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My Sassy Wife Update!

I’ve fixed my problem in mediafire!!! ^o^ Now you can download the whole book all at once!!! Yay me!!!

Download My Sassy Wife



My Sassy Wife

Korean manga translated into khmer novel… It’s funny and kind of ironic…  The guy was chasing after the girl instead of the other way around like most novels…

I truly apologize to my uploading errors…since this is my first time doing these stuff, I uploaded the image without zipping the whole folder first. So, instead of being able to download all of the pages all at once, you have to download them one at a time… Seriously, I know it’s such a drag to do that..^^ I’ll try to work it out as soon as possible….

To Download, go to http://www.mediafire.com/myfiles.php#85jr994qua1u0,1