvia. Doesn’t Juvia deserve happiness, too?

“Yeah, of course, Gray-san.” Juvia replied to Gray-sama in a loud voice. “Someone actually cares about her and loves her; why can’t she give him a chance too?”

At this, Gray-sama flinched again, his expression hardened, and his face darkened. “You’ll like whoever likes you just like that!?” He retorted back in also a loud and harsh voice. “That’s a bit shallow.”

Juvia was shocked and dumbfounded for a while. No words seemed to be coming out of her mouth. Shallow? So, Gray-sama thinks she is shallow now? Tears started to form in the corner of her eyes now. “Someone finally loves Juvia, why can’t she give him a chance? She is getting all the attentions for once. She is tired of ‘giving’ attention, why can’t she receive attention this time?” Tears start falling down her cheeks as she talked back to her Gray-sama. All the pains and sorrows spilled out. It was her limit. juvia_crying_by_brubes-d3dsjx7“She is tired of loving someone who’s cold to her. Tired of hoping, but only to be crushed afterward. She’s tired of having a blind faith that Gray-san actually has her somewhere in his heart. She is sick of waiting for something that was never there in the first place.” As tears kept falling, Juvia’s voice also raised louder and louder. “She is sick and tired of everything.”

The next thing Juvia knew was that Gray had pulled her face close to his. His hands were on Juvia’s cheeks, pulling her in as he leaned down to forcefully kiss her. Gray-sama is kissing Juvia? Juvia was surprised for a while before trying to protest and get out of his grasp, but he kept his grip tight. This bastard doesn’t care about you. He just wants to win against me. Lyon-sama’s words came into Juvia’s head. Yeah, how stupid is Juvia to actually think he might actually love her now. She tried to get out of Gray-sama’s grip, but his strong arms kept her there. Though the love of her life is kissing her right now, Juvia felt miserable because she knew that it wasn’t really meant for her. After a while, which is like a living hell for Juvia, Gray let go of her for them to get some air. As soon as Juvia was freed, she raised her hand and forcefully reached out for Gray’s face. With tears in her sorrowful eyes, Juvia looked at Gray-sama. “From this day onward, Juvia does not love Gray-san anymore. You can rest assure that she will never bother you in any possible ways again.”   


Pinky Berry Note: Please don’t kill me now.. I swear I’m not sadistic (I’m a cheerful girl..lolz). I like their little fight here.. :3 Gray is as stubborn as ever; he fought with Juvia because he was jealous, in a way. Though his way of coping with jealousy is a bit harsh and selfish. Gray initiated the kiss, does it mean that he has already realized his feeling? Don’t ask me yet, I don’t know either.. @@ I’m writing what I feel like writing, so no detailed plot yet.. T-T As far as his rivalry with Lyon goes, Juvia misunderstood again.. By the way, who else was reminded of Playful Kiss in this chapter?? Just realized after I finished it, guess too much fandom over the drama? o.O

When the Ice Clash Ch. 8

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own Fairy Tail since I’m not that genius, Hiro Mashima is. I only own the story here.


Previously: What Lyon is doing with her has nothing to do with me. Right?  That being said, I turned my back and headed toward the guild. What is this feeling inside my chest again? It’s suffocating. 



I kept thinking about what happened yesterday. What is going on with Lyon and Juvia? It’s obvious that Lyon likes her, but what is up with Juvia? I mean, she couldn’t possibly give Lyon a chance, right? Why Lyon? His face, his smirks, his senseless speeches, and his stupidity irritate me. It annoys the crap out of me. Juvia loving Lyon? That sounds ridiculous. I mean, what happen to me then? It’s not like I didn’t know about Juvia’s feeling toward me or anything. Do I look that stupid? Even a 5-year old could tell that she has a major crush on me. I’m not ready for this kind of stuff. I mean, we’re nakama; I can’t just suddenly think of her as my girlfriend or anything. Girlfriend? Tsk, that just sounds weird. Juvia is nice, caring, and pretty, that I can tell. But girlfriend!? Somewhere in my gut, I’m pretty sure my life is somewhat tangled with hers, but girlfriend!? This is a big step, and I’m not ready to get to into that kind of relationship yet. It’s not like I hate her or anything, I don’t. It’s just this is too much to handle. Juvia really cares about how you see her. Erza’s words from recently came into my mind. Yeah, I can tell she does. She’s gloomy for others, but she sparkles for me. You should be more resolute and give her a clear response. Erza once tried to get me to think more upon her. I can’t give her a clear reply when I don’t even know my own heart.


Gray was sitting by himself at the guild’s counter when Lyon walked toward him.

