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Sukitte Ii Na Yo (Say “I Love You”)

Okay… This is one of the recent anime that came out. In fact, this anime season, I only watched three series, Sword Art, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, and this one. School has been killing me each day, those monster teachers.. T-T Alright, I’m going off topic again.. =.= Back to Sukitte Ii Na Yo, I actually downloaded the manga version ages ago, but didn’t have time to read it. I totally forgot I downloaded the manga until I saw the anime coming out. I was like, “the title sounds familiar.. hmmm.. do I have the manga?” So I went back to check my files in my hard drive, and it was there! >.< Okay, enough with my ramblings. Time for the real review of the anime.

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So this anime evolves around a lonesome girl, Mei, who doesn’t have any friends. In fact, she rather prefers to be alone because  when she was young, she felt betrayed by her friends. They only befriended when they want something from her, and they all ditched her when they don’t need her anymore. Up until her high school year, she was alone. People often pick on her at school, but she just brushed  them off and didn’t care much. One day, the guy’s friend tried to lift up her skirt while she was walking the stair. She suddenly turned around and did a hound-kick at Yamato instead of the friend. Since then, mysteriously enough, Yamato took an interest toward her. He approached her and tried to be her friend. He gave her his phone number so that she could call him. By the way, she only has 2 contacts in her phones, her house and her part-time job. One day, someone stalked her from her work place. She tried calling home, but no one pick up. So she only had Yamato left. He came rushing to her while she was waiting at a shop with the stalker outside the store. Yamato came and walked her out, and then he suddenly kissed her to scare off the stalker. Dramatic enough, the stalker left. Mei became tomato faced, causing Yamato to realize that he just stole her first kiss.


After that stalker incident, they slowly became friends. Times went on, I’m not gonna say much anymore since I’ve pretty much spoiled the plot for you already… =.= One day, in a dark corner of a building (ooohh.. sounds fishy..lolz), Yamato asked Mei whether or not she likes him. Mei said that she doesn’t know, but her heart beats fast every time she thinks about him (don’t quote me on this since I don’t really remember what she said, though I think that was what she said..). He then kissed her; she got upset saying that not every girl likes to be kissed without any feeling. That is because Yamato has a reputation of having kissed every cute girls in the school. One reason I didn’t like his character much. =.= Other girls said that kissing is almost like his way of greeting. And then this was what happened.. in the picture below..:

vlcsnap-2013-01-03-09h10m11s59 - Copy copy

As you can see, I’ve put both version of this scene together (manga and anime), and I compared the words he said in both versions.

Yamto – *kiss* “That was a kiss instead of saying hello..” *kiss* “That was a kiss to a person who I think is cute..” *kiss* “That was a to a person who I want to know better…” *kiss* “That was a kiss with feelings I have for the person in front of me..”


Yamato: – *kiss* “This kiss is a greeting…” *kiss* “This one’s because you’re cute..” *kiss* “This one’s because I care about you..” *kiss* “And this kiss is for you.”

For me, I like the manga version more.. >.< After that, they started going out, and the story goes on with their relationship and their conflicts as a couple.


Yamato is nice and all, but I have one problem with him, his hair =.=. Why in the world did he leave half of hair as bang and the other half shove behind his ear? o.O Like seriously, just pick one, shove it or bang. =.= Because this hair looks really weird. Nah, actually, I would love it if he leave them all as bang. Shoving behind your ears is so old fashion now (at least in anime standard..lolz).

Title: Sukitte Ii Na Yo, Say “I Love You”

Genre: Romance, School Life

Episodes: 13

Download: Realitylapse