How to Download the Novels

So, I had many people asking me how they can download the novels that I’ve posted, and I had to answer them one by one. So I was thinking, why not write  a post explaining it?

Screenshot from 2013-02-13 16-32-18 (1) copy

All you have to do is click the “Download…” part, and it will lead you to a document linked to a download place. It will be something like this (the title changes according to the novel).


Just click the “Downlaod…” again, it will lead you to an advertising page. You have to wait 5 seconds before you can skip the ad. Wait,= until you see “Skip Ad” at the upper right corner like the picture below…


After skipping the ad, it will lead you to a mediafire download place like the picture below. Some links will be a bit messed up, thanks to MediaFire, so you just have to change something a bit. Look at your URL box, if it says, “…../view?/…….”, all you have to do is delete the “view?/” part out. Then it will no longer be any problem. ^o^


But then, sometime Mediafire decides to be a pain in the neck, and wouldn’t let you download unless you fill out some box.  =.= You would see something like the picture below, but no worries because all you need to do is type in the letters you see and click “Authorize Download”



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