“Gray, we need to talk,” said Lyon with a stern face.

“What?” growled Gray who is somewhat in a foul mood.

“Do I need to repeat myself?” Lyon looked a bit pissed off now, and stared straight into Gray.

“I don’t want to talk to you, so get outta here.”

“I don’t want to force you, but I will if I have to.”

“Ice-make,” Gray stood up and face Lyon in his ice-make position. “I said I don’t want to talk to you!”

“This is important. It’s about Juvia-chan.”


There he goes again. Juvia-chan? The way he calls Juvia makes me sick to the stomach. “What about her?” I retorted while releasing of my ice-make position and showing him how annoyed I was at him.

“Jeez, just come with me.” Before I could protest any longer, Lyon dragged me out of the guild.

“Lyon! I can walk by myself!” I shouted at him.

So, Lyon dragged me out of the guild to one of the corner of the street.

“Gray! I declare war with you again!” Lyon exclaimed loudly while pointing a finger at me. “Juvia will be mine someday!” images (4)

A vein in my forehead popped. His!? How dare he? That confidence in his voice. It’s like he’s so sure. “Whatever Lyon. Just piss off already,” I told him while grinding my teeth.

“Not unless you accept the challenge!” Lyon insisted on the challenge. “Juvia-chan then will see how suited I am for her.” Huh, puppy eyes now? Those hearts coming out of his head too. How can Lyon be this ridiculous?

“Whatever. I don’t want to be dragged into something as useless as this.” Does he intend to annoy me just like this the whole time?

“Gray, don’t tell me you’re scared of losing to me?” Lyon shouted after me as I began to walk away. Losing!? Do I look like I would lose?

“You’re just being stupid. Why would I join you in that?”

“Fine! Don’t you go complaining when she get snatched away!” Lyon shouted back. “Especially when she gets snatched by me!”

“Can’t you understand human language!? For the last time, I said I don’t care!” I snapped back at Lyon, full volume. “Do whatever you want cuz I don’t care!” Snatched away by him? Who does he think he is!? “What you do to Juvia does not concern me, so just piss off! I freakin’ don’t care! Why do I have to mingle in your business? It’s not like she’s anything to me.”

“Juvia!?!?” Lyon gasped with wide eyes looking straight toward me. Eh? Juvia? A sudden realization hit me, and it terrified me to turn around. I was scared to see what I would see. It can’t be. It can’t be. Finally turning around slowly, the sight in front of me took all words out of my mouth. Juvia.


Pinky Berry Note: How long was Juvia standing there? How much did she hear? What’s she gonna do? I hate myself for writing it to be like this. =.= Gray still won’t admit his feeling. His words and his heart are not the same. Poor Juvia.. Lyon was a bit pushy, but totally understandable there. I got this scene inspired from Lovely Complex; the part where that teacher provoked Otani and Otani got pissed and said some stupid stuff while Risa was behind the teacher. Yeah, to get a better picture of this chapter, you can watch Lovely Complex that part.

When the Ice Clash Ch. 7

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: I only own this fanfiction here. Fairy Tail belongs to our hero, Hiro Mashima.


Previously:  “Be lovey dovey all you want; I don’t care. I’m not hungry anymore cuz of your face, Lyon.” And with that, I just left those two be. What is this feeling? The feeling of defeat? Che, yeah right. There was nothing to fight over in the first place. Despite saying this, this uneasy feeling grew deeper each step I took.



“Eh? Gray-sama~~” Juvia shouted after Gray-sama, but he just kept walking away. “Gray-sama, wait!” Juvia was about to run after him, but Lyon-sama grab a hold of her hand.

“Let’s go, Juvia! I’m hungry,” said Lyon-sama as he walked the opposite direction.

“But Gray-sama just,”

“Let him be,” Lyon-sama cut her words. “He doesn’t deserve your love.”

“But Juvia…”

“He doesn’t see how beautiful you are, and he’s just missing the chance to,” Lyon-sama looked so serious; it almost made Juvia believe what he said. “You are beautiful and smart and caring. Any guy would love to be loved by you.”

Juvia looked at Lyon-sama long and hard; he’s a good guy, but Gray-sama is her love. “Juvia loves Gray-sama~~” Juvia was on the edge of tears. “She loves him so much.”

“I know Juvia, I know,” Lyon-sama patted her head. “I know… There’s no need to be sad, now.”

“Juvia loves him,” Why can’t Juvia say anything beside these words? Where are all her words? The only thing in her head is her Gray-sama and how much he means to her.

“You love him, but I love you.” Lyon-sama told Juvia while still patting her head. “What did Gray ever do to you that made you fall so hard for him?”

