Ehh Srey Chnas, Tos Yerng Reap Ka

Download  Ehh Srey Chnas, Tos Yerng Reap Ka


2 thoughts on “Ehh Srey Chnas, Tos Yerng Reap Ka

  1. Dear friend, if you think copy from somewhere else and put it to be your own, I’m sorry, but really so disappointed.
    i think u still young and new but very thoughtful of created a blog by yourself. Even though you are young, but it doesn’t mean that you can avoided taking any responsibility. So please, stop upload any novel or anything that it is not belong to you. this is very important to all of us especially we live abroad, as we are not be able to read things from Cambodia easily.

    I’m saying all these because i don’t want you to think only to yourself, please think about others too. If you want your blog to have more people support please upload things that only belong to you, by that i mean do not copy from other web and transfer into your web. this is so unfair that you should know. i know that you also want to share things around, you may be very friendly, but the way that you doing now is hurting them especially those who buy the novel, magazines, scan each story all day and post them.
    Please consider the issue, and this can be resolved by stop upload from other, and removed them from your site of any that you may have copied.

    Thanks for reading and hoping you will respect us and respect yourself by taking the responsibility.
    Rose – member.

    • hrmm… first of all, I am really sorry for what happened… I admit that i did got some of those book from your site, but I didn’t take credit for scanning it..I did leave your site address on those pages. I do really, really want to share them with other people, since I think those books are great.. but I also remember how hard it is to find it online, and download them to read (since internet are pretty limited for most people here, it is a lot easier to be able to download it and take it home). I did take some of it from your site, but i also made them into zip or pdf files so that other people can easily download. I apologize for that, but I would also like to sincerely ask for your permission. I really didn’t technically take any credit for scanning since i did leave your address on the pages. However, I do understand from your perspective, but please also try to understand my perspective.

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