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Bong (Javvey) Oun (Neak Bomrer) Snaeha Muy Nis Leak Kom Oy Ke Deng

Credits to the scanner



Nge Tic Toch Tuas Khos Trong Na Bat

Hey, guys.. This is not my link that I host personally. I’m just sharing download links that have been shared by others. Since I’m not in Cambodia anymore, I can’t upload new novels. For novels that I did not scan myself, I will let you all know. I assume this is okay because I’ve also seen many people share my novels. But if you share my post, pls share my blog links and not the download link already. This would give scanning credits to my blog instead of being anonymous.



Neh Lok, Mok Tver Songsa Knhom Bontech Bante

This is a new file format… you need adobe acrobat or foxit reader to open the file… it’s so much easier to read through this format because the pages are all in one place.. hope you guys like it! ^o^

Download Neh Lok, Mok Tver Songsa Knhom Bontech Bante