“He showed her sunshine. He was nice to Juvia.”

“That was what you call nice? Didn’t you see he just left?” Lyon stopped patting Juvia’s head, but put both his hands on her shoulders. “Did he ever appreciate your love for him?”

Juvia was shocked at what Lyon-sama just said. Did he ever appreciate your love for him? Does Gray-sama appreciate her? Pictures of Gray-sama being annoyed at her, pictures of him being disgusted at her affection flashed through her head, and when he ignored her and how happy he was finding a mission for Lucy-san. Gray-sama likes Lucy-san? Does Gray-sama hate Juvia? “Gray-sama is cold toward Juvia, but Juvia still loves him very much.”

“I know you do, Juvia.” Juvia's_real_tears

“But sometimes, it hurts.” It hurts so bad that she can’t breathe at times. It hurts so bad that sometime she wished that she had never fall for him. Warm tears start rolling down her cheeks. Drip drip drop. One tear after another kept falling. Juvia doesn’t want to cry. No, she wants to be happy like other girls; like those girls who had their dream came true. “It hurts, but Juvia still can’t stop loving him. He’s the only love of her life.”

“Juvia, why can’t you see that I can also show you sunshine? Can’t you see that I can treat you far better than the way he treats you?”

“Even when Gray-sama is being cold to Juvia, she knows that somewhere in his heart, he also cares about her.” Does he? He does care about Juvia, right? At least for a bit? Those tears won’t stop rolling down. “Juvia believes that Gray-sama does care about Juvia; he just doesn’t show it outside. He cares.” Despite saying this, there are still doubts within her words. “He cares. Somewhere deep down.” Juvia couldn’t stop crying, and those tears continued to roll down her cheeks trailing down until they dropped to the ground. The next thing Juvia knew was that Lyon-sama pulled her into a hug.

“If only, Juvia. If only I met you first.” Lyon-sama told Juvia while still hugging her. “If only I met you first, then I would have beaten Gray to show you sunshine first. Then you’d have fallen for me instead.”

If Juvia met Lyon-sama first? Would she loves him instead? He is a good person after all.

            “Just know that every time you fall, I’d be there to catch you, Juvia,” said Lyon-sama who is now stroking her back to calm her tears down. “Just remember that.” tumblr_mdc03uhG5C1rc9m0ao4_1280

Juvia is doing the same thing to Lyon-sama as what Gray-sama is doing to her. She is breaking his heart. Lyon-sama loves Juvia, but Juvia loves Gray-sama who doesn’t love her. So, Juvia is giving Lyon-sama the same pain that Gray-sama is giving her. She is making Lyon-sama sad. Why is fate so cruel to both of us? Juvia is sorry, Lyon-sama. She is sorry that she is breaking your heart. “Thank you, Lyon-sama. Juvia doesn’t deserve your kindness.”


Argghh!! I was such a jerk! Why did I just leave Juvia there with Lyon? We were going to go somewhere together. What if Lyon is bothering Juvia again? Before I knew it, my legs were already leading me back to where I left Lyon and Juvia. What I saw in front of my eyes made me speechless. What the heck does Lyon think he’s doing? Juvia had her back toward me, while Lyon was hugging her. His hands, too. Those swarming hands! He had his hands on Juvia’s back while he was saying something to her. I couldn’t hear since I was kind of far away. My stomach did a flip again. I felt my blood boiling and I wanted Lyon’s face flat on the ground. I took a step forward; they still didn’t see me yet. If Lyon keeps doing what he’s doing now, one day, Juvia might actually give him a chance. Suddenly Mira’s words echoed in my head. Juvia giving Lyon a chance? My leg froze again. I looked up to where they were. Lyon still had Juvia in his arms. Am I too late? Woah, wait. Too late for what? Juvia was always my nakama. What Lyon is doing with her has nothing to do with me. Right?  That being said, I turned my back and headed toward the guild. What is this feeling inside my chest again? It’s suffocating.


Pinky Berry Note: So, whatcha think? With all honesty, I feel really bad for Lyon. Lyon and Juvia are the same in some aspects. They are both helplessly in love with someone who doesn’t reciprocate their feeling. If Gray doesn’t do something, I really feel like Juvia should try to move on. =.=

When the Ice Clash Ch. 6

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: I wish I have the power to control what happens in Fairy Tail, but unfortunately, Hiro Mashima does, not me. I only own the plot here.



 “For a moment there, Juvia thought he was cool. “



I was peacefully walking along the street the next day when a voice called my name. “Gray-sama!!”

“Juvia?” I was a bit surprised to see her running toward me.

