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Cascade (The River of Time Series)

This was a request from someone.. I’m surprised someone actually reads the English novels part of the blog, and I’m actually excited for this since this is one of favorite English series.

In the first book of the River of Time series, two bored American sisters stumble on a door to the past, where Gabi is rescued by a handsome knight who vows to love her forever. But there is a rival for his affections, and the girls flee into the present to escape.

Now lovestruck Gabi persuades Lia to help her return, even though she knows dangers abound in medieval Italy, including an entire city who seeks revenge. But Marcello awaits, and Gabi must decide if she’s willing to leave her family behind for love.

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How To Be A Girly Girl In Just Ten Days

This book was one of favorite book back when I was just a 6th grader…lolz… It seems like a long ago..hehe ^.^ The story evolves around a tomboy named Nick who had a crush on a soccer star her school, Ben. Her best friend decided that she should have a make over to impress Ben…

Since this is my first time scanning English novels, I only scanned the first few pages… If you wanna read more, you can comment in the comment box…^^

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