“Have Gray-sama eaten lunch yet?”

“Not yet. Talking about that, why don’t we go somewhere to grab a bite?”

“H-hai! Gray-sama, let’s, let’s!” Juvia was all flustered up and had heart-shaped eyes. I could tell she was on cloud 9.

“No, no!! I didn’t mean it to be like that!” Sudden realization just hit me. Juvia tends to over exaggerate the situation, especially when it comes to me. Heck!? Why do I feel warm in my checks, too? “It’s definitely not a date, Juvia!”

“Not a date~~~~ *o*” Despite Juvia saying that, her face still shows it all. That grin, so wide to the point that it’s almost creepy. I bet nothing is going inside her head right beside the fact that we’re going to eat lunch together. Together? The sound of it was soothing and comfy. Somehow.

“Okay now, why don’t we get going?” I said as I saw that Juvia was still standing there grinning.


“Let’s go, Juvia-chan~~” Lyon popped out of nowhere while trying to lead Juvia away.

“The heck, Lyon!?!?” I was startled, most of all, he just came out of nowhere taking Juvia away. “Why are you here, again?”

“None of your business, Gray,” said Lyon. Right, not my business. He just wanted to take Juvia somewhere with him while she was still with ME!

“If you weren’t blind, then you would have seen that Juvia was talking with me!”

“Even you said, ‘she was”. Past tense. She was talking to you. Was. Now, she’s coming with me,” Lyon said shamelessly. Seriously, how low can this guy get?

“Ehhh!? Lyon-sama?” Juvia seemed like she just woke up from a trance and notice Lyon’s presence. “When did you get here?”

“Juvia-chan~~~”  Lyon cooed. Please, he’s acting like a 5 year-old. “You’re so mean; you didn’t even see me coming.” Ha! In his face! Eat that! Juvia didn’t even notice him. By the way, why am I so happy now?

“Lyon, you can out of the way now,” despite the fact that I was happy that Juvia totally didn’t notice, just his face is already irritating enough.

“I’m going soon. Why would I wanna see your face for long?” said Lyon.

“Then you can get out now.”

“I will. After I get Juvia-chan to eat with me,” smirked Lyon. That face. Argh! Frustrating.

“Let’s go, Juvia. Don’t let his stupidity spread on to you,” I said as I grab Juvia’s wrist to come with me.

“Gray-sama~~~ *o*” Juvia could only gasp.

“No, Juvia-chan, you’re coming with me,” Lyon also grab hold of Juvia’s other wrist. “I heard there’s this new restaurant. Let’s go!” Lyon dragged Juvia with him as he turned the opposite direction of me.

“Lyon, you scum. Juvia was coming with me.” Seriously, his face is pissing me off.

“O.O Could it be?” Juvia suddenly gasped.

“What?” I questioned at her sudden realization.

“Could it be that Gray-sama is fighting over Juvia?” Juvia, once again, had hearts in her eyes. “Whaaaa~~~ Juvia is so happy~~”


“Chi-chikao!!” Where the heck did Juvia get this idea from? “No, I’m not fighting over you. In a way, yes, but not definitely not like what you think.” Was I really fighting over her? No way. I, Gray Fullbuster, fought over Juvia? No freakin’ way. But what is this twist in my stomach. Why the heck does my head feel so light? My face, too. It’s getting warmer now. “I’m just annoyed with Lyon. Yes, that’s all” I told her.

“See, Juvia? This bastard doesn’t care about you. He just wants to win me,” Lyon turned to Juvia and told her. I don’t care about Juvia? She’s my nakama, of course I care.

“No, that wasn’t what I meant,” heck!? Why am I even trying to explain? Argh, Lyon’s face is really getting my nerve. “You know what? Just go now. I’m sick of this.” I tried to walk with Juvia’s wrist in my grasp. But Lyon won’t let go of her other wrist. Darn it! This guy really knows how to annoy people off.

“You can leave, but Juvia-chan is coming with me,” Lyon still insisted. “Unlike you, I actually care about her.”

“But Lyon-sama….”

Lyon-sama!? Since when did Juvia start calling him –sama? I thought she only calls me that. Suddenly, my energy drained out and I had no more enthusiasm to argue anymore. “You know what? I’m done with this childish play,” I told both of them as I let go of her wrist. “Be lovey dovey all you want; I don’t care. I’m not hungry anymore cuz of your face, Lyon.” And with that, I just left those two be. What is this feeling? The feeling of defeat? Che, yeah right. There was nothing to fight over in the first place. Despite saying this, this uneasy feeling grew deeper each step I took.


Pinky Berry Note: Sorry if the story isn’t good enough. T-T I tried to write the tension between Lyon and Gray, but obviously, it kindda failed. Gray is still a dimwit and hasn’t realize what’s important yet. He can be as dense as Natsu sometimes (NaLu fans, you know what I’m talking about..lolz)

When the Ice Clash Ch. 5

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon

Disclaimer: I only own the plot here, the rest belongs to Hiro Mashima.



“Ohhh!!” Juvia formed the perfect “o” shape with her lips. “Juvia is really sorry, Lyon-san. She forgot that Lyon-san didn’t eat yet. Let’s get going then. She is very sorry that she let Lyon-san starve like this.”

            “Yosh! Juvia, my love!! Let’s go on the most romantic dinner ever!” I could feel my joy rising up as Juvia came along with me to a dinner. My life is almost complete now. 



After I showered all the sweats from work away, I quickly changed into a new pair of clothes. My grumbling stomach isn’t any help. Maybe a bountiful dinner would do. Speaking of which, didn’t Juvia said that there is a new restaurant in town? My stomach rumbled again. I headed toward the guild; maybe Juvia would show me where the restaurant is.

“Ohhh, hic, here comes Gray~~ hic” Cana wailed out in between her hiccups while lifting up a barrel of beer. “Juvia just got stolen~~~ hic.”

“If you are looking for Juvia, she has gone out for dinner with Lyon,” Mira told me as I looked around. That Lyon again. How long is he planning to mess around here? And Juvia, too. Why does he keep bothering her?

“Who said I was looking for her?” I replied as I sat down in front of Mira.

“Eh? Really? You were looking around, so I thought you were looking for her.”

“Why would I be looking for her? I don’t have any reasons to look for her. She can go wherever she wants. She can even be with Lyon for all I care.” Suddenly, something twisted in my stomach. I was normal just a moment ago, and now I’m in a really foul mood. I don’t get it, Lyon’s name just pulled my mood down. Yeah, because Lyon is here. He’d always managed to piss me off, and this time, there’s no difference. Just his smirking face can already pull my last string of patience. But this time, my level of irritation is even higher. Maybe because he’s here in my guild, and messing around with my nakama. Or maybe just because my stomach is killing me and I need to fill it up to calm my mood.

“You don’t mind Juvia being with Lyon?” asked Mira. Once again, my stomach did a twist. Juvia with Lyon? That’s impossible!

“Just the idea is funny enough.” I answered. “I don’t think Juvia would actually go out with Lyon out of all people.”

“Nothing is impossible. If Lyon keeps doing what he’s doing now, one day, Juvia might actually give him a chance.”

“Well then, it’s her own choice. Why would I be bother by it? Well, maybe, since I have to keep up wit Lyon’s constant visit.” Why does my stomach keep twisting?  I must be really hungry.

“The danger of not admit your feeling is getting hurt yourself.”


The dinner was really nice. Lyon-san told Juvia about so many things like how he was trained with Gray-sama and how Ur always told them to strip because of the training. Lyon-san is a really nice person. He’s funny, strong, and he cares about Juvia. Juva hit the edge of the table and scratched her knee. It was only bleeding for a bit, but Lyon was panicking and tried to find Juvia a band aid. The flustered look on his face made it hard for Juvia not to laugh.

“Lyon-san, it’s only a scratch. You don’t have to panic.” tumblr_mcx9wbiAnZ1ryzxb9o1_1280

“Ehh!? How can you say that? The love of my life is in danger of being bled to death, how can I ignore this?”

“Hehehhe. Bleed to death? Lyon-san exaggerates so much. Juvia said it’s only a scratch.”

“It’s better to be safe than sorry. I swore to the moon to protect you from all harms.”

Lyon-san is funny, that Juvia could tell. He also cares about her deeply. It would have been a lot better if Lyon-san only see Juvia as a friend because Juvia feels bad having to reject him like this. He’s a good guy and Juvia doesn’t want to break his heart, but Gray-sama is the only love of her life.

“Lyon-san, you’re a really good friend to Juvia. That is one thing she is thankful for.”

“I know, for now, I’ll be your friend. But I’m not going to guarantee that this is the only thing we’re ever going to be.” Lyon-san looked really serious and determined. For a moment there, Juvia thought he was cool.


Pinky Berry Note: Not the love triangle you’ve been waiting for? Sorreee~~ T-T I’ll try my best. T-T Gray doesn’t even realize his jealousy. Talk about being dense… =.=  I’m plotting more arguments and fights, so wait for it. But don’t expect too much because I don’t have much confidence; it might turn out really